"Everyone came because it's not time for farewell. If it is, they won't come since it's saddening, after all," Lin Ruoxi explained.

"Haha! That's right!" Zi Xiao nodded in agreement.

"Hey, Dionysus! Why are you dawdling there!? Bring us your collection of alcohol! Yang Chen's so stingy! He's using some low-quality alcohol for the party!" 

On the other side, Ares had started yelling. It seemed that he was not satisfied with the drinks served by Yang Chen. 

Yang Chen was immediately dissatisfied. He grumbled as he walked over, "You're talking gibberish! Those are some fine Port wines! With your alcohol tolerance, I'd be wasting my money if I served you Louis XIII!"

"Seriously, your tolerance… We're leaving soon, yet you're so stingy… Tsk tsk." Ares could not be bothered to argue with him, so he continued asking for wine from Zi Xiao.

Soon, the party began officially, and everyone started to chat while drinking to their hearts' content.

They were all talking about the Gods' departure, such as when they would be leaving or who was willing to leave. Despite that, everyone knew Dionysus was unwilling to go, and Athena would not resign as well. Hence, only the eight main Gods would be leaving.

Nine years ago, Jane suggested building a spaceship for the Gods so that they could find a planet to revive Gaia's Heart.

Naturally, the Gods agreed to it. No matter how great the humans' planet was, it was still not their home.

The basis of all that was Yang Chen's Little Lun—Kunlun Mirror.

One magnificent use of Kunlun Mirror was its capability to traverse the universe.

It could search a range of dozens of lightyears and feedback to them, then undergo an instant space jump.

In other words, with the aid of Kunlun Mirror, spaceships could travel past dozens of light years.

Despite the fact that it was a very short distance in the universe, it was an accomplishment unimaginable by current human technological levels.

Kunlun Mirror had recognized Yang Chen as its owner. As long as it was in the universe, he could sense Kunlun Mirror and summon it back.

In the past years, Yang Chen had found a suitable planet for the Gods. That time around, they only needed to transport the Gods' spaceship to that region through multiple attempts, then summon Kunlun Mirror back.

The Gods could land on that planet with their own abilities, then reproduce through Mother Tree.

Although Yang Chen could still travel to visit his old friends with Kunlun Mirror whenever he was free, he still needed to organize a farewell party since the distance between them was a few hundred lightyears away.

When they were almost done drinking, Venus suddenly walked to his side and gave a peck on his cheek with her red lips.

"Yang Chen, don't you have anything to say to me now that I'm leaving?"

At that moment, Yang Chen was cutting up a piece of barbecued beef to share with everyone. Hearing her question, he tilted his head and asked in puzzlement, "What should I say? Have a safe trip?"

"Why would I want to hear that?" Venus gave him the side-eye. Suddenly, she whispered, "Do you want to stay a night in my bedroom before I leave?"

After speaking, she even licked her lips seductively.

In an instant, he could feel an uncontrollable surge of adrenaline. Gulping, he hesitated whether he should accept the alluring suggestion when he felt a cold aura behind him.

"Where are you going to stay overnight?"

Somehow, Lin Ruoxi had appeared on his right, wearing a gentle smile on her face. In a seemingly nonchalant manner, she poured herself a glass of champagne.

Yang Chen hurriedly lowered his head and continued to cut up the beef, his hands moving so fast as if they were springs. "Nowhere. We… We were just saying the sky is so blue, so maybe we can go for a walk."

"Oh, is that so?" Lin Ruoxi took a sip of her champagne and glanced at Venus with a hostile gaze.

The latter rolled her eyes again and left while holding her wine glass. As she walked off, she commented causally, "Athena, I'm so envious of you…"

Once she had left, Lin Ruoxi leaned against the side of the table and asked, "Where did you go last night? I heard from Sister Rose that you left her casino quite early. Why were you home so late?"

