A month later, the Gods finally did depart from Earth, and the interstellar spaceship that Jane and Datou had built together was a great success.

Before that, Yang Chen, under the close watch of Lin Ruoxi, also found a gap of one day to go to Christen’s boudoir for a half-day fling. The wonderful taste of the experience would not be understood by outsiders. 

Of course, he had to spend the following day on his knees, begging and coaxing his wife for the matter to be over.

Yang Chen and the women each resumed their own work and lives.

The man did not have a clear job to do, but that did not mean he would be idle. 

Apart from managing the children's growth, he also had to watch the development of the whole planet.

Although he chose to let humans face the world of cultivation directly back then, it did not mean he had shaken himself off the responsibility. Instead, he constantly controlled the changes of every force.

If there were any people who intended to thwart the development of a brand new civilization, Yang Chen would not hesitate to kill them.

After all, the hearts of people were the most difficult to control. Even if they knew their lives were at risk, many people would not be able to resist the temptation.

At the same time, Yang Chen had also sent the Kunlun Mirror out to oversee every move in the outer space of the Earth. Compared to Meng Xiaoyao, he would know what asteroids or meteorites would strike the Earth much earlier.

However, he had not thought much about the situation hundreds or thousands of years down the line, and he was in no hurry to find anyone to take over his post either.

He was still very young, and his life had only just entered its prime, so there was no need to think too much about it for the time being. Rather, he should enjoy the happiness that had been difficult to come by. 

Tang Yuan took her younger brother Tang Jue with her to develop trading channels between the Chinese cultivation industry and Western countries, such as some spiritual medicine materials and some cultivation schools.

The reason why she brought Tang Jue with him was that Yang Chen had strongly requested it. Using his identity as Yang Chen’s brother-in-law, Tang Jue was always bragging about his relationship with him, so Tang Wan had to keep him under control.

It was worth mentioning that Tangtang and Yuan Ye also finally got married and gave birth to a son, which made Tang Wan, who became a grandmother, a little depressed. After all, she had become a grandmother. Nonetheless, more than that, she was also happy for her daughter to find happiness.

The two sisters, Cai Ning, and Cai Yan had become the official affairs officers for relations between Chinese officials and cultivators, demon cultivators, and devil cultivators. They traveled among the major forces, responsible for dealing with all kinds of relations and defusing conflicts.

Yellow Flame Iron Brigade was reorganized into an official establishment, and the sisters' father, Cai Yuncheng, took up the position of the head of the secretary of the China Cultivators' Association, becoming a hub of communication between cultivators and the general public.

Li Jingjing, who had previously wanted to enter the field of politics, found that she did not like being an official in the end, but she happily joined Guo Xuehua's charity team, following her year-round commitment to helping orphans.

The catastrophe ten years ago caused a huge increase in the number of orphans around the world, who needed their help even more.

Lin Ruoxi occasionally followed her mother-in-law around to distribute supplies to orphanages, take care of the children and play with the orphans. It was all to train the children from an early age to have compassion, and not to forget that kindness was precious no matter how powerful they were.

As Lin Ruoxi’s second-in-commands, Liu Mingyu and Mo Qianni did the work they used to do in the past, except that the clients they faced were starting to become the major forces. 

The women also felt that doing business with the demon cultivators, devil cultivators, and dragons was interesting. 

Only Liu Qingshan, Ma Guifang, and the other parents urged their daughter not to be too involved in their work and to try to give birth to a  child for them sooner rather than later.

Yang Chen thought so too, so from time to time, he would slip into the two women's offices to enjoy the passion that only the office could offer.

An Xin and Xiao Zhiqing used their talents in business and technology to bring some of the high-tech products that Jane had researched to the world.

An Group became a high-technology-based company that led the way in human technology and was highly respected by the public.

An Xin, the little demon,  also became a permanent member of the Demon Cultivators’ Association because of her bloodline.

It was undoubtedly also a way for the demon cultivator to curry favor with Yang Chen and be closer to him. Luckily, An Xin kind of liked the position, so he let her have her way.

Due to the healing of her Nine Yin Meridian, Xiao Zhiqing received a boost in her cultivation. Her cultivation base went up by leaps and bounds, and she actually surpassed Jane, becoming the most powerful woman among Yang Chen's women, apart from Lin Ruoxi who possessed the divinity. It had to be said that it was a bit of a surprise to Yang Chen as well.

