Even though her physique was massive, Athena’s speed was unaffected. 

Instead, her gigantic body size enlarged the scale of her attacks, so the ground would shake with every movement she made. 

Athena’s Pallas brought up countless space fragments. Like glowing space blades, they spun and covered an area of a few tens of thousands of meters.

At that moment, Yang Chen was like a grain in the sand as he stood before the Titan and the tide of space fragments with an area of ten thousand meters. It was almost impossible to see him.

Fire arrows that blazed with platinum-colored flame and ice arrows that exuded chilling coldness kept falling from the sky like meteors. 

The lighting on Zeus’ hand was long ready for an attack. Roaring, he threw it toward Yang Chen. In an instant, blinding light and ear-deafening sounds filled the air, as if a white sun had fallen into the human world. 

Although the Gods’ attack covered a bigger area and was basically boundless, they did not have to worry about harming the Mother Tree. That was because a layer of Titan Boundary had formed when the Gods transformed into Titans.

The Mother Tree was linked with the Gods by blood. As long as the Gods were healthy, the Titan Boundary would remain tough and unshakable. 

Standing tall in the air, Yang Chen calmly watched as the Gods’ attacks landed on him one by one and engulfed him. 


A heavy booming sound rang out, and the chaotic energy of the space caused a destructive effect at his location. 

When he looked down from outer space, the entire North Pole was covered with colourful lights. The explosion turned the place into an ocean of broken ice. 

The bright light only disappeared a minute later. Billowing smoke enshrouded the vicinity of the Mother Tree. The Gods looked at the massive crater that had formed in befuddlement. 

Just when the attacks started, Yang Chen’s figure had remained still. It could be said that all the attacks fell on him accurately. 

Yet, the Gods had a feeling that the attacks never directly hit him. 

It was as though Yang Chen found a spot to sneak out of the net they threw out to capture him. 

The sense of foreboding made them feel uneasy. 

Finally, their worries were confirmed by the view before them. 

All they could see was a figure wrapped by black lightning hovering in the air motionlessly. 

”Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning? H-He has mastered the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning!?” Hera could not stop herself from stuttering as flames of jealousy blazed in her eyes. 

It was beyond her imagination that Yang Chen, who had just gone through the heavenly tribulation, had directly comprehended and mastered Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning. Such comprehension skill was hard to handle for the Gods. 

It was as though the power which the cultivators had been yearning for the past tens of thousands of years was merely a gift that came with having passed the heavenly tribulation. 

At that moment, Yang Chen dismissed the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning and looked at the Gods around him with a smile. Compared to before, he seemed more relaxed and composed. 

“Do you still want to continue fighting? Your space law doesn’t seem effective before my Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning,” he said. 

Ares was the first to burst into a fury because of his contemptuous tone. Once again, he raised his lance, lunged forward, and swung it towards Yang Chen forcefully. 

“Don’t you dare be arrogant!”

The lance sealed off all spaces around Yang Chen, leaving the trajectory of the lance open to strike him heavily. 

When Yang Chen unleashed Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning again, his body which was surrounded by black lightning easily evaded Ares’ attacks as if the sealed space did not affect him. 

Ares’ space sealing lost its effects, becoming useless at Yang Chen’s location.

In disbelief, Ares kept brandishing his lance, but his speed was limited. Thus, he could not even touch Yang Chen’s shirt. 

The Gods’ faces became gloomy. Soon, the Gods joined the battle too. 

To their dismay, they realized that their space law had actually become worthless before the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning. 

The blazing arrows that formed from burning the space were extinguished the moment they touched Yang Chen. Artemis’ attack left no impact even when it struck him. It was as though it was just special effects. 

Hermes’ caduceus could not cause any hallucination towards Yang Chen either. That made Hermes feel that he was losing his mind by himself.

As if he was on a stroll, Yang Chen ignored the Gods’ attack. As long as they were created by the space law, he could dismiss them easily. 

