In the Purple Bamboo Forest of the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, the purple bamboo rustled song the breeze, sending out waves of a refreshing scent. 

Mixed with the breeze was an intoxicating rich alcohol fragrance. 

“I win! Haha, Brother Song, it looks like this Green Bamboo alcohol is still mine to drink!”

Two men were playing chess at a rock table in the bamboo forest, and their bet was the bottles of fine alcohol by their side. 

Those two were Song Tianxing and Zi Xiao, also known as Dionysus, the God of Wine.

In the last month or so, they have started playing Chinese chess instead of Go. At first, Zi Xiao did not know how to play it, relying on Song Tianxing to teach him. Slowly, his chess skills improved. In the past two days, he managed to win against the latter. 

The one who won could drink while the one who lost could only watch on. 

For some unknown reason, luck was not on Song Tianxing’s side that day. He lost several rounds in a row, so Zi Xiao had drunk almost half of his collection of alcohol. 

Seeing that Zi Xiao was about to pick up the bowl of alcohol and drink it freely, Song Tianxing finally could not hold back and stopped him. "Hey, hold on!"

"Brother Song, you have to be willing to lose. No backing out," said Zi Xiao as he nervously put the bowl on his side.

Song Tianxing coughed twice and said, "Brother Zi Xiao, this Bamboo Green alcohol was given to me by my granddaughter Lanlan when she came to visit me last month. If you drink any more or all of it, I won’t have any left. I'm willing to admit defeat, but I’ll feel sorry for her… How about this… I'll give you another type of alcohol. What do you think?”

Zi Xiao looked conflicted. “Are you going to give me wine again… if I want that, I can just make some of my own.”

The second he mentioned it, Song Tianxing flew into a rage.  “How dare you bring this up! Back then, you fooled me so terribly, yet you ended up being the God of Wine! It’d be fine if you were faking it, but you kept me in the dark for so long and treated me like a fool! No! You're not allowed to drink this anymore!"

Zi Xiao smiled bitterly. "Come on now, Brother Soong. It's been ten years. Why are you still talking about the past…"

Ten years ago, Meng Xiaoyao came to bring Zi Xiao out to restore Earth. Only then did Song Tianxing know the man was Dionysus, who had concealed himself deeply.

Zi Xiao was extremely knowledgeable about alcohol, yet he pretended to be clueless about many things, which annoyed Song Tianxing.

A year later, Zi Xiao used his two immortal artifacts to restore most of the plants on Earth so that the biosphere was back to normal. After doing that, he returned to the Ten Thousand Demon Realm and continued to drink and have fun with Song Tianxing.

Both men were the same. They only needed alcohol and nothing else.

Just as they were quarreling over that bowl of alcohol, a grey-silver cone-shaped flying object was flying outside the Purple Bamboo Forest. It looked like a rocket but did not spew fire, moving at an extremely high speed. In the blink of an eye, it arrived at the Purple Bamboo Forest.

Once the aircraft landed, the transparent cover at the top opened up, and an adorable young girl jumped out of it. She seemed to be around the age of twelve and thirteen. 

Her cheeks were cherubic, and she was dressed in a blue T-shirt, denim shorts, and blue sneakers. It was a youthful attire overall. 

The second Song Tianxing saw her, he ignored Zi Xiao and chuckled while rising to his feet. 

Opening his arms, he cooed, “Are you here to visit me again, Lanlan?”

That young girl who had grown up so beautifully was none other than Yang Lanlan. 

Speaking of which, Lanlan looked very similar to Seventeen but was fairer and cuter since she had better living conditions. 

Although she was not as adorable as she did when she was younger, she appeared much more elegant, thanks to Lin Ruoxi. 


Smiling, Lanlan ran forward and gave Song Tianxing a tight hug. 

“Are you gambling with Mr. Drunkard?”

Lanlan made a face at Zi Xiao, who rolled his eyes upon hearing her nickname for him. 

“Hehe, yes. I’m so pitiful that I keep losing till now. Lanlan, did you bring me alcohol again today?” Song Tianxing asked joyfully. 

The young girl scrunched her nose. “I’m becoming a bottle of alcohol in your eyes!”

Despite her grumbles, she still took out a few bottles of Western alcohol from her space ring and put them on the table. 

“I stole these three bottles of Dalmore from Dad’s cellar. I heard from Grandpa Ron that it’s very expensive; they cost over ten thousand pounds for one! Grandpa, don’t leave the bottle around after drinking, lest my dad sees it. If he does, he’ll tell on me to Mom again!” Lanlan said while shaking Song Tianxing’s arm. 

