Hearing the news of Yang Chen's return, the women all over the world who were busy beheading demons also hurried back.

Guo Xuehua cried with joy, grabbed her son's hand, and kept persuading Yang Chen not to do anything stupid, to see the facts clearly, and to stop being blinded by Athena.

Yang Chen kept nodding his head in agreement, and finally let Guo Xuehua, who had not rested for several days, go to make up her sleep. 

The warmth of family members and lovers made Yang Chen feel a little inexplicable. Compared with the past, in this situation, the warmth was extraordinarily precious.

No one asked where Yang Chen went, nor what Yang Chen planned to do, and even if Yang Chen hadn't taken the initiative to mention Lin Ruoxi's matter, no one would dare to mention it.

Yang Chen also comforted Wang Ma and told her that Lin Ruoxi wasn't dead, she just couldn't wake up for the time being.

Wang Ma felt a little better after this. After all, fearing that her young lady had been killed by Athena too soon, she felt excruciating pain at the prospect of having to send the young lady away forever.

Ron, Sauron, Makedon, and all of Yang Chen's subordinates were also concerned and rushed over to investigate. Yang Chen met with them and said something confidential that no one else could hear.

However, judging from the dignified expressions on these people's faces when they walked out, it was not difficult to guess that Yang Chen was talking about some very serious topics.

At night, Yang Chen calmed down, sat in the dining hall with his whole big family, and had a good dinner.

Lanlan sat next to Yang Chen and asked where her mother had gone several times; Yang Chen only said that she would be back soon. The chubby little girl was skeptical, but at least she had an appetite.

Yang Chen was about halfway through his meal when he suddenly remembered something. He extracted many magical weapons from The Eye of the Sky Demon's space ring.

Including those more than a dozen fairy artifacts, all the women present were dumbfounded.

Yang Chen said with a smile that he was sorry for making everyone worry during the past few days that he didn’t come home and he specially brought back some treasures to make up for it.

Seeing Yang Chen handing out the immortal artifact to the girls like giving out radishes and cabbages, Su Xin and the others, who understood the weight of it, almost choked.

They knew that Yang Chen was going all over the place to search for all kinds of treasures, but they didn't expect him to be so rich and resourceful!

It was assumed that the fairy-level magic weapons he owned alone could be worth the sum of the three hidden clans at the beginning!

But although this treasure was precious, it made the women feel a little worried, and they had some hunch, but they couldn’t express it, so they could only accept it with a smile.

After dinner, Yang Chen went to the basement, summoned the Chaos Cauldron, refined all the remaining spirit materials into the highest-grade elixirs, and divided them into several portions according to each woman's needs.

After dealing with these matters, Yang Chen went back upstairs, walked into Lanlan's room, looked at his daughter who was sleeping after a good meal, stared at her warmly, and stayed for a while.

Finally, he gently stroked his daughter's face and kissed her on the lips. He then stood up and exited the room.

He took a deep breath and let the moisture in his eyes dissipated. Immediately, Yang Chen showed a bad smirk. He seemed to think of something interesting and walked to the door of Rose’s room and pushed it in...

This might be the most ‘ridiculous’ night in Yang Chen’s entire life...

All the women in the castle, without exception, were scared to death by this insanely crazy guy!

Rose, Mo Qianni, An Xin, Tang Wan, Liu Mingyu, Cai Ning, Cai Yan, Li Jingjing, and Xiao Zhiqing, all the women who had been with Yang Chen for quite some time were taken out of their rooms. They were then tossed on the big bed in the master bedroom by him.

In the end, even Xu Zhenxiu and Lin Hui, who had not tasted the forbidden fruit for the first time, were caught by Yang Chen, and they were shamelessly thrown into the pile of women.

The women obviously knew what Yang Chen wanted to do, but it was still difficult for them to face it calmly.

Some of these women have had a party of two or three at the same time before, but this time, there were eleven women together, and they were about to go mad!

They were all dressed in colorful and sexy lace underwear or lovely pajamas. They were either cultivating or sleeping in the room, but now everything has gone wrong!

Looking at each other's embarrassed expressions, the women couldn't decide whether to smile bitterly or become enraged; this was far too much!

Yang Chen, on the other hand, directly created a barrier in the room to prevent them from fleeing. They couldn't escape despite the women's strength.

When everyone gathered together, the huge bed in the master bedroom was running out of space. 

