"Thank you brother for saving our lives, may I ask for your name, so that I will have a chance to repay in the future!?”

Zhao Muyang walked around in front of Yang Chen, and said, aiming at Yang Chen's face intentionally or unintentionally.

Yang Chen picked up the bottle and took a sip of strong wine, and waved his hand impatiently, "It’s fine...go away..."

He pushed Zhao Muyang away and continued walking towards the far side of the street.

But just after taking a few steps, Zhao Muyang behind him suddenly shouted, "Brother Xiao!!?"

Yang Chen was stunned and stood on the spot.

Zhao Muyang at the back was overjoyed and clapped, "That's right! It's Brother Xiao!"

He shouted, Zhao Ting and Lan Fei on the side were also stunned and asked in disbelief what was going on.

The three quickly surrounded Yang Chen and looked at him from top to bottom. 

Yang Chen squinted his eyes, and said to Zhao Muyang, "Who do you say I am?"

Zhao Muyang was full of confidence, and said, "Don't hide it, Brother Xiao... Oh no, I should call you Brother Yang, Giver Yang...hehe..."

This time Yang Chen felt even more strange, he should have never revealed his identity, how did Zhao Muyang find out?

"Don't be surprised Brother Yang, not long after you left the Xiao family, we have already figured out your true identity. At that time, you made such a big fuss in the Illusion Realm, you broke into the Xiao family, and you made a riot in the Luo family, everyone in the Illusion Realm knew about it. Although the Illusion Realm is not small, it’s not that big either. It is impossible for us to never hear from you if you are Xiao Chen. You were nowhere to be found, whether it was the Xiao Family or Hongmeng, indicating that it was a forged identity. It is not difficult to determine that you are the same person if we compare the timelines of Xiao Chen and Yang Chen's presence. You've given us so many precious elixirs, and if you think about it, Illusion Realm cultivator can't afford them. We are just some small characters in the Illusion Realm, how can there be any masters to pity us? We didn't notice that you are a person with a cultivation base just now, it is the same reason that we can't know your true strength in the past. There are not many people who can hide their cultivation, and if they can hide it as thoroughly as you, it must be you!" Zhao Muyang said happily.

So that's the case... A wry smile appeared on the corner of Yang Chen's mouth. After thinking about it carefully, it wasn’t that difficult to guess actually. 

"Is he really Xiao... uh... Yang Chen, Brother?" Zhao Ting looked up and down as if she had discovered a large treasure.

Lan Fei was a little excited as if the words were stuck in his throat and he couldn’t bring himself to speak. After all... The name Yang Chen had been passed on from one mouth to another and it indicated countless legendary stories…

Twenty-five or six-year-old, but had already stood at the pinnacle of human beings. He could simply walk through the Illusion Realm like nobody’s business, and control all the Gods by himself, how unattainable was this realm?

Yang Chen knew that there was no point in concealing it, he chuckled lightly, and grinned, "I suppose fate brought us back together. I would like to advise you not to get yourself into the dirty pond, you are still too weak, you can still deal with ordinary monsters but some with higher intelligence are not for you..."

"Even if we can't beat them, we have to fight! If we don't show up, won’t the demons kill the ordinary people left here?" Zhao Ting said angrily.

"Yeah, the three of us teamed up to kill demons everywhere. Although our strength is not as good as many seniors, we can still do our best," Lan Fei said.

"Yang... Brother Yang, I hope you don't mind me calling you this way," Seeing Yang Chen admitting his identity, Zhao Muyang was rather cautious, and said, "Where have you been all these days? Your family on the island is anxious to death. Now, all human beings need you very much. Everyone knows about your wife and Athena, but escaping is not a solution. You should go back quickly, right? There can be a way if everyone works this out together.” 

"Yes indeed! It's fine if you lie to us, but since you can save us, you can also save everyone, don't waste your time here!" Zhao Ting also said anxiously.

Yang Chen laughed at himself, "I know better about my own business... If it was so easy, I would have solved it long ago... You won't understand, some things just can't be done even if you want to do it..."

Having said that, he reached out and patted Zhao Muyang's shoulder, and stepped forward to leave.

This time, Zhao Ting was irritated, and she suddenly grabbed Yang Chen's arm and tugged hard.

"You are not allowed to run! Hey! Are you still Yang Chen!? Isn't Yang Chen rumored to be someone who is not afraid of heaven and earth!? Are you afraid of your own wife at this critical moment of life and death!? Are you still a man!!?"

"Sister..." Zhao Muyang was afraid of angering Yang Chen, so he quickly persuaded Zhao Ting not to talk nonsense.

Zhao Ting was even angrier, "Brother, don't talk nonsense! Am I wrong!? People all over the world are suffering now. This bad guy clearly has the power to change everything, but he chooses to flee, shrink, and even avoid meeting his family. What is he innocent of!? He knew it was wrong to hide in this manner, but he still did it; is he not a coward?!"

