Yang Chen stopped to think about it for awhile. Christen should've already been managed by now, so what other VIP would there be for him to meet?

"Is it someone I know?"

Yang Chen asked the question with an answer already in mind, no. There were only so many people that he knew and nobody who didn't have a high enough status was granted an audience with him this easily.

Zhao Teng laughed bitterly and said, "It's one of the most important people in the Star of Yu Lei's elimination round. She's the new Queen of Asia from Korea, Miss Yoo Yeonhee."

Yoo Yeonhee? Yang Chen shut his eyes and gave it some thought. Nothing, he didn’t recognize that name at all.

Although he wasn’t actively involved in the entertainment industry, knowing the names of one or two super famous people shouldn’t be too difficult. Why does this Yoo want to see me?

Being able to understand Yang Chen's personality, Zhao Teng added, "Miss Yoo Yeonhee is the Queen of Asia that rose to fame in the past five years. She was nominated for best female singer for the Grammy as an Asian artist but she was defeated by Miss Christen instead. However, her fame in Asia is comparable to Miss Christen's. She was planning to have her concert here at Zhonghai. The unfortunate thing is that it happens to clash with our Star of Yu Lei's judging date.I've discussed it with Wang Jie and sent Miss Yoo Yeonhee's management company an invitation. They've already agreed to it."

"I’m still not quite sure what you are getting at. Since you said she's a VIP, what does she need me for?" asked Yang Chen.

"It's the first time Miss Yoo will be visiting our company, and as the director, you have to personally answer her questions about the show as a sign of respect," whispered Zhao Teng.

Yang Chen smiled. She sounds like an arrogant woman.

She must have been held up on a pedestal all this time. People all over China coming to see her and she thought that since she had taken the trouble to participate in a talent show, there’s no reason for her to do it if she does not get to speak to the one in charge.

"Alright, I got it. I'll get back soon." Yang Chen said with a sigh. It was only human nature for them to care about their pride. Even though celebrities appear polite and reasonable, many of them were actually huge narcissists. After all, why would one go through great pains to become a celebrity if they didn't want to be worshipped by the masses? It was only natural that a famous celebrity wants to act a little arrogantly, so Yang Chen could understand that it was their nature that compelled them to do so rather than a fault in their personalities.

After hanging up, he said to Cai Yuncheng, "I have been called back to the company, something has cropped up. I can't promise you about what you said, but I can make sure that your daughter won't be in any danger. I will make sure Cai Yan returns to you unharmed and in one piece."

Cai Yuncheng chuckled. "It'll be fine as long as she's alright. My daughter's already matured and using her parents as shields is a thing of the past. As long as she's living a fine life, we can accept it no matter where she goes and what she does."

Yang Chen sighed. Those prestigious families really are something. He's practically asking for me to take Cai Yan as a mistress and they can't be bothered to stop it.

He had to admit that he started to feel a little odd after meeting Cai Yan once more. However, he still wasn't exactly sure what he felt about her, whether it be love or plain liking.

After bidding farewell to Cai Yuncheng and the others, Yang Chen drove for half an hour back to Yu Lei Entertainment and went to his office.

There were four suit-wearing bodyguards outside his office. All of their faces looked rather squarish; they seemed Korean on first glance. A female celebrity who had to bring four bodyguards around definitely wasn’t one who was of a low status. They were in a company building, not the streets.

The bodyguards didn't stop Yang Chen from entering. They had lots of experience and could naturally tell who to let in and who to stop.

When he opened the door, he was blasted with a wave of awkward tension that filled the room.

Zhao Teng was seated quietly on the sofa in the corner while Wang Jie had an expression of disbelief with her brows tightly furrowed.

On Yang Chen's spinning chair was a stunning woman wearing a low-cut, black-striped blouse and a light brown pleated skirt and long white socks. She had her back facing the door as she listened to her songs through her earphones.

The woman looked incredibly feminine and attractive from the back. Perhaps she was a frequent dancer as her curves were graceful and soft. Her long black hair curled up at the ends which gave her an air of a mature woman.

Seeing Yang Chen enter, Zhao Teng and Wang Jie looked much more relieved. They stood up to greet him.

After waving them away, he stepped forward and smiled. "Would you be Miss Yoo Yeonhee?"

The woman gradually turned back to look at Yang Chen.

He realized that she was wearing sunglasses that basically covered up half her face. Not only that, he could more or less make out her looks. Unlike most female Korean celebrities, the lines on the woman's face didn't show any signs of being operated on surgically. Each one of her facial lines seemed naturally formed.

Her almond-shaped face seemed intricately chiseled and her nose line was high. She sported a pair of eyes with single eyelids and the deep and mesmerizing shine in them shone through the sunglasses. Her skin was as smooth as fresh tofu. It was as if it would let out moisture when squeezed.

Even though he didn't know how old that woman was, Yang Chen felt that it wouldn't be too far off from around that of high school girls.

"Are you Director Yang?" Yoo Yeonhee spoke fluent Chinese, much to Yang Chen's surprise.

"Yes, I am. I was dealing with some urgent matters, so I was late as I didn't know you would be visiting, Miss Yoo. Apologies," said Yang Chen with a smile.

Yoo Yeonhee's lips curved into a sweet smile. "You don't need to apologize to me. I'm sure Director Yang is wondering why this unreasonable woman here requires to meet you. It must be just to stroke her ego, right?"

