Yang Chen's concept was both simple and insane!

Yang Chen decided to abandon defense and counterattack after confirming that Athena's attack could not be fatal, and instead attack the tree of the earth regardless of the ground!

The Pangu Ax could break the laws of space, which meant that it would be difficult for the gods to prevent The Mother Tree from being hacked by themselves.

As for this process, Yang Chen himself would be attacked by the gods. He intended to resist, it didn’t matter if he was seriously injured, as long as he wouldn’t die from it!

The gods hurriedly used the law of space, setting up tens of thousands of layers of parallel shields, trying to block the menacing blow of Yang Chen's Ax.

But the Pangu Ax was almost like a hot knife cutting butter when dealing with space power. The space shield couldn’t hinder Yang Chen at all. The Pangu Ax pierced all the shields in an instant.

"Do you think I'll let you succeed!?"

Athena already seemed a bit sullen, her tone was icy and bone-chilling. She had already appeared in front of Yang Chen and the Aegis Shield in her hand came out, the giant silver shield was dazzling brilliantly! 

The skull of Medusa, the gorgon-haired banshee in the center of the giant shield, as if coming to life in an instant, and the terrifying poisonous snakes above began to bite violently and spit out snake letters.

And Medusa's originally dark eyes were also glowing with bright red light, like two blood-soaked eye holes!

Yang Chen felt an uncontrollable trembling in his body, thinking of Medusa's petrification properties, he understood that he couldn't look at those blood-red eyes, so he quickly turned his head away.

This Medusa was originally a powerful monster on Mars. It was not as poignant as in the fairy tales, but there was no doubt that her eyes did have the magical effect of petrification.

Even if Yang Chen's strength was extremely high, it was difficult to be completely unaffected.

Just such a short stagnation gave Athena enough time to make a move.

Athena's figure was like a black shadow, flowing smoothly, the demon blue Pallas spear in her hand drew a beautiful trajectory into a semi-circle, and swiped in the opposite direction of Yang Chen's head!

The moment Yang Chen turned his head, he felt that countless space fragments were dumped on his right arm like hundreds of millions of tons of seawater!


Yang Chen's body was knocked flying again, and he let out a scream of pain uncontrollably, his right arm seemed to be crushed and rolled over, and several pieces of flesh and blood were directly smashed into blood foam!

Athena went from predicting Yang Chen's attack method to predicting the blind spot of Yang Chen's line of sight, supplemented by her super speed, and her fighting skills were superb, so she could directly block Yang Chen's full blow!

Yang Chen was in pain, but he had no intention of stopping. He quickly repaired his damaged body parts and continued to attack the tree trunk's position without pausing.

The Chaos soul also tried to delay Athena and the gods, but although the other main gods were easy to block, they couldn’t avoid Athena!

Almost all the actions Yang Chen had to do, all the tricks, were in Athena's prediction.

Whether it was the attack of the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning or the Pangu Ax, Athena could respond earlier and made a perfect counterattack!

The fierce battle in the sky lasted for only a few minutes, Yang Chen and Athena fought for more than a hundred rounds, but in the end, Yang Chen was the one injured and flew out.

If it wasn't for Yang Chen's amazing recovery ability, his soul would have been destroyed long ago.

However, even if Yang Chen could use the endless power of heaven and earth to restore his body, there was a limit to what he could endure. There were already more and more wounds, and he couldn't recover in time, and his blood flowed endlessly.

Yang Chen knew that he would never be able to break through the defenses of the gods at this rate, and he would be defeated early, so he could only find another countermeasure.

Under the lightning flashes in his mind, Yang Chen had an idea. He then switched his direction and rushed towards the Arctic Ocean below!

The Arctic ice cap, which had been shattered by Poseidon, was now full of floating glaciers.

Yang Chen's figure fell straight into the depths of the ocean hundreds of meters, and immediately disappeared!

"What is he doing!?" Hermes frowned for a while.

Athena's face was frosty, and she used her spatial displacement to reach the bottom of the ocean, where Yang Chen was.

