When Athena returned the control of her soul to Lin Ruoxi, it also meant that the latter already had all of Athena’s and Seventeen’s memories, and naturally, she would not be a stranger to Meng Xiaoyao.

If there was anyone in the world that Lin Ruoxi abhorred, it was only Meng Xiaoyao.

If it were not for the fact that he set up this scheme game, Yang Chen’s sacrifice would not have happened. 

Lin Ruoxi even wished that she had never known Yang Chen, and he had not left her forever at the moment.

However, she would not try to use the power she now possessed to challenge Meng Xiaoyao.

She knew very well that the gap between her and Meng Xiaoyao was too great. Even if she hated him to the core, she would only be doing a pointless fight.

Yang Chen’s dying words were etched into her mind; she still had a child to raise and had many things that needed to be done, so she could not die.

“I had no intention of bringing about today’s situation, but I couldn’t guess his choice,” said Meng Xiaoyao, who could not hide the regret in his voice.

Although the Gods lost their battle for the revival of their clan, Yang Chen had also died.

In that way, he was left empty-handed at both ends, neither getting someone to take over nor letting Earth be the planet of the Gods.

“Hmph…” Lin Ruoxi sneered and said, "Are you trying to say that originally it was me who should have died here today, not my husband... I also hope that’s the case, it’s just a pity... that I let you down.”

Meng Xiaoyao did not feel anything in response to such cold words of mockery. All he did was look at Yang Chen’s corpse quietly as complicated emotions surfaced in his eyes.

After all, the outcome he had waited for tens of thousands of years was heartbreaking.

Yu Xuening did not want to annoy him more at this time, so she swept her gaze across the Gods at the side and said, “You should stop glaring at this guy. With your strength, you’d still be no match for him even in another two million years. I’d advise you to live your lives peacefully on Earth, which is now severely damaged and rampant with demons. Recovery can’t be possible in a few days. If you want to live a good life, you’d better do something meaningful instead of just staring at people, understand?”

The Gods knew that a figure who could be with Meng Xiaoyao was bound to be far more powerful than them, so they could not refute. 

Indeed, if they wanted to live properly on Earth in the future, they would still have to go and clean up the mess. Whether they wanted to or not, in any case, the Earth still belonged to the human race.

Yu Xuening walked to Lin Ruoxi’s side again and advised in a soft voice, “You living well will be the best repayment to him. He certainly doesn’t want you to live in agony, does he?”

Lin Ruoxi did not speak, picking up Yang Chen’s corpse instead. After glancing coldly and sternly at Meng Xiaoyao again, she turned around to leave.

She was going to take Yang Chen back to the island to be buried so that she could watch over him forever and stay with him.

That moment was bleak, sad, and silent for all those present.

It was right then that both Meng Xiaoyao and Yu Xue Ning suddenly looked aghast at the same time. 

“Wait a minute!” Meng Xiaoyao suddenly shouted unceremoniously. 

Yu Xuening was also in disbelief, her gaze fixed on the space ring on Yang Chen’s hand. 

Amidst everyone else’s astonishment, a seven-colored light was seen shooting into the air from Yang Chen’s space ring.

Upon closer inspection, they realized it was an object that looked like an ancient bronze mirror had flown out of the ring. 

That ancient mirror was oval with its back plain and unadorned. Only a few Taiyi sigils were engraved in its center, and the mirror surface was currently shining with a seven-colored light, soft and mysterious.

As the seven-colored light continued to be released, the mirror began to enlarge from the size of a palm to five or six feet wide and long. 

As if the mirror was attracted to Yang Chen’s corpse, it spun continuously above it. 

When the crowd took a closer look, they saw that a vast starry sky had been mapped out inside that mirror.

The dark universe, the countless stars, the flowing Milky Way, and the swirling nebulae, had all come to life!

It was all extremely bizarre, for it seemed that it was not an illusion but a real microcosm of space. 

“This is the... immortal artifact Kunlun Mirror!?” Yu Xuening remembered that Yang Chen still had such an immortal artifact that he had been putting away unused.

In fact, no one knew how that ancient immortal weapon, unseen for hundreds of thousands of years, was used.