Yang Chen almost agreed as he didn't expect that she would say that. However, he quickly responded, "Of course not. I should've made a personal visit to thank a queen like you for participating in our show."

"Oh?" Yoo Yeonhee asked curiously, "Why would you call me that, Director Yang? Don't you know that I hate the term “queen”? That makes me sound proud and arrogant." Her eyes behind the sunglasses narrowed with provocation.

Yang Chen thought, Who's the unhappy one here? Here I am trying to make you sound important only to manage to piss you off? But work was work. He couldn't just give her two slaps on the face just because he wasn't happy with her posturing.

"Since Miss Yoo doesn't like it, I'll refrain from it in the future," said Yang Chen plainly with a smile.

Yoo Yeonhee laughed and said, "Oh? Director Yang, are you angry? You're thinking of how hard to please I am, aren't you?"

Yang Chen merely laughed without replying. He turned to the sweating Zhao Teng and said, "Let's talk business. Dinner would arrive before we are finished if we drag this any longer."

Zhao Teng wanted to end the situation after seeing how it was devolving. So, he hurriedly stood up and said, "Should we talk about it here or at the meeting room? The director of the show has already informed me of the gist of it. There shouldn’t be much to discuss so it;ll be quick."

"Over here then---"

"Wait!" Yoo Yeonhee interjected. A cold glance could be seen from her almond-shaped eyes. "I didn't say I wanted to talk about work yet. I'm starting to doubt the attitude of your company. I don't feel like you're giving me, your partner, any due respect."

Even a saint had a limit to his patience. Yang Chen didn't feel like dabbling with this troublesome one any longer. He clicked his tongue and asked, "Then, what would you like, Miss Yoo?"

"I want to meet the CEO from your headquarters," said Yoo Yeonhee as she stood up and approached Yang Chen with a glare without backing down one bit. Even though she exuded a scent of wisteria, she seemed to be giving off the sinister smell of the poppy plant. "You're only the director of the branch company and therefore do not possess the qualities or status to talk to me."

The one Yoo Yeonhee wanted to meet was Lin Ruoxi. Naturally, it didn't matter to her who the CEO of the main branch was. All she wanted was to talk to someone other than Yang Chen.

Taking in a deep breath, he said, "Miss Yoo, don't you know that our work will be delayed if you keep on doing this? Or have you always been this unreasonable?"

"I do what I like. I don't care about you not being able to proceed with your work. The only reason I’m here is to prepare for my concert. What can you do about it?" Yoo Yeonhee said with a contempt-filled smile.

Yang Chen took in a deep breath but he didn't break out with rage. Instead, he squinted and looked closely at Yoo Yeonhee's flawless face.

Eventually, she caved from Yang Chen's unveiled lewd stare. With her cheeks flushing red, she said, "You... you think I'll be afraid of you or feel awkward just because of that? No matter what, I want to see the CEO of your main branch. Otherwise, I'm not participating."

"Tsk tsk, where did you get your face done? That plastic surgeon really has some commendable skill on them. You must've spent quite a bit of money for it, huh?"

Anger flashed through Yoo Yeonhee's eyes in that instant. She took two steps back and said with a serious look, "Stop staring at me, Dog! I haven't ever gotten any cosmetic surgery since birth! How is someone like you qualified to talk about surgery anyway? You don't sound the least bit professional and you obviously don't know about the entertainment industry or understand the trends. How are you the director of an entertainment agency? You, your superiors, everyone in this company is equally as blind!"

"I don't really care whether you've gotten any surgery or not. What can you even do to me? So you don't want to talk business, huh? Well, you think I want to work with a fugly like you who just got surgery to look better?!" After saying that, Yang Chen looked to Zhao Teng and Wang Jie and said, "Come on, let's ignore her. I'll treat you to dinner!"

He then ignored the dumbstruck Yoo Yeonhee and left the room first.

Wang Jie was the first one to react to it. She secretly praised her director's guts and pulled the mummified Zhao Teng and left.

They weren't robots no matter how efficient they seemed. It was natural for them to feel quite flustered with unreasonable people too. Since Yang Chen was responsible for it, they didn't bother to wait and face the aftermath of his actions.

Only Yoo Yeonhee was left in the office. She watched with stupor as the few left the room without giving the slightest glance at her!

"He... he dared to call me a fugly?" murmured Yoo Yeonhee before she couldn't hold it in anymore and broke into a loud wail.

The three who were not too far from the office shifted their expressions as they heard the crying.

Zhao Teng seemed really worried about it. He asked out of concern, "Director, is that really fine? She is the Queen of Asia, you know! She has tens of millions of fans and her influence is nothing to sneeze at! I heard that her background isn't one of a simple person. If we really piss off the person who has her back, won’t that just make our lives more difficult?"

Yang Chen furrowed his brow. That was why he didn't like to be a superior. He felt that with a position so high, came an even higher responsibility to deal with complex matters like this one. With a sigh, he smiled and said, "We'll do what we should. If she keeps that pathetic act up, don't bother with her. I'll be responsible for anything that happens. Let's go. I'm sure you must've had it quite hard over the past few days, so I'll treat you to a good meal! Wonton noodles and xiaolongbao it is!"

Zhao Teng and Wang Jie felt their legs soften. A pained look surfaced on their faces. That superior of theirs was turning more cheapskate as time went on.