If it went on like this, it would not take long for Yang Chen to reach the peak of Shang Qing. 

After all, the elemental power condensed by the gods using the laws of space was too huge compared to the spells of the Chinese cultivators. They were all prestigious and overwhelming, not to mention it was suitable for the monsters like Chaos, who were swallowing all the power wholeheartedly! 

Poseidon, seeing the situation, seemed to have difficulty controlling Yang Chen and summoned the immortal trident. A blue shadow fell from the sky, and its body was like a meteor, crashing into the Arctic ice cap!

The trident slammed through the ice cap hundreds of meters thick, and the cracks spread over thousands of miles in all directions!

Finally, the trident pierced into the Arctic Ocean!!

“The Domain of Poseidon!!!"

Poseidon roared, and the ice caps around the entire Mother Tree began to shatter and explode, revealing the extremely cold sea water below!

Of course, such an explosion would not affect The Mother Tree, whose roots were deeply embedded in the earth. What Poseidon desired was the appearance of the ocean!

Soon, the sea dragon formed by the extremely cold sea water roared straight into the sky, dozens of sea dragons recklessly gnawed at Yang Chen, and at the same time attacked Chaos Cauldron!

Whenever the Chaos was going to devour those sea dragons, they would dodge away as if they were alive, causing the evil spirits of chaos to shuttle back and forth, but in vain.

Yang Chen discovered that although this sea dragon was summoned by the law of space because its body was seawater, once he used the heavenly lightning on it, not only would he not defeat them, but they would also temporarily possess the power of the heavenly lightning and become more powerful!

With the help of the sea dragon constantly blocking Yang Chen's position and separating the help of chaotic spirits, the fighting power of the gods suddenly doubled!

Every time Poseidon waved the trident in his hand, there would be a violent wave sound. This sound was like the legendary sea monster singing, piercing into Yang Chen's ears, disturbing his sanity!

Yang Chen couldn't help frowning deeply, his emotions began to become irritable, and he couldn't escape several violent attacks!

The gods didn't hold back, out of respect for their opponents and cautious about the revival of the gods, they all hit Yang Chen in earnest.

The God of Sun arrows, the moonlight strikes, and the flame hammer, instantly hit Yang Chen's body and scarred him!

Fortunately, Yang Chen quickly recovered from the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture and he didn't suffer any serious injuries, but if it went on like this, sooner or later, he would not be able to recover.

Hera combined her space law with her True Yuan while holding the divine bow and continued shooting arrows with incredible power towards Yang Chen.

These arrows not only had various strange powers of the Space Laws, but also the impact of pure True Yuan, which was equivalent to at least two effects on one arrow, which made Yang Chen extremely distressed.

Over the entire tree canopy, under the siege of the gods, the space where Yang Chen was located kept blasting splendid and deadly rays of light.

Although Yang Chen had a body to protect the body, the strength of the gods should not be underestimated as well, and he had spent a lot of energy just defending and dodging, there was no chance for him to counterattack. 

“Sheesh! This guy is extremely tough... "How on earth is he still alive?" Hera's hand shot out a divine arrow like a storm, but seeing that Yang Chen was unharmed, she couldn't help but be irritated.

"Don't worry, as long as we drag it on, he will be unable to resist sooner or later. With The Mother Tree here, our spiritual power is endless, don't worry," Hephaestus said while holding his giant hammer.

But how could Yang Chen make them wishful? He originally thought about whether he could solve the battle with the use of the heavenly lightning, but it seemed that he couldn't, so he didn't bother to hide things anymore.

Suddenly, Yang Chen took out a large bronze ax with a width of more than ten feet from the space ring!

It was an artifact, the Pangu Ax!

Yang Chen yelled with his powerful voice as he waved the Pangu Ax in his hand, and swung it once to each side!

Seven or eight sea dragons surrounding Yang Chen were ready to devour the strike, yet, they were all smashed in an instant, and they never re-condensed like before and turned into pieces of seawater then fell! 

"What...How could it be!?! My Domain of Poseidon is invalid!?" Poseidon was stunned.

Hephaestus and Hera, who had studied the history of the Chinese cultivators, were extremely solemn, and they were a little lost when they looked at the Pangu Ax

"How is that even possible? Is that the Pangu Ax? Isn't this an ancient artifact that was lost? Why is it in the hands of this child?" Hera cried out.

The other gods were also a little confused, but they could tell that this ax was a big killer hidden by Yang Chen!

Looking at Athena's calm face again, she must have expected Yang Chen to have such means, and she knew that she would not be able to defeat Yang Chen for a while, so she waited to the side and observed it quietly.

