“Oh, you have other tricks up your sleeve?” Yang Chen smiled.

Zeus wore an odd smile. Suddenly, his huge Titanic body began to emit a dark and evil aura. Countless spirits, ghosts, and ghouls began to weave around him!

In a flash, his body was shrouded with crying ghosts and ghouls everywhere. It was an eerie and horrible sight.

Yang Chen froze for a moment. Even the other Gods, apart from Athena, looked quite surprised.

Yang Chen narrowed his eyes. Before this, I wondered how Zeus managed to keep his original form. Did he not reincarnate? It seems that the answer is right in front of me…

The next moment, Zeus began to “melt” at an extremely fast speed before him.

It was as if he had turned into a huge puddle of black liquid, twisting and writhing in the air with a ghostly aura. 

A few moments later, what appeared before him was a terrifying demon that he had never seen before!

The demon was black in color, and overall it looked like a giant worm over ten thousand meters long and hundreds of feet wide!

Its fat body was in the seawater, which was beginning to stink, and its sides were covered with short tentacles.

The demon’s head was devoid of any organs other than a bloody mouth dripping with black foul-smelling slime. It was as if its entire body was made up of its mouth only. 

“What is this thing… Zeus how…” Apollo’s eyes showed a few hints of fear.

“Did he… reincarnate into this demon’s body in the formation!?” the God of Fire said in dismay.

Everyone present, except Athena, did not know that.

The demon that Zeus had reincarnated into was called the “Phantom Cavern Mother Worm” in Great Ancient times.

That kind of demon was not powerful at birth, but it had a characteristic, whereby it could swallow and absorb other demons it came into contact with. With that, it could take on the form of other demons and not be easily detected, then continue to grow in strength.

As long as it kept devouring, the demon would not die, and its strength would grow stronger and stronger.

After Zeus discovered the characteristics of that larva 20,000 years ago, he helped it to grow. When its strength reached a certain level, he reincarnated his divinity into that mother worm.

The mother worm could take on the form of Zeus, and he also gained the ability to devour demons to grow the worm’s body.

That was why the demons in the formation called Zeus “King.” Although he was a god, he already had the body of a demon.

As the king of the Gods, Zeus would never reveal his body unless he had to, after all, it would not be honorable and would even be disgraceful.

However, at that moment, Zeus had no choice but to fight Yang Chen to the death to see if the extraordinarily strengthened body of the Phantom Cavern Mother Worm could devour him with the power of Mother Tree!

The worm opened its mouth. Like a bottomless pit, a surge of cold air formed within it. The body that was over ten thousand meters long created a powerful vortex. As the vortex swirled towards Yang Chen, it had the powerful suction to swallow mountains and rivers!

Yang Chen would not let it eat himself into its stomach like that, although he did not think anything would happen. Still, it was too disgusting for him to accept.

However, as Yang Chen was planning to avoid the vortex, he realized that the target of the worm was not himself!


The mother worm opened its increasingly large bloody mouth. After raising its head high, it bit at Athena!

Athena frowned. Shockingly, she did not resist but closed her eyes and let the swirling vortex of that insidious wind shrink her Titan body and suck her into the mouth of the worm. 

Soon, Athena was swallowed into the belly of the worm, disappearing into whatever part of the huge body.

“Zeus! Have you gone mad! Why are you swallowing Athena!?”

The Gods, too, were stunned by that sight. Ares was the first to shout out in rage.

Yet, Zeus did not pay attention to the Gods’ interrogation. Although he had transformed into the worm body, he could still utter that deep thick voice.

"Yang Chen... Athena is already in my stomach. I'll only need a few moments to devour and digest her. The souls of the two women you love will also dissipate at that time. Unless you want to hurt her, you must think about the consequences carefully before you fight me or make a move against Mother Tree."

The booming laughter of Zeus emanated oddly from the body of the worm, sounding extraordinarily eerie and strange.

The Gods finally understood that Zeus was using the souls of the two women, Lin Ruoxi and Seventeen, to threaten Yang Chen. 

Athena, who was incredibly intelligent, had obviously thought of that as well, which was why she did not resist and acquiesced to what Zeus was doing.

For the sake of the revival of the Gods, she could even give up resisting and let Zeus kill her. 

The Gods could not help but feel bewildered and dejected.

