Yang Nuomi’s nickname was also Nuomi. 

It had to be said that Yang Chen had a reason for giving her that name. 

As Lin Ruoxi’s daughter, Yang Nuomi was the spitting image of her mother when the latter was young. According to Wang Ma, Yang Nuomi would have been twins with Lin Ruoxi if it were twenty years ago. 

Yang Nuomi, like her mother, had gorgeous facial features and was aloof and elegant. 

Oddly, she liked glutinous rice balls as soon as Lin Ruoxi gave her a bite of them. 

Since then, the mother and daughter duo started fighting for glutinous rice balls, which amused the others. 

However, Lin Ruoxi was unfazed by their laughter. Both of them thought eating glutinous rice balls was a holy matter, so fighting for it was reasonable. 

By the time Lin Ruoxi stomped towards Yang Nuomi, the latter had eaten the other half of the glutinous rice ball. In fact, she was not even worried about choking on it, puffing her cheeks as she looked at her mother warily. 

Seeing that she even had the guts to eat the rest of the glutinous rice ball, Lin Ruoxi flew into a rage. 

“Didn’t I give you two just now? You should’ve been satisfied with those, but you even dare to steal mine when there are so many people at this party? Are you asking for a beating!?”

Chewing on the rice ball, Yang Nuomi raised her head proudly, as if she could not be bothered to argue with her mother. “Mom… Mom… is embarrassing! Humph…” she said incoherently. 


Lin Ruoxi was so furious that she lost her mind. While reaching to pinch her daughter’s cheeks, she ordered loudly, “I forbid you from eating! Don’t swallow it! Spit it out! Do you hear me!?”

Since Yang Nuomi’s mouth was pressed, she could not chew, so she stopped moving her mouth and stubbornly refused to spit it out. 

The guests around them laughed out loud. It was amusing to watch the mother and daughter duo fight for glutinous rice balls. 

Guo Xuehua smacked her lips, feeling embarrassed on behalf of her daughter-in-law and granddaughter. However, she knew it was pointless to advise them, so she no longer bothered to waste her breath on such matters. 

Yang Chen could not ignore it. They were both his family. Immediately, he placed the knife aside and ran over. Patting Lin Ruoxi’s arm, he cooed, “Wifey, darling… don’t be angry. I’ll buy you some glutinous rice balls, all right? Nuomi’s still young and ignorant, but she’s your daughter…”

“Do daughters treat their mothers like this!?” Lin Ruoxi was even more furious. 

Well, only if the mother is normal. Despite his thoughts, Yang Chen could only continue to advise gently. “How about I punish her with additional training of two hours today? Dear, calm down. She has already eaten it anyway, so you can’t have her spit it out…”

While he was doing his best to defuse the disaster caused by a rice ball, a young boy dressed in a grey suit and a checkered shirt with a red bow tie shook his head and sighed as he cut his steak with silver cutlery. 

“Aunt Jane… I think if the two of us weren’t in this family, the combined IQ of this family would be a negative value… Dad only thinks with his lower body, while Mom and Sis will become dummies because of a glutinous rice ball… My heart aches terribly, but I also feel that I have a lot of responsibility…”

The kid’s brain was not a match for his body size. Although he looked very adorable, he spoke like a mature man. 

He was wearing large black-rimmed glasses, but there were no lenses. It was just for show. 

That was Yang Nuomi’s twin brother, Yang Datou. 

As for why Yang Chen named his son “Big Head,” it was because the latter showed signs of a genius since birth. 

Surprisingly, the dummy “Yang Chen” actually gave birth to a “genius!”

Since he was young, Yang Datou showed no interest in other things, only interested in learning from Jane. 

Whether it was astrology, geography, history, or philosophy, he loved it as long as it was academic, and he learned them very fast. 

Jane adored the boy. On the other hand, Yang Chen was troubled by his eldest son. It was all because the boy thought his father was a fool, and Jane was the only person worthy of his admiration. 