"B*tch! Why didn’t you say anything in advance if you knew he had the artifact!?" Hera roared at Athena.

Athena glanced at her coldly, "Can you resist it if I did?”

Hera was short of breath, but she was speechless.

On the other end, Yang Chen was already wielding the Pangu Ax, and he forced the gods to retreat with just a few swings!

No matter what type of space law attack, as long as the word ‘space’ was involved, the Pangu Ax could defeat it ‘unreasonably’!

The gods found that in front of Yang Chen's giant ax, their attacks were like a paper-pasted window, and it would be broken with just a single scratch!

"Damn... It’s fine if it's other ancient artifacts, why must it be the Pangu Ax that has a very strong destructive power to space!?!" Hera gritted her teeth, and she had no choice but to slow down her attacks.

Any tricks used by the laws of space must be established under the condition that the ‘laws’ were established.

Unfortunately, the Pangu Ax happened to be the destroyer of the ‘laws’!

In other words, the gods used space as bricks and tiles to build houses, and Pangu Ax was a bomb specially designed for house blasting. Hence, no matter how you build the house, be it magnificent or glorious, everything would turn into ruins after dropping the bomb down! 

The gods finally understood why Athena thought that even if Yang Chen was not as good as her, he could still fight her.

With the Pangu Ax in hand, Athena’s tricks might not work well either.

At this time, Athena recalled the Aegis Shield and said coldly, "You are not the opponents of Pangu Ax, protect The Mother Tree, I will fight him."

"Huh, excuse me!? Do you think you alone can be better than the sum of us!? Don't be too crazy!!" Hera said angrily.

Athena said nothing, but threw the Aegis Shield in her hand!


There was a muffled sound, and the Pangu Ax hit the silver shield, and the shield let out a whine, but fortunately, it resisted the blow!

The one who was protected behind the shield was Hera who was distracted and yelling at Athena just now.

Hera's face turned pale, knowing that if Athena hadn't saved her life, she would have been destroyed by Pangu's Ax. She had no choice but to immediately put down her temper and kept her mouth shut with lingering fears.

When the gods saw it, they knew that only Athena could resist the Pangu Ax and Yang Chen, who was in the grip of the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning. The group quickly stood back and provided space for Athena to fight Yang Chen. 

Yang Chen had long known that there would be this matchup, and he didn't show any special thoughts. Seeing Athena rushing towards him with a shield and a spear, he unceremoniously swung the Pangu Ax towards her!

Just when they were about to confront each other, Athena's body suddenly dodged strangely one by one, and early, just rightly avoided Yang Chen's attacks

The Great Prophecy spell had once again demonstrated its miraculous power!

Even if Athena couldn’t see everything about Yang Chen's future, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t predict Yang Chen's fighting intentions!

And the Pallas spear in Athena's hand shone with a demonic blue light, just right to avoid the attacking plane of the Pangu Ax, and rolled up a blue space ripple in the backhand, rushing behind Yang Chen!

Athena instantly condensed tens of thousands of layers of parallel space, and after being disintegrated by the smashing power of Pallas' spear, it formed a huge driving force like a tsunami, hitting Yang Chen's back heavily!


Yang Chen's back was impacted by hundreds of millions of tons of seawater, and it flew out like a cannonball, and a mouthful of blood spurted out in the air!

Even the gods couldn't believe it, Yang Chen was shocked in just one round of competition!

In fact, if it hadn't been for Yang Chen's body this time, the others would have been shattered to the point of no scums remaining!

Yang Chen continued to roll for hundreds of somersaults before stopping, panting heavily, wiping the blood from the corners of his mouth, and grinning at the frosty Athena, "It appears that... you really want to kill me...."

The smile had a hint of bitterness and helplessness, but the majority of it was filled with complaints.

Athena was calm, her black dress was flying, and her hair ran across her fair cheeks. She said lightly, "Don't you want to kill me too... I thought, for the sake of Lin Ruoxi and Seventeen, you will never kill me, but I didn't expect you to be so cruel..."

Yang Chen's injuries recovered quickly. He straightened up his body and said with a smile, "Actually, I don't necessarily want to kill you, at least your attack just now makes me think that...I still have a chance."

Athena frowned slightly, as if she was considering what Yang Chen was saying, but almost immediately, she predicted what Yang Chen would do!

"You mad man..."

Athena's expression changed slightly, and she suddenly said something, which made the other gods not quite understand what it meant.

At this moment, Yang Chen laughed loudly and left Athena alone. He took the Pangu Ax, and rushed straight to the trunk of The Mother Tree!