The two men’s attention was instantly attracted to alcohol, and they nodded in agreement. 

After looking at the bottles of alcohol and praising them for a while, they finally recalled that they had not asked Lanlan about the purpose of her visit. After all, she had just come over last month. The gap between her visits was rather close. 

“Lanlan, is there anything else?” Song Tianxing asked. 

Lanlan pouted. “You finally remembered me? Hmph…”

She then turned to face Zi Xiao and said, “Mr. Drunkard, I’m actually here for you today. Mommy Ruoxi wants me to tell you that Aunt Jane has built the spaceship for you guys. Whether or not you want to leave or stay on Earth, you have to meet the other Gods.”

"How soon?" Zi Xiao was taken aback and waved his hands. "I'm not leaving Earth anytime soon, but I do need to say goodbye to them.  When are we leaving?"

“We can leave now. Just take my ‘Chubby Girl’ for the jump!” Lanlan pointed at the aircraft behind her. 

That was an anti-gravity aircraft designed by Jane seven years ago. Its speed was extremely fast, and it was tough, allowing them to travel between the outside world and the Ten Thousand Demon Realm. 

Moreover, the spiritual energy in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm was too weak for flying, so such an aircraft was especially needed as a mode of transportation. 

Lanlan's plane was custom-built for her. Ordinary people, in fact, would be unable to control such a fast vehicle if they lacked a cultivation base.

As a remembrance of her past chubby body, Lanlan named the aircraft “Chubby Girl.”

Zi Xiao had no objections, and Song Tianxing wanted to travel outside of the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, so the three of them boarded Lanlan’s aircraft and left for the outside world. 

Ten years ago, Meng Xiaoyao brought Yu Xuening, who had also crossed the threshold, along with him to explore the unknown world in the universe. From then onward, Yang Chen was in control of everything on Earth. 

The first thing he did was none other than obtaining the Nao Drum in the Sky Tower, allowing the demon and devil cultivators in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm to travel to and fro the outside world. 

The humans had known about the existence of gods, demons, devils, monsters, and cultivators, so they were no longer terrified. 

Yang Chen’s purpose was to let humans know that they were not the only rulers of the Earth. Compared to the other races, humans were inferior. 

Only by being mindful of the threats could one progress further in life. 

Under Yang Chen’s absolute strength, no demon and devil cultivators dared to cause chaos in the human world, all setting up relevant laws and rules to restrict those forces. 

Hongmeng and the hidden clans inside the illusionary dimension were also rebuilt. 

The demon and devil cultivators in the Honghuang realm entered the human society and started interacting with normal humans. 

In an instant, the human world became so vibrant and interesting. 

The existence of Hongmeng, the hidden clans, demon cultivators, devil cultivators, and even the dragons was no longer a secret. They had become part of the world. 

Humans could choose to join any of the forces as long as they were accepted.  It was like becoming a citizen of a country. 

The United Nations, too, had a special spot among the forces, but humans still had control of their own civilization. 

Under Yang Chen’s management, such a layout created a mystical effect. 

With the cultivators’ and demons’ help, humans rebuilt their world rapidly, and many of them obtained mighty power. 

Of course, only a minority could become cultivators. After all, the talent and IQ required to enter the Soul Forming stage were rare.

All in all, schools all over the world started placing importance on cultivating the students’ physique due to the rejuvenation of ancient martial arts. Thus, normal humans had longer lifespans while a handful of them became cultivators in China. As for the rest of the races, they co-existed in harmony. 

The western countries did not fall behind China, as more talented youngsters emerged as cultivators through studying Chinese culture. 

“Lanlan, the decision your father made back then makes more and more sense nowadays…”

The aircraft had flown out of Sky Tower and entered the outside world.

Song Tianxing looked at the cultivators that flew past them occasionally and realized many of them were young people. Some were even foreigners. That finding made him feel gratified. 

With the spread of cultivators’ culture and the appearance of demon and devil cultivators, the human rulers and civilians realized just how small and weak they were on Earth and in the universe. 

At the same time, they also realized how ridiculous the disputes and wars in the past were. 

Only by uniting and improving themselves could they protect themselves and advance into the future. 

In the past ten years, all countries had been in a loving relationship. Those who threatened peace in society were removed without exception. 

Controlling the aircraft with her brainwave, Lanlan said cheekily, “Of course! Dad’s a hero, though Big Head Brother always calls him a fool!”

The two men could not help but chuckle in response. 

A few minutes later, the aircraft landed at an airport above the Mediterranean Sea. 