Zhenxiu, on the other hand, spent most of her time back in Korea, working with her clan to develop and operate cultivation industries in other Asian countries, gradually seizing more and more of the market.

In ten years, she had become one of Asia's leading female tycoons, even surpassing Lin Ruoxi in terms of wealth alone.

The four old clans in Beijing had also started a new chapter.

Ning Guangyao became the head of the unified Ning clan smoothly. While restoring the Ning clan's cultivator forces, he continued to be the prime minister.

As for Li Moshen, he already passed his position to his son, Li Yunpeng, and the Minister of Security had also increased its coverage with the addition of cultivator members.

The head of the Tang clan was still given to Tang Huang. Tang Wan was not really interested in fighting for it. After all, it was actually exhausting for a woman to be the head of a clan. 

However, Yang Gongming had to temporarily hand over the position of the head of the Yang clan to Yang Pojun.

Yang Pojun became the commander-in-chief of China's re-established army and was once again busy, causing Guo Xuehua to complain that she could not see him for a long time.

Yang Gongming stayed at home and spent his days playing with his great-grandchildren, enjoying his retirement life.

From time to time, Yan Sanniang would visit him and chat for half a day, though no one would know what they were talking about.

Although they were about the same age, Yang Chen always had the feeling that Yang Gongming was “robbing the cradle.”

In addition, Yang Chen was in disbelief that Li Dun had become the president of the Chinese Cultivators' Association, and he was one rank above Cai Yuncheng. 

The fact that Li Dun was able to hold that position despite his young age was attributed to Yang Chen's “resigned support.”

That day, Li Dun tricked Yang Chen into having another meal of noodles, but it turned out that there were several bigwigs from the cultivator circle, including Luo Qianqiu, Xu Shaogong, and Liu Shiyuan, eating the noodles together. 

Li Dun told Yang Chen to vouch for him. Since he was supported by Yang Chen, the other cultivators naturally did not dare to say anything.

Yang Chen did not object at the time. He observed things after allowing Li Dun to sit in that position and discovered that he was quite capable of managing the association in an orderly manner and getting rid of the initial objections.

Li Dun’s cultivation base would improve quickly with his help. Yang Chen believed that in the future, Li Dun would also have truly enough cultivation to convince everyone in the association.

Speaking of Luo Qianqiu, one would have to mention Luo Xiaoxiao.

That girl would come and find Yang Chen and the children every now and then, and she played so well with Lanlan and the other little ones. It was like she was the king of children. 

Of course, the main thing was to seduce Yang Chen so that he could not help but make a mistake one day. 

After the rebuilding of the Luo clan, Luo Xiaoxiao’s biological mother, Tang Luyi, became the matriarch and the real "boss" in the clan. Shockingly, Luo Qianqiu became "henpecked,” listening to everything Tang Luyi said out of guilt and love.

Tang Luyi did not want her own daughter to become Yang Chen's concubine after her disciple had become his concubine.

Therefore, she did not give in and ordered Yang Chen not to touch Luo Xiaoxiao, let alone allow her to become a member of the Yang clan. 

Yang Chen actually had no problem with that. Although Luo Xiaoxiao was tempting and alluring, he did not dare to mess around with her because of Lin Ruoxi.

Yet, Tang Luyi could not control her daughter, causing her to show up before him frequently. From time to time, she even wore a bikini and ran on the beach, which was simply inhuman. 

Yang Chen felt that it was only a matter of time before he failed to repress his beastly urges. It was a headache for him. 

The two array guardians, Yang Yuansu and Li Xuemei went into reclusion once again after their master, Meng Xiaoyao, left. Both of them worked hard towards the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning realm, paying no attention to worldly affairs.

That said, the world was so peaceful and vibrant that there really was not much to care about.

Before they knew it, another traditional Chinese festival, the Chinese New Year was upon them.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the catastrophe, and to thank the Chinese cultivators who had been killing demons and restoring peace and order to the world over the past ten years, the festival was celebrated in all countries.

The United Nations announced that Noah's Ark, once built for sanctuary, had been transformed into a giant spaceship for exploring space and would fly into space in the new year to try to explore the possibilities of interstellar migration.

All the races on Earth, all of them, were almost overwhelmed with emotion.

The epoch of history had turned over to a new brilliant and glorious page.