The North Pole, The Mother Tree.

As far as the eye could see, the golden tree canopy was like a golden ocean, suspended on the white ice cap, magnificent and boundless.

In the sky above the golden tree canopy, Yang Chen's figure flashed erratically.

At the same time, as if on cue, Athena and the other gods emerged from the void and confronted Yang Chen from a distance.

Clearly, Athena's great prophecy spell had predicted that Yang Chen would return, and there were no surprises on the gods' faces.

The gods' faces had complex expressions, whether it was Venus and Artemis's intolerable behavior, or the emotions of gods like Poseidon, Apollo, Ares, or Hera, as well as the ridicule of Hermes and others...

The world was ever-changing, but it was inevitable.

Athena's face looked the calmest, be it Lin Ruoxi or Seventeen, even if they were all integrated into this soul, hidden in this body, at this moment, everything was dominated by Athena.

Her arrogance wouldn’t allow her to be shaken by the upcoming fateful battle.

Yang Chen also seemed quite relaxed. Since he came here, he was already at ease. With a faint smile on his face, he looked at his old friends of the Gods who were strangers to him now. In the end, his eyes focused on the one that had given him butterflies in his stomach before, the unforgettable and beautiful face.

“You still came..." Athena signed gently, barely audible.

Yang Chen smiled casually, "Your big prophecy seems to predict that I will come here, did you manage to predict my outcome today?”

Athena shook her head, "If I could…I won’t have to spend so much effort in everything, I’ve given the best that I could…”

Yang Chen glanced around and asked, “Someone important seems to be missing, Zeus should already be out, no?”

"Hmph, with our current strength, you have no chance of winning, and Zeus doesn't need to take action at all," Hera sneered.

Yang Chen squinted his eyes, carefully checked the area with his divine sense, then froze for a moment, and frowned, "Zeus is inside The Mother Tree?!”

Yang Chen was surprised to find that an extremely powerful and unfamiliar person, but in no way inferior to Athena’s divinity, was actually entrenched in the trunk of The Mother Tree!

That divinity appeared to act as a 'transit device,' transforming the energy of various earth elements absorbed by The Mother Tree into tree energy at a rate several times faster than usual.

It was equivalent to saying that the divinity was accelerating the recovery of The Mother Tree to its peak!

"Found it?" Hera smiled proudly, "Zeus is the first divinity born from The Mother Tree. He has a special mother-son connection with the tree. Zeus can help the tree to recover quickly. In a few days, all the existing divinity on the tree will grow into gods a few months earlier!” 

Yang Chen touched his forehead in distress, and smiled bitterly, "So, we have to fight quickly, This tree can't be left for too long..."


Venus took a step forwards, her eyes flushed, shook his head, suppressed her anxiety, and asked, "Do you really want to go through with it? We are no longer the same family once you move!"

Yang Chen smiled casually, "I tried to avoid making choices, but I realized I just couldn't stay out of it. I'm sorry, Christen, it's a pleasure to be your friend... But, today, I am Yang Chen, a human who grew up on earth. You are Aphrodite, a god from Mars, so don't be merciful..."

"Well said!" Ares exclaimed. He said with a smile, "I like your style! If you want to fight, then fight! Cut the crap! Come on!”

In Ares's wild laughter, his divinity had condensed surging spiritual power, and the space coercion was suddenly released, the spear of the God of War was also summoned!

Even if Ares, who ranked last in strength, also had the strength of the early stage of Shang Qing with the recovery of The Mother Tree.

"Since that is the case, we will not hold back." Apollo sighed as well, preparing to launch his attacks alongside the other gods.

The God of the Sun, Moon, and Fire, who were already a level stronger than Ares, immediately demonstrated the coercion of Shang Qing's final stage!

Not to mention, Hera and Poseidon, the two gods second only to Zeus and Athena, had instantly displayed the terrifying coercion of the early stage of Yu Qing!

The unprecedentedly powerful space law, in the radiance of The Mother Tree, surrounded Yang Chen like surging waves!

Pieces of immortal weapons, summoned by the gods, Helius, Selene, Vulcan Hammer, Charm Belt, Double Serpent Staff...

When Athena also activated the laws of space and summoned the Aegis shield and the Pallas spear, the entire sky above the North Pole began to tremble!

Compared with Hera and Poseidon, it was another level of space coercion. In Yang Chen's view, at least a cultivator who had reached the middle stage of Yu Qing could do it. 

Yang Chen's cultivation base was actually growing very fast, but he was still in the middle of the ending stage of Shang Qing. At this time, the gods with the lowest level of strength were not much different from him, theoretically.

However, Yang Chen's face showed no signs of fear, apart from being calm and composed, he didn't flinch at all.

"Come together, you can’t stop me alone.”

As Yang Chen spoke, layers of tumbling thunderclouds had gathered in all directions, and the silver-blue Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning began to jump restlessly around his body.

These words clearly made the gods feel ridiculous. Although they did not believe Yang Chen was weak, they did not expect him to defeat them using heavenly lightning!

You must know that although only Athena could resist the heavenly lightning, it didn’t mean that the other gods would be easily knocked down, not to mention, Yang Chen might not be able to hit them!

"Hahahaha!! You are still so arrogant!! It seems that if you don’t get some senses knocked into you, you can't accept the foregone conclusion that human beings have failed!"

Ares took the lead, and the spear of the God of War suddenly got thrown out and froze the space around Yang Chen, with the power of the shattering space, it stabbed towards Yang Chen's chest!

In a battle at this level, fancy tricks were useless; pure power was the key; the simpler, the more effective!

Yang Chen didn't dodge or evade, He opened up his palm and condensed a lightning palm in the sky of Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning. He then directly grabbed the spear, and smashed the space that confined him along!

All the gods frowned, even if Ares's cultivation base was not much different from Yang Chen's cultivation level, it was really difficult to understand the heavenly lightning that destroyed the space freeze of the God of War's spear so easily.

The spear of the God of War was thrown directly at Ares by Yang Chen, with the heavenly lightning on it. Ares did not dare to grab it, and it flew directly out of the sky!

In the next moment, the gods stopped watching the show. They knew that Yang Chen wasn't just talking out of nothing. It was assumed that if they didn’t fight together as a group, they really couldn't stop Yang Chen from destroying The Mother Tree.

The Mother Tree couldn’t be damaged by Yang Chen at the most critical period.

Instantly, the arrow of the Sun, the lunar eclipse, the illusion, and the flames drooped, all of them smashed directly at Yang Chen!

Yang Chen's fighting instinct was cultivated through countless trials of life and death. Although he had risen to a decidedly different fighting level at this time, he could still keep up with the extremely fast rhythm.

His entire figure was wrapped in Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning, like a silver-blue god of war, constantly smashing the space imprisonment, again and again, resisting the space's shattering.

Yang Chen summoned the Chaos Cauldron, and the chaotic spirits continued to devour the elemental attacks condensed by the space laws attacking from all directions, transforming them into bursts of strong pure spiritual energy and supplying them into Yang Chen's body...

Although it seemed that Hera and Poseidon had a stronger cultivation base than Yang Chen in theory, because Yang Chen's Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning was really lethal to them, they had to retreat.

Athena was controlling the Aegis Shield, resisting Yang Chen's attacks that would disturb the Mother Tree from time to time, and did not rashly participate in the war.

The battle was magnificent, Yang Chen was faced with dazzling attack tactics, yet he wasn’t disadvantaged at all!

Moreover, the gods gradually discovered that Yang Chen was relying on their powerful attacks to keep using the Chaos Cauldron to temper and improve his cultivation!