Yang Chen's face was full of a smug smirk, and he jumped high and threw himself directly into the pile of women, causing a huge round of coquettish shouts...

Yang Chen was rubbing against the women's delicate skin in such a swarm of women. He didn't have to look because they were all his women. He would simply kiss or touch anyone he picked up, no matter who it was.

This kind of indulgence to the absurd and comical, the most primitive contact without restraint enabled Yang Chen to relax his entire body, and completely immersed himself into the world of desire.

The women were a little frightened at first, especially Zhenxiu and Hui Lin, who had no experience.

But gradually, after seeing Yang Chen with An Xin, Rose, Tang Wan, and several other women who were more open-minded, intertwining their lips and tongues while murmuring seductively…

The women even took the initiative to reach out to serve the man's sensitive part, and their breathing became heavier, their hearts were beating faster and their cheeks were flushed. 

Unconsciously, all the women's clothes had been torn off, some by themselves, some by Yang Chen unknowingly, and some by the women playing with each other.

No one had any extra thoughts. At this moment, no matter what Yang Chen wanted to do, they didn’t want to miss it.

Someone let out a high-pitched cry suddenly, indicating the official start of tonight’s battle…

Yang Chen was acting like a wild horse, his physical strength was endless, and almost every impact was full of violent power, killing the beauties under him softly. 

And it seemed that Yang Chen was doing it deliberately this time. Unlike in the past, he could continue to vent on a woman for an hour or two, but after about 20 minutes, when the woman had climbed to the peak two or three times, he would have already vented enough.

However, Yang Chen would soon finish refilling his ammunition, continued to pounce on another woman, and galloped wildly.

While having fun with the women under his body, he also hugged the other women from side to side, so that the rest wouldn’t feel too lonely.

But no matter what, there were still a lot of women, and he couldn’t accommodate them all at once. 

Fortunately, the women who had let go of them completely would find something to do themselves, and they would start entertaining each other shamelessly. In the end, they didn’t even bother about Yang Chen, the two or three women would just come together and enjoy this special thrill between the same gender.

In the second half of the night, the entire bed was full of ambiguous moisture from the man and women, and everyone was unaware of it, and only knew that they kept asking and giving.

Everyone was caught in the most primitive desire and was unable to extricate themselves.

Yang Chen didn’t know how many times he had planted seeds in the same woman's body, but unless the woman was so tired that she fell asleep, or else he wouldn’t let her go.

And the women were extremely powerful in combat, as well as having contact with Yang Chen, and no one wanted to be defeated.

Even Zhenxiu and Huilin, who were new wives, quickly recovered their bodies and lingered with Yang Chen.

All night, above and under the bed, their bodies were swaying, and the atmosphere was filled with passion and love…

The storm finally ended.

The thin sunlight seeped into the bedroom the next day.

Yang Chen slowly sat up from the center of the big bed, his face was not sleepy, because he didn't sleep at all.

Glancing at the pile of beauties in pink, Yang Chen laughed at himself and shook his head.

It seemed that having to play around for more than ten hours was indeed too much for these women.

The women’s hair was in a mess, and there were still traces of essence on their bodies, even some bite marks from their teeth.

Rose and Mo Qianni hugged each other and squeezed their plump breasts together; An Xin hugged Zhenxiu, who was holding An Xin's chest like a nursing baby; Xiao Zhiqing buried her head directly between Tang Wan's thighs, her head was caught between Tang Wan's thighs, and she didn't even know it; Li Jingjing and Liu Mingyu were still on his thighs, and there was still some thick liquid on the corner of Liu Mingyu's mouth

The whole room was filled with a rotten smell, which made people intoxicated.

Yang Chen tenderly swept across the faces of each woman, and in the end, he finally showed a hint of determination.

Yang Chen moved a little and a small medicine bottle flew out from the space ring. After the bottle was opened, a piece of invisible and colorless powder was sprinkled on the women's bodies.

Soon, Rose, Cai Ning, An Xin, and other women clearly moved their heads and fell asleep.

The women were obviously pretending to be asleep on purpose right now, wanting to know what Yang Chen wanted to do, but they didn't expect Yang Chen to have anticipated this, and last night he had already refined a harmless drug to put them all to sleep.

"Heh..." Yang Chen reached out and patted Rose’s butt, and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, baby, no matter whether I live or die, I can't escape, this is my destiny..." 

He got up, cleaned up briefly, and changed his clothes. He then walked to the window and disappeared from the room directly without looking back...