Yang Chen had long been waiting at the side. Dressed in a white shirt, linen pants, and leather sandals with a grin on his face, he looked the same as ten years ago. 

“Uncle, you came with Old Xiao.” Yang Chen went forward and put his arm around Song Tianxing. 

“You have no manners.” The latter cast him a helpless glance. “No wonder your son calls you a fool.”

Yang Chen pursed his lips awkwardly and glanced at Yang Lanlan, who pretended to have heard nothing.

“Chubs, have you been talking about me behind my back again?”

Although Lanlan was no longer chubby, he never thought of changing the way he called her. It was the nickname he used exclusively for his eldest daughter. 

Pouting, Lanlan replied, “That’s what Big Head Brother says. You can’t blame me.”

“Heh…” Yang Chen let go of Song Tianxing and stood with his arms akimbo. “It seems like I overindulge you, just like what your Mommy Ruoxi says. All right then. Do you think that I don’t know your Mommy Seventeen gave you the Wind Fire Wheels? Hand it to me! Kids can’t play with fire!”

The girl immediately shook her head vigorously. “No! Mommy Seventeen said I could hold on to it if I wanted to play with it. If you confiscate it, I’ll tell her next time!”

Yang Chen’s lips twitched. At the thought of Seventeen’s petulant gaze, he relented. With a droop of his shoulders, he turned to Song Tianxing and complained, “Uncle, I can handle the other kids but not her.”

Standing behind him, Lanlan giggled and took out the two bracelets, Qingluan and Huofeng. With the activation of her True Yuan, the bracelets transformed into the Wind Fire Wheels and rose into the air. 

Lanlan leaped and flew off somewhere to play on the Wind Fire Wheels.  

Zi Xiao watched her with an emotional gaze and commented, “She’s so young, yet she’s already in the initial stage of Tai Qing. As expected of your daughter. Tsk tsk…”

Yang Chen was proud to hear it, but he pretended to be nonchalant. Waving his hands, he replied, “Eh, she’s far from me. Out of all my children, only her achievements can be considered satisfactory. Oh… Rousi did pretty well too. He entered the Soul Forming stage a few days ago.”

“Rousi is in the Soul Forming stage? But he’s only seven years old this year!?” Song Tianxing was familiar with Yang Chen’s children since they all called him “Grandpa.”

The joy on Yang Chen’s face could not be concealed. It was a matter worth bragging about compared to his breakthrough in the past. 

“Yang Rousi? Is he the son you have with Ms. Rose?” Zi Xiao asked when he recalled the name. 

Yang Chen nodded. “Yeah. He’s obsessed with martial arts. Although he’s not as smart as Chubs, he’s pretty good. Well, if only Lanlan could be as hardworking as him. Rousi is so concentrated on cultivating that he could forget about eating. If she did, she could have reached an even higher stage by now.”

“That’s enough!” Song Tianxing slapped Yang Chen’s head. “Lead the way! I can’t listen to you bragging anymore!”

Yang Chen chuckled and made a gesture. “Please follow me, Uncle.”

Although his cultivation had reached unprecedented heights, he still managed to have children with Lin Ruoxi, Rose, and Jane through persistent efforts. 

Most importantly, Lin Ruoxi even gave birth to fraternal twins. 

When his son and daughter were born, Yang Chen was so elated that he leaped into the air and almost knocked into the Moon. 

As for Rose, she gave birth to a son seven years ago, while Jane gave birth to a daughter in the same year. 

At once, Yang Chen had two sons and three daughters. 

Although the other women were envious, the only practical way for them to have children was to improve their cultivation, so they all worked hard.

Yang Chen was not in a hurry since they had a long lifespan. 

As they chatted while walking, the trio soon arrived at the bay located on the northwest side. 

There, a beach party was ongoing. Yang Chen’s family and friends were having fun with the main Gods. 

When they saw Yang Chen and the other two, they greeted them in a friendly manner. 

On the sea was a massive black spaceship that resembled a typical UFO. 

“Uncle Song, Zi Xiao, you two are finally here.” Clad in a white chiffon dress, Lin Ruoxi walked over and received Song Tianxing with a smile. 

Her gorgeous appearance seemed gentler after giving birth to her children, while her figure became more voluptuous. Even Yang Chen, who was with her every day, would still be enraptured by her from time to time. 

“Haha. Ruoxi, why is everyone here? This feels like a farewell,” Song Tianxing replied. 

After all, the ladies usually had their own matters to attend to, so they would be staying at places all around the world. Only during the weekends would they gather on the island. Yet, they were all present on that day.