Goodman failed to comprehend it at first, but soon laughed a little. “Mr Yang is quite the joker indeed. Our company’s drivers send guests around Paris almost every day. Although I didn’t pick one personally, all of them are equally as knowledgeable and qualified. Why would they head to the wrong direction?”

“Really? Then would Mr Goodman care to take a look outside. Why do I feel that we’re heading toward the opposite direction instead?” Yang Chen knocked the door lightly while holding a wine bottle with his other arm.

Goodman was starting to get a little annoyed. Does this man think I’m stupid?! I don’t even know how this mutton skewer seller got to become a director in Yu Lei. How much luck does he need? Ignoring the fact that we hold an equally high position in the company, he’s even able to travel with Ruoxi… But I don’t care how good he is in acting. The low-class will always stay that way. What does he even know?! he thought.

“Mr Yang, forgive me for asking, but have you come to Paris before? Do you know where Hotel Sofitel is? Do you how our traffic works?” Goodman asked politely as he suppressed his anger.

“15 Rue Boissy d'Anglas, am I right?” Yang Chen spoke in French fluently.

Goodman was astonished this time. He completely didn’t expect Yang Chen to be able to speak French judging by his behavior. More shockingly, the address Yang Chen said was indeed that of Hotel Sofitel. He didn’t think just anyone was able to guess it right.

As a result, Goodman finally turned his head to look at the situation outside. Upon looking outside, he quickly realized that the car wasn’t heading to the city area in Paris. Instead, it was heading northeast towards who-knows-where!

“What’s happening?!” Goodman murmured to himself in astonishment. He felt that his back was covered in sweat.

Lin Ruoxi who had been silent all this time wasn’t familiar with Paris. However, she too noticed that Yang Chen was right. For whatever reason, the car wasn’t heading to the hotel. Worried, she turned her gaze to Yang Chen, hoping that he could explain the situation.

Yang Chen, on the other hand, shrugged his shoulders, as if he knew Lin Ruoxi was going to ask him. “I am totally clueless about the situation. All I know is that we are headed in the wrong direction.”

Shocked, Goodman quickly sat at the frontmost seat and pressed a button which was used to communicate with the driver.

The middle section of the Bentley limousine meant for guests was soundproof, to prevent the driver from overhearing their conversations. Thus, the only way to talk to the driver was through a device.

“Spiel! What are you doing?! You’re going the wrong way! Do you hear me?!” Goodman yelled.

However, no matter how loud Goodman shouted or cursed, the driver called Spiel didn’t reply a single word, as if he had heard nothing!

“Stop shouting. You won’t be able to change anything. Haven’t you noticed that the Mercedes behind has long disappeared?” Yang Chen drank some red wine and said smilingly, “It seems like someone had made a couple changes to the driver and bodyguards when you were away. The driver has either been changed or bribed. It’s unfortunate that I don’t know the driver, otherwise I would’ve been able to help you cross reference his identity.”

Goodman was astonished. He had never expected his driver to be changed. Turning around to have a look behind, his bodyguards’ Mercedes was indeed gone! Although he was an exceptional manager, it didn’t mean he had experienced such things before. He quickly realized that the three of them had been abducted!

“Why is this happening… No! I have to call the police!” Goodman hurriedly took his phone out. However, his phone couldn’t receive any signal!

“Stop dreaming. There must be a signal jammer in the car. Phones won’t work for sure.” Yang Chen laughed and said, “They’re not that stupid. Why wouldn’t they expect you to have a phone?”

Goodman’s legs softened. He returned to his seat, clueless about what to do next.

“Sigh… How unlucky. Mr Goodman, you’re such a jinx. You just told us that Paris isn’t safe. Why have we been kidnapped right after the flight?” Yang Chen asked. “Tsk, tsk. Now we don’t even know where we’re going. Must we suffer on the first day?”

“Don’t joke around anymore. Quickly think of a solution.” Lin Ruoxi wasn’t panicked