Lin Ruoxi was also stunned. Subconsciously, she placed Yang Chen’s corpse onto the ice floe and looked nervously at the spinning Kunlun Mirror overhead. There was a glimmer of hope in her eyes. 

Meng Xiaoyao, on the other hand, shook his head in disbelief after getting over the initial shock. 

“How is this possible… Immortal artifacts have spirits of their own. If one does not possess the strength equivalent to a Great Ancient immortal, or if one is not a cultivator who has crossed that hurdle, one is simply not qualified to obtain the true recognition of the immortal artifacts. Even if one could cross that hurdle, one might not be able to obtain the recognition of the artifacts. Otherwise, the ancient divine weapon would not be exclusive to a certain few immortals only... Could it be that this kid, he…”

Meng Xiaoyao could hardly understand it. After all, Yang Chen could use the Pangu Axe, but he could only utilize the most basic power of the Pangu Axe, which was to break open the space. That meant he did not get the recognition of the Pangu Axe.

Otherwise, the Gods would not be able to resist an artifact as majestic as the Pangu Axe.

If the user could not be acknowledged by Kunlun Mirror, an artifact with special effects, the user would not be able to learn the mysteries of it, which was why Yang Chen could use the Pangu Axe but not Kunlun Mirror.

Now, the Kunlun Mirror flew out of the space ring of its own accord and showed an unbelievable response to Yang Chen’s corpse. 

All those signs seemed to signify that Kunlun Mirror had recognized Yang Chen as its new master under unknown circumstances.

Naturally, Yu Xuening also knew those things, so she could not help but giggle. Turning to Meng Xiaoyao, she pointed her finger at Kunlun Mirror and said with joy, “Meng Xiaoyao! Did you see that! This kid has obviously crossed that hurdle, just like you! He didn’t choose to give up, but he made it too! He has also obtained the recognition of the Kunlun Mirror! You’ve lost this round!”

Meng Xiaoyao was depressed and perplexed. The situation was obviously beyond what he had known for tens of thousands of years.

Just as Yu Xuening was laughing, something odd was displayed in Kunlun Mirror once again. 

They could only see that a humanoid figure began to slowly condense and converge in the seven-colored light released by Kunlun Mirror.

It was as if pieces were beginning to glue together into their most original form.

As the figure became clearer and clearer, the crowd realized that it was Yang Chen’s spirit. 

Everyone thought that his spirit had dissipated, but to their surprise, it was preserved by the Kunlun Mirror. 

“The legend says that Kunlun Mirror can travel through the void and reverse time and space, so it seems that the moment it recognized Yang Chen as its master, it preserved his soon-to-be-disappearing spirit in that previous time and space to protect its new master!”

Yu Xuening’s words were just her guess, but no one cared what the truth was. After all, what was happening in front of her eyes was real.

When Yang Chen’s spirit slowly opened his eyes, it landed on his tattered flesh like a gentle feather.

With the awakening of his spirit, the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture also naturally began to operate.

That time around, everything went well since Yang Chen did not deliberately stop the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture.

Soon, spiritual energy frantically scurried into Yang Chen’s body, the blood in his body began to warm up, and his Dantian began to be filled up.

The shattered heart in his chest also began to recover and resume its beating under the terrifying restorative power of the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. 

Lin Ruoxi stared unblinkingly at the miracle happening before her eyes. She did not dare to blink at all for fear that it was all a dream. 

In fact, she did not dare to make a sound, covering her mouth with her hands. Tears kept pouring out of her eyes, and her pretty face was red. Yet, she dared not say anything.

As everyone watched in fascination, Yang Chen completely recovered, no longer looking pallid. His breathing was recovered, and he opened his eyes.

A soft smile tugged at his lips as he stretched out a hand and touched Lin Ruoxi’s cheek. “Heh... dear, don’t be angry... I really didn’t mean to play dead to scare you this time. I was almost dead for real…”

Lin Ruoxi finally could not contain her emotions any longer and picked Yang Chen up from the ground with one hand with all her might. Then, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and wailed at the top of her lungs.

At that moment, her mind was blank. She could not express anything except shedding tears of joy.