Yang Chen's heart sank, the shock wave that destroyed the sky just now was displayed by Zeus!?

At this moment, a golden-blue lightning bolt with a length of more than ten feet pierced the sky, as if condensed from the void, tearing apart a large number of lightning clouds that Yang Chen had condensed and suspended strangely.

A strong arm emerged from the cloud, and the large hand grabbed the lightning bolt. The lightning did not harm it in any way, but it appeared to be quite intimately beating gold and blue fireworks.

The dark clouds dissipated, and a burly body with a height of more than five feet stood brazenly in the vast sky!

The silver-white long beard, fluttering in the wind, a resolute face, and his cheeks outline possessed rock-like edges and corners.

A pair of eyes that flashed with a silver-white electric beam, like two dazzling lights that never went out, constantly glowing with electric lights.

The entire body was only covered in a white short-sleeved robe, the strong arms were exposed to the air, and the rock-like muscles revealed a bronze luster.

Yang Chen stared blankly at this deity like a god statue sculpted by the ancients, and couldn't help flashing in his mind some vague memories left by the previous Hades...

 Zeus, the king of heaven, who was looking down on him right now, seemed to have never changed, just like 20,000 years ago!?

How could this be!?

All the other gods had lost their original bodies when they first came to earth, and reincarnation had occupied all kinds of human bodies.

But Zeus, after 20,000 years in the divine array still managed to retain his body?!

Was there any special reason in the Gods and Demons Array that could make his body last forever? At least for now, this was indeed what he looked like!

Zeus had already said loudly, without waiting for Yang Chen to think about it, "Having Hades' divinity but being an enemy of the gods You are not worthy of the divinity of Hades, and you are not worthy of being a member of my gods. Today, I will kill you with the lightning in my hands!"

That being said, Zeus raised his majestic arms high, and without any fancy tricks, he surrendered the lightning in his hands to Yang Chen!

When the other gods saw this scene, some couldn't bear it, while the rest were overjoyed. 

It seemed that as long as Zeus made a move, they didn't think that Yang Chen had a chance to act again.

Yang Chen's speed was extremely fast, even if it was Zeus' lightning, it couldn't escape his sight. Almost at the moment when the lightning shot, he had already started dodging.

However, when Yang Chen just jumped into the air and thought he had avoided it, he was struck by five other lightning bolts!


Yang Chen couldn't believe it and he didn't know what was going on. That lightning bolt suddenly jumped up from where he was escaping, and suddenly broke through the space and shot himself!

It was as if the lightning knew that he was going to escape, so it appeared directly from the original trajectory to another location without warning!

His entire body seemed to be burned by the high temperature of thousands of degrees, and his internal organs began to tremble and twist, and a tragic roar came out of his throat!

Even if Athena's Pallas spear smashed his flesh into pieces, it was a lesser agony than this kind of pain in your bones!


Yang Chen's eyes were splitting, and it was the first time he realized how painful the power brought by lightning was!

His body seemed to have been completely scorched, paralysis and pain coexisted, he would rather die than stay alive at this moment! 

The strength of Zeus was comparable to that of Athena, which meant that his thunderbolt at least had the power of a full blow from a Yu Qing cultivator.

Yang Chen's cultivation base in the Shang Qing stage, he would already be lucky if he didn't die, but it was much more difficult to repair the wounds than before.

After all, Athena's attack was only partial damage, but Zeus' lightning was shrouding him completely!

"Athena, what are you hesitating about? My thunder will make him vulnerable, use your Pallas spear to pierce his heart and pick off his head!"

Zeus looked down contemptuously at Yang Chen who was unable to move and spoke to Athena who was silently standing there. 

Athena clenched the spear in her hand, paused for a moment, and then said coldly, "You don't need to teach me."

Yang Chen's deep reluctance exploded to the extreme when he realized Athena and Zeus would join forces to deal him a fatal blow!

I didn't expect to live, but I wasn't going down without a fight!

“It’s too early…to kill me!”

Yang Chen exclaimed, flashing a crazy smile as he endured severe pain in his body and gathered the surrounding lightning clouds once more. He then took the Pangu Ax and struck Zeus with it!

However, getting close to Zeus was clearly not easy.