Twenty thousand years of waiting might have meant something extraordinary to Athena that she was able to sacrifice to such an extent.

Yang Chen was also stunned in place, staring blankly at the body of the Phantom Cavern Mother Worm, as if he could see Athena inside there.

A few blood vessels became visible in his eyes. The muscles in his face twitched, and his fists clenched tightly as he tried hard to control his emotions.

He did not expect her to have such a determination to protect the hope of revival of the Gods even at the cost of her life. It made Yang Chen feel a little overwhelmed. 

For a moment, they were in a deadlock. Zeus’s eerie laughter and Yang Chen’s despair formed two extremes. 

Within the individual space, all the people who saw that scene also stood up.

Originally, Meng Xiaoyao thought nothing would go wrong, but seeing that Yang Chen did not even make a move, a grim expression surfaced on his constantly unfazed demeanor.

“This kid… Has he not seen through it yet? The power of the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning can kill this so-called Phantom Cavern Mother Worm. He’s stubborn…”

When Yu Xuening saw the way he shook his head and sighed, she giggled. “Of course, he knows that. But what flusters him is not that he doesn’t know how to kill Zeus, but that… Athena’s already prepared to die.”

“Humph! He’s unteachable,” Meng Xiaoyao said in disdain. “Seeing that he cares too much about a trivial love affair and forgets about the world, it’s unlikely that he can be successful…”

Jane’s eyes brimmed with tears as she looked at Zeus with a gaze filled with hatred, but there was nothing she could do.

At that moment, Yang Chen, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly raised his head. His gaze was sharp like a blade, and his body exuded a palpable murderous aura.

Zeus sensed that something was amiss, and his tone took on a hint of edginess as he said, “Yang Chen, have you made up your mind?”

A cruel smile appeared at the corner of Yang Chen’s lips. “Maybe you’ve been in that formation for too long, and no one has told you about the thing I hate the most.”

“What…” The body of the Phantom Cavern Mother Worm squirmed, ready to strike.

An intense black Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning erupted from Yang Chen’s body, and his whole person seemed to have transformed into a black hole with crazy murderous intent. 

“I hate… being threatened the most!”

As he spoke, his figure had long ago instantly forced its way through the head of the Phantom Cavern Mother Worm!


Zeus didn’t even have time to react when Yang Chen, who had transformed into a heavenly lightning bolt, had already drilled through his brain and burst out through one part of his abdominal region.

The Gods could not even spot the bolt with their eyes. All they could only see was a black lightning bolt weaving back and forth a hundred times on the huge body of the worm. Each time it did so, it formed a gaping hole on the worm, where black mist spewed out in all directions!

Zeus hissed, but it was of no use. The powerful destructive power of the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning made it impossible for him to control his own body, let alone devour Athena inside it.

When Yang Chen appeared and hovered in the air again, he was holding an orb emitting a dazzling golden-blue lightning glow in his left hand.

It was the divinity!

In his attack, he had stripped Zeus’ divinity directly from the worm’s body!

Roars kept traveling from Zeus’ soul, but it was already too late. Being suppressed by Yang Chen, he would not even have a chance to reincarnate.

Yang Chen looked indifferently at the remnants of the mother worm that was gradually dissipating into a burst of black gas in front of him and muttered, “You could’ve had a chance to live if you didn’t threaten me. You only have yourself to blame… I, Yang Chen, can temporarily admit defeat, but that doesn’t mean I’ll lose for the rest of my life… I can temporarily hold back, but that doesn’t mean I can accept threats…”

As soon as those words left his mouth, a flash of black lightning reduced Zeus’ divinity to nothing.

The Gods watched in bewilderment as all that happened. They were dismayed and despondent beyond measure.

Zeus died just like that?!

Perhaps, their plan was a mistake from the beginning. The current Yang Chen was unparalleled. 

Out of the twelve main Gods, only ten remained. At that realization, the Gods could not help but reveal an unconcealed sadness.

The remnants of the mother worm finally disappeared completely, and Athena’s figure became visible once again.

Athena had somehow given up the body of the Titan God and retrieved her two immortal weapons. She was back to that familiar face—the long black hair, the graceful and elegant black dress, just like the one in Yang Chen’s mind.

When his gaze met hers, both of them looked exceptionally calm. There was not a hint of sadness, anger, or joy. Instead, they just gazed at each other like that.