Seeing that his holy fire would not work regardless of how he burned Yang Chen, Hephaestus made a swift decision to change his attack. He raised his hammer and tried not to use the space law to attack him. 

With an odd smirk, Yang Chen raised one finger and shot out a snake-like Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning which collided with Hephaestus’ intimidating hammer. 

A baffling scene unfolded before the Gods. 

The mountain-sized hammer disintegrated at a visible speed!

They turned into innumerable debris, disappearing into the air. 

In the blink of an eye, Hephaestus’ hammer vanished from his hand, not a single speck to be seen. 

The God of Fire staggered backward, dodging Yang Chen in the distance while staring at his empty hands in panic. It seemed like he thought he was still dreaming. 

That small Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning of negligible size is actually able to achieve such terrifying effects?

“Do you still want to continue?” Yang Chen asked again. That time around, he looked at Athena, who was frowning in contemplation. 

The Gods all looked at her. After all, she was the one who said that other than she and Zeus, the others did not need to fight. 

In hindsight, she was right. 

At the very least, Hephaestus did not want to go near Yang Chen again. 

Athena’s beautiful eyes flickered as she spoke. “Your Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning has a power that prevails over the space, allowing you to disregard the space law and rendering our attacks useless. If I’m not mistaken, this power can be destructive to beings of the lower realm.”

“That’s right. The power in the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning has surpassed space, time, law and heaven and earth, and the material world. Maybe you can rely on the power of Mother Tree to put up a resistance for a while. But I’m undefeatable. It’s only a matter of time before I kill all of you, and you have no way to defend yourself.”

Yang Chen did not hide anything, admitting everything openly. He no longer needed to play tricks as he knew he already won when he comprehended the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning. 

“Is it ‘dark matter’ energy?” Athena suddenly asked. 

Her question stunned him at first. Then, he laughed. “As expected of the Goddess of Wisdom to guess it so quickly. You’re right. In a sense, it can be called ‘dark matter.’ But… It's just a current name given by humans. Actually, I don’t know what it is. No matter what, it exists.”

“I see…” Athena sighed. “Before coming to Earth, I’ve tried to explore this mysterious matter in the universe to prove its existence, but I’ve never known how to do so. Till now, I’m not sure if dark matter exists and in what form. It seems like dark matter does exist, and its energy is above space and time. Unfortunately… I don’t have the time to research about it.”

In the independent space, Jane who heard it all was rather excited. 

“Sir, the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning is a bolt of heavenly lightning that fuses with dark matter!? Could it be that the Great Ancient immortals could go to outer space because they’ve mastered dark matter?!” she asked. 

It made sense if the dark matter could solve the survival of cultivators in space. That was because, from the look of things, dark matter was ubiquitous, unlike spiritual energy, which would thin when out of Earth.

Meng Xiaoyao nodded. “Just as he said, even though we can traverse freely in space through dark matter, we don’t know what it is. It’s a mystery that needs to be explored… The Great Ancient immortals left Earth gradually to explore such secrets… You might not understand it, but at our level, we place less importance on many things. Only secrets of the universe are attractive to us.”

“No one can understand those secrets. In fact, it’s not just dark matter. Even why heavenly tribulations exist in the world, or why the Nine Heavenly Lightning leads the cultivators to head to the universe have been mysteries for tens of thousands of years… Compared to our seniors who’ve stepped into outer space tens of thousands of years ago, we’re too small…” Yu Xuening lamented. 

Jane nodded vehemently. To her, it was also a whole new world. She was extremely eager to research dark matter in the future. 

However, at the moment, she was overjoyed over the fact that Yang Chen had a power that ruled over space law, confirming his success in the battle. 

Meng Xiaoyao also seemed gratified and relaxed. Although Yang Chen had not passed that level, he would do so sooner or later because of his excellent comprehension skills. Thus, he felt at ease leaving Earth in his care.