Athena had already predicted Yang Chen's attack trajectory early, and the Aegis Shield blocked Yang Chen's path early!


With a shocking sound, the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning slammed into fierce sparks on the silver giant shield.

Athena quickly withdrew the giant shield, but what greeted Yang Chen was the elusive lightning of Zeus!


Another golden-blue lightning strike hit Yang Chen's body when part of Yang Chen's heavenly lightning was offset!

Yang Chen's entire body began to emit the smell of being burnt, and he roared his throat dryly, and his body fell like a meteor!

There was a wry smile in Yang Chen's heart...

Zeus' lightning, as it was said in the legend, could make the attacked person have nowhere to hide.

This lightning could lock on to the target instantly and move directly from parallel space. No matter how you avoid it, as long as you are in the space, the lightning will strike you and will not leave you until it reaches the target.

Yang Chen had no idea how to defend or attack anymore, with lightning that could always hit the right target and Athena's foresight and defense that always came before him...

Maybe he could have attacked The Mother Tree just now, but now, he couldn’t even protect himself, the lethality of the lightning was beyond expectation. 

It was no wonder that among the gods, Zeus and Athena were ranked at the same level. 

One was the strongest defense, the other was the strongest offense. Neither of them may be able to hit each other first. But Yang Chen didn’t have Athena’s Great Prophecy Spell, so naturally, it was impossible to avoid it all the time.

“This isn’t the ending you expected, right…”

Athena's cold voice sounded in Yang Chen's ears, with a trace of indescribable emotion.

Yang Chen, who was falling, shook his head with difficulty.

Athena was swiftly falling vertically along with him, holding a spear, hanging high on his side, ready to pierce his chest...

Yang Chen, who has a bruised nose and a swollen face, grinned, " How could it be... I won’t die so easily..."


Athena's expression was still terribly calm, but the movements of her hands were not stagnant.


The Pallas spear, like a demonic blue beam, had already pierced into Yang Chen's heart!

However, it did not penetrate as well as the gods thought!

Yang Chen's hands had already pinched the spearhead of the spear, even if half of the spearhead had been stabbed into his body, it could only pierce his heart by the slightest, but he didn't care.

Fresh blood flowed out from Yang Chen's hands and chest and scattered.

"I finally caught you..." Yang Chen opened his mouth, his teeth were full of scarlet, like a demon laughing wildly, "Your spear is in my hand, don't even think about taking it back."

"Really?" Athena asked indifferently.

The next moment, Athena's snowy white leg kicked Yang Chen's cheek fiercely!


A muffled sound came through, Yang Chen only felt as if the world was spinning and his head seemed to be twisted three hundred and sixty degrees. His hands unwittingly loosened, and he slammed down again!

The gods only saw that Yang Chen's body was directly smashed on a glacier, and was smashed into hundreds of meters in a row, buried in the depths of the glacier!

Athena put away the blood-stained spear, looked at the deep ice cave, and murmured, "You...you can't win against us.”

Zeus held his lightning bolt and gradually landed with a frown, "His divinity is disappearing quickly." 

The other gods also flew down at the same time, and all the gods noticed that Yang Chen's divinity of Hades was extinguishing at an unimaginable speed!

It was like an oil lamp that was about to run out, and the light was getting weaker and weaker.

Venus' eyes were full of tears, "Hades...you really killed him..."

"No, Aphrodite," Apollo strangely said, "Feel it carefully, Although his divinity is fading, but... his True Yuan oppression..."

"It's increasing!!" Hera said gloomily, "This traitor! He is using chaos to devour Hades' divinity!”

“What!?" Several other gods suddenly realized and shouted in surprise.

Zeus glanced at Athena beside him, "Is this his other means?”

Athena didn't nod or deny, obviously tacitly agreeing.

At this moment, the glacier, which was originally dead silent, shook violently, followed by a surging shock wave that was released from the inside out!

The mighty power of a landslide caused a huge block of ice to be blown up hundreds of meters into the air.

Yang Chen's figure seemed to have never been injured and appeared in front of the gods intact.

However, this time, the gods could no longer feel the slightest sense of familiarity with Yang Chen, and the divinity of Hades had completely disappeared.

The man in front of him had completely become an earth cultivator with an unfathomable cultivation base!