Yang Chen had already sacrificed the Chaos Cauldron at this time, and the Chaos ominous soul had been roaring and biting away at the root of The Mother Tree!

The roots of this tree were deeply implanted in the center of the earth, but it was not difficult for Chaos to rush to that depth.

Yang Chen's purpose was very simple. Since he couldn’t destroy the trunk of the tree, he could simply destroy its roots. In this way, the entire Mother Tree would lose its roots, and it would be self-defeating without attacking!

The biggest advantage of attacking the roots in the depths of the earth is that if the gods want to defend, they can only use the means of attack to go deep underground. destroy the roots of the tree.

"With the help of the immortal chaos, come and go to erode the foundation of the tree of the earth!?"

Athena predicted what Yang Chen was going to do, but she couldn't think of any way to deal with it for a while.

This was one of the weaknesses of the great prophecy spell. Even if the prophecy had told Athena what would happen next, it might not necessarily be reversible. 

This was not a future that gave her enough time to think and plan, but a very short moment.

Knowing that it couldn’t be delayed any longer, Athena could only change the law and open a space channel directly from the seabed, instantly breaking through the hundreds of millions of years of silt and rock formations at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, chasing the chaos!

Yang Chen had long known that this would happen, but he was waving the Pangu Ax from behind, and smashed Athena's space orbit into pieces!

At the same time, the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning spread across the entire sea due to the conduction of seawater!

"Boom!!! Boom!!!..."

Over the sea, the thunderclouds began to drop the divine thunder continuously. As a result, the sea and the ocean were full of the power of divine thunder.

The other gods did not dare to touch the Arctic Ocean at this time. They did not have the Aegis Shield, and they might get seriously injured when they went there!

Athena pursued him halfway and discovered that Yang Chen had destroyed her space channel and that the surrounding seawater was all filled with heavenly lightning, and she suddenly realized everything!

Using the chaos to erode the foundation was the first step, and at the same time flooding the sea with heavenly lightning, so that lightning could strike the tree at the same time!

Although Athena could predict this in advance, it couldn't be stopped, because she couldn’t kill Yang Chen in a short time.

Athena's face became more and more ugly, but she was powerless. After summoning the Aegis Shield to protect herself, she could only retreat and rush back to the sea surface to avoid being constantly eroded by the heavenly lightning.

"Shoot! The Mother Tree is being affected by the Heavenly Lightning" Poseidon shouted at this time.

When Athena turned around, she saw that the tree had been struck by several bolts of heavenly lightning. In fact, shooting down a small portion of the vast and boundless canopy was not a big deal.

However, Yang Chen kept transmitting the power of the heavenly lightning to the tree through the seawater from the bottom of the sea, causing the entire trunk of the tree to be damaged, and the golden energy was constantly scattered.

"Sure enough, it's still impossible to prevent... He can control the lightning clouds at will, so the ubiquitous Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning can't be stopped at all," Vulcan said with a sad face.

"Damn... The key is that this kid is too difficult to kill, but we can only allocate most of our strength to defend," Hera gritted her teeth.

Athena's eyes were like cold stars, and she said calmly, "I knew it was not easy to deal with, everything is not over yet, don't worry too much..."

The gods were stunned for a while, and then they all showed a surprised look.

At this moment, the body of The Mother Tree suddenly released an unprecedented surge of energy, forming an all-around golden shock wave, starting from the center of the tree, sweeping frantically!

It was as if thousands of atomic chalk bombs had gathered in one place to explore at this moment, and the shock wave caused would directly push the seawater of the entire Arctic Ocean away!

Looking down from a high altitude, one could only see that the seawater that surrounded The Mother Tree for thousands of miles disappeared within seconds!

Those who were knocked out by this shock wave included Yang Chen and his Chaos Cauldron.

It's like the seawater of the entire Arctic Ocean had turned into a giant hand. It wanted to throw Yang Chen far away, and no one could resist this power beyond imagination!

In the sky, Yang Chen was rolling, and he heard a deep voice spread from The Mother Tree...

"Those who disobey the oracle, be punished!"