Yang Chen's face was terrifyingly gloomy, Zhao Ting's words seemed to act as a knife, slicing on the wounds on his heart, and salt was being sprinkled on it layer by layer. 

Zhao Muyang and Lan Fei were speechless. Obviously, they felt a little ashamed of Yang Chen's actions in their hearts despite keeping quiet all this while. 

Zhao Ting released Yang Chen's hand, wiped her tears, and suddenly flew into the residential area, and came back out quickly.

When she came out again, she was already hugging a little girl about five or six years old, wrapped in a big padded jacket, whose eyes were swollen from crying.

The little girl seemed to be overly frightened, her expression was a little dull, and she seemed dazed when she saw people.

Zhao Ting carried the child in front of Yang Chen, her eyes were red, and she choked up: "Do you know what this child suffered when we first arrived here? Her grandmother was the only one to accompany her at home, and her parents have already left the old and young and fled somewhere else! The demon sucked half of her grandma's body dry in front of the child! It was the child's scream that led us to find the damn beast. If we don't show up, god knows what will happen to this child... But there are only a few hundred of our cultivators combined, and there are thousands of demons all over the world... Don't you have a daughter too!? Your daughter is a treasure, isn't it that other people's children are not precious? If all the children who could have grown up well died because of you, then it's not the monsters who killed them, it's you!! It's you selfish, self-centered, and disgusting coward!!"


Yang Chen stared blankly at the little girl, Zhao Ting's words kept echoing in his ears, like the echo of a valley.

Indistinctly, as if the little girl had become Lanlan, and Lanlan was crying with red eyes, looking at himself...

Yang Chen's eyes turned red in embarrassment. He clenched his fist tightly and he was about to lose control of his emotions along with the heavy breathing that followed. 

Zhao Ting hugged the little girl in her arms tightly, looked at Yang Chen coldly, and said, "I thought you had some difficulties and couldn't get back in time, but today it seems that we thought about you too well... Even if you think I'm self-righteous, crazy, stupid, I don't care, I, Zhao Ting, will tell you today as a woman... If I were your wife, at this time, I wouldn't be thankful for your escape because you fear hurting me... I just think it's an insult to marry a coward like you who dares not face reality and cover up his poor self-esteem with insensitivity..."

That being said, Zhao Ting hugged the little girl, while stroking her hair, she walked back to the residential area.

Zhao Muyang and Lan Fei looked at each other with complicated expressions, and both smiled helplessly and sighed.

Although Zhao Ting's words were inappropriate and arrogant, in general, they could still understand why the girl was so angry.

For many female cultivators, Yang Chen, who was unruly and invincible, was the subject they once admired in secret.

But now she found out that the original ‘hero’ was such an unbearable person, and it was inevitable that she would be extremely disappointed and even angry.

Zhao Muyang walked to Yang Chen's side, patted Yang Chen's shoulder, and said, "Brother Yang, my sister is outspoken but she doesn't have any malicious intentions... We can understand, for you, this is not an easy decision... There must be many insights that we don’t know and only you can understand them. After all, no matter what, we can only rely on you, it's our incompetence, even if we die unfortunately one day, it's also our destiny. "

Yang Chen stood there blankly as if listening to nothing.

But Zhao Muyang obviously didn't care about this, as if he had fallen into his own sorrow, and said with a wry smile, "You know... Brother Lan and I often talk about you, we are all envious, you are young and have such skills...  We even fantasize that if this decisive power is in the hands of either me or him, how mighty will it be... Haha... it's stupid, right? We know but that’s the only thing we can do. But seriously, we are very envious of you, even jealous of you, that you have such talent, such good luck, something that we can never have... No matter what choice you make, I hope you believe that at least Lan and I will not hate you like the others... We may be nothing to you, but for us, it is our honor to have a connection with you..."

Zhao Muyang and Lan Fei smiled gently together, stopped talking, and walked silently to the residential area to find Zhao Ting.

Yang Chen stood quietly in the same place for a long time, countless thoughts flashed through his eyes rapidly. 

After a long while, Yang Chen chuckled a few times, looked up at the gray sky, and sighed.

He threw the wine bottle in his hand, and in the next second, Yang Chen disappeared from the street.

Soon, in The Forgotten Realms 108,000 miles away, Yang Chen had already changed into clean clothes, tidied up his appearance, and appeared in the castle.

In the lobby on the first floor of the castle, Liu Mingyu, Zhenxiu, Li Jingjing, Mo Qianni, and other women were discussing something at the table.

The chubby little girl sat on Yang Gongming's lap and listened to him telling her some old stories.

Yang Chen's sudden appearance startled the group of women for a while, but Lanlan was the first to react and shouted ‘Daddy’ with joy.

Yang Chen blinked at a few confidantes who were stunned and on the verge of tears, then hugged his daughter, who had rushed up with a bright smile.