Although Yang Datou slowly understood his foolish father had a powerful side to him, he still admired science instead of physical power. In short, his father was still a fool to him. 

Afterward, Yang Chen let him do as he pleased. He no longer forced Yang Datou to cultivate as long as his performance was satisfactory. 

Yang Datou showed exceptional talent in scientific research and began to work as Jane’s little assistant in designing the Gods’ spaceship. Many of the functions were his contributions, which showed that he indeed had a super brain. 

Jane sat beside him, wearing a white lab coat from her laboratory. When she heard his statement, she smiled as if she was used to it. “Yeah, I think you’re especially smart too. Do you think that I gave birth to you, but your dad switched you over?”

Yang Datou answered thoughtfully, “Is that what you think as well? I concur. Otherwise, why would there be a big difference in IQ between my sister and I?”

At that moment, a little girl, who was happily eating a cream cake beside Jane, licked her lips and showed a pitiful expression. Turning to face Jane, she pouted cutely and asked, “Am I not your daughter? Do you not want me anymore…”

That adorable little girl had a head of curly black hair with blue eyes and fair skin. She was Yang Chen’s youngest daughter, born to Jane. Her name was Yang Mianbao. 

The origin of the name was because her hair was brown and her cheeks were fair and ruddy when she was born. She looked like a round bun. 

Besides, her siblings were Rousi and Nuomi, which were food-themed. Since her mother was Westerner, she could not be called Dami, which meant rice. 

Although Yang Mianbao’s hair turned black later on, Yang Chen was too lazy to change her name. 

It did not matter as long as it was easy for him to pronounce. No one would dare to look down on his children because of their names. 

Upon hearing her daughter’s words and seeing her pitiful expression, Jane laughed in amusement and carried her on her lap. Smiling, she poked Yang Mianbao’s cheeks and rubbed the cream on her lips.

“Why wouldn’t I want you? You’re so cute and the most sensible one. You sing so well and dance so prettily, and you even draw portraits of me… Brother Datou’s only joking with me. Don’t cry, Mianbao.”

Yang Datou nodded his head vigorously. Though he did not say it, he still cared about his siblings a lot. 

Yang Mianbao giggled and crawled back to her seat to continue having cake. 

Stroking her daughter’s curly braids, Jane felt emotional. 

Despite being her biological daughter, Yang Mianbao had no interest or talent in science. 

Instead, she was extremely talented in the arts field. 

Since she was young, she was very attentive to aspects of dance, vocals, and drawing. The dances and drawings she had seen and songs she had listened to, she could imitate most of them and master them with some studying. 

Although she seemed a little confused sometimes and slow-witted, she would glow whenever she was on the stage, outshining many professional ballet dancers and artists. Normally, she was the second bundle of joy after Lanlan. 

It seemed that Yang Mianbao had inherited the noble talent in art from her ancestors in the royal family. 

Jane would not force her daughter to follow in her footsteps. The latter could do whatever she liked. Having Yang Datou alone was enough. Yang Chen’s children were her children. 

At that moment, Yang Chen finally separated Lin Ruoxi and Yang Nuomi. Once he urged everyone to dine before eating the lamb skewers that he barbecued. He was basically back to his old job. 

All of a sudden, Yang Lanlan came over on the Wind Fire Wheels, holding a half-dead tuna over one meter long.

When she landed on the beach, she exclaimed excitedly, “Dad, Dad, Dad! I want to eat sashimi.”

Yang Mianbao ran over excitedly upon seeing Yang Lanlan carry a tuna fish. “Sister Lanlan!” 

Afterward, she stared at the tuna in her sister’s hand, licked her lips, and looked at Yang Chen expectantly. 

If Yang Lanlan had to choose a favorite among her younger siblings, it would definitely be Yang Mianbao because she was a glutton like her. 