Because of her boredom, Rose opened up a casino and a bar and continued doing her old job. From time to time, Yang Chen would go over to her place. It was undeniably a joyful place since he could play with the woman and dice.

Smiling stiffly, he answered, "Nowhere. I just roamed around and checked on Hui Lin's concert preparation."

Hui Lin returned to the entertainment industry a few years ago, organizing many concerts every year. Her fans were spread all around the world. 

"Humph. Then what's with the scent of Hongyan's perfume on you?" Lin Ruoxi's gaze was penetrating. It was as if she could see through him, making him feel naked. 

Yang Chen was about to pass out. Feeling nonplussed, he asked, "D-Dear, how did you recognize it's Hongyan's perfume?"

He had been entangled with Zhao Hongyan for the past few years. Their relationship was not out in the open, but they enjoyed the occasional thrill. 

Zhao Hongyan did not have any other intentions as she continued being an executive in Lin Ruoxi's company. Most of the time, she relished the life of a single woman and would only have fun with Yang Chen when she had the need. With the spiritual pills and cultivation, she had a fulfilling life. 

"Humph." Lin Ruoxi said with a half smile, "Do you think it was unintentional when I asked her to use a perfume that none of us use?"

Yang Chen's face fell. She even did this!?

Wearing a silly smile, he said, "Ruoxi darling, I'm impressed that you managed to come up with such a method. I'm so impressed…"

"I even know that you would rendezvous with my vice president, Hannya, in Japan, and you did it one with Lilith of the Blood Race a week ago. You and Jane's mother, Katherine, too… Uhm… mmm!"

She could not talk anymore because Yang Chen had put down the knife and covered her mouth with his hand. 

"I beg of you, my wife. Please stop talking about this?" He revealed a pitiful look. "Why don't you ground me? I won't lie any more in the future…"

Huffing, Lin Ruoxi pulled his hand away. She glared at him as she grumbled, "Don't think I won't know about your deeds when Seventeen and Athena appear while I'm resting. Though they won't control you, I'm aware of everything that they see and know!"

Yang Chen nodded repeatedly. "I understand, I understand… The three of you are one…"

Even though the three women were in one body, he would be petrified when Lin Ruoxi was in control, much to his bafflement. 

However, when Seventeen or Athena were in control, he would be much more relaxed. 

Of course, it was not that he did not like Lin Ruoxi. It was just that she was the most special to him, so he dared not mess around. 

At the same time, he felt slightly relieved that Lin Ruoxi mainly was in charge of the body, even though the three souls had yet to separate, and he had no idea how to do so as well. 

Within a week, there would be one or two days when Seventeen or Athena would take control of the body. Truth be told, it was quite fun to have such "relaxing" days. 

Still, there were times when he would feel especially troubled. 

For example, Seventeen doted upon the children excessively, giving Lanlan the Wind Fire Wheels to play with. Everything Lanlan wanted, she would give it to her, regardless of the trouble it might cause. 

There was even a chance that Seventeen would not care if Lanlan killed tens of thousands of people with the Wind Fire Wheels. 

Moreover, Athena would get shy easily if he did anything intimate to her. He was worried she would tear down the house with her divinity. 

Afterward, he gained the habit of asking for permission before doing anything on the days when Athena was in control of the body. Otherwise, he would have to start a construction company to build houses continuously. 

Lin Ruoxi restarted the operation for Yu Lei International and even did business with the demon clans, such as making clothes for them. Truthfully, it was odd. 

She enjoyed it a lot, showing how much of a workaholic she was. Because of that, Yang Chen had more time to be intimate with the other women. 

However, she always had a variety of ways to monitor all of his movements, which impressed him greatly. 

Just as Lin Ruoxi wanted to lecture him again, she caught a glimpse from the corner of her eyes. Instantly, she flew into a rage and pointed at a girl around the age of seven or eight years old, dressed in a white fluffy dress with a crystal hair clip on her head. "Yang Nuomi! How dare you! Who said you could eat my glutinous rice balls!? Spit it out!"