“Mianbao! This is for you!” Lanlan took out a conch from her space ring and gave it to her sister. That type of conch could be used to play music, which was something Yang Mianbao liked to collect. 

Beaming, Yang Mianbao said, “You’re the best, Sister Lanlan!”

Then, Lin Ruoxi walked over with a stern expression and said to Yang Lanlan in displeasure, “I’ve told you many times not to go to the deep sea! It's big-eyed tuna again. Did you go 300 meters below sea level again?! You might be fine, but it’d be dangerous if your siblings learn from you!”

Yang Lanlan pursed her lips. “I’ll protect them!”

Lin Ruoxi lectured again, “Haven’t you caused enough trouble? The last time Rousi said he wanted to feel the power of Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning, you actually struck him with it! If it weren’t for the two defender artifacts that your father left on him which wiped out part of the damage, your brother would’ve been dead!”

“I didn’t do it on purpose… I won’t do it again…” Yang Lanlan lowered her head. She did not dare to talk when that matter was mentioned. At that time, she was scared out of her wits as Rousi’s skin was scorched from the lightning. 

Rose bawled, and Lin Ruoxi hit her butt hard while crying. Even Yang Chen did not show up to stop her. 

Fortunately, they were a family, and Rousi knew it was not Lanlan’s fault alone. Thus, nothing else happened. 

At that moment, Rose, dressed in a red evening gown, walked toward Lin Ruoxi while holding a boy’s hand. “All right now. Ruoxi, that matter is over, and Rousi is fine now. Stop lecturing Lanlan.”

“Mmh!” The boy nodded. “It’s not Sister Lanlan’s fault. It was because I didn’t listen to Dad’s words and was too anxious with my cultivation.”

With his healthily tanned skin and bright eyes, the boy resembled Yang Chen a lot when the latter was young. He was Yang Ruosi, Yang Chen’s son and born to Rose.

The name Rousi was derived from the name of the pub opened by Rose at the time. Yang Chen remembered it, so he named the boy after it as a memorial.

At that time, everyone opposed it, but Yang Chen insisted, saying that he had the right to name his son. 

However, considering that Lin Ruoxi’s children were named Nuomi and Datou, Rose reckoned Rousi sounded okay. She could always change it later on if she could stand it anymore. 

Yang Rousi was obsessed with cultivation. If not for the important occasion that day, he would have still been cultivating. Besides, he was extremely interested in Yang Chen’s pill concocting and artifacts. Alas, he was too focused on them and thus was not as good at them as Yang Lanlan. 

Yang Chen walked over and took the tuna above Lanlan’s shoulder. “That’s enough. It’s a happy occasion today. You can educate her later. Anyhow, she’s our first child. Why are you always so stern with her?”

“It’s precisely because she’s our first child that I’m so stern with her. If I didn’t, she’d be spoiled by you. If I also indulged her, wouldn’t she be a total mischief!?” Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him. 

Yang Chen chuckled awkwardly and blinked at Yang Lanlan and Yang Mianbao, signaling them to keep quiet and follow him to have sashimi. 

At the thought of food, Yang Lanlan could not care less about other things. She even held Rousi’s hand, wanting him to eat with them as well. 

Seeing the children follow Yang Chen happily, Lin Ruoxi exchanged gaze with Rose and smiled in resignation. Their man had always been indulgent to their children and would only pretend to be stern. At most times, it was them who had to be the bad cop. 

Just when Lin Ruoxi turned around to tell Yang Nuomi to play with her brother and sister and eat some sashimi, the scene before her eyes made her snap instantly. 

Yang Nuomi had finished the rest of the glutinous rice balls, looking elegant as she stroked her round belly and stared at Lin Ruoxi provocatively. 

“Yang! Nuo! Mi! I swear I’ll teach you a good lesson today!”

Lin Ruoxi’s sudden and ear-piercing scream sounded on the beach, followed by the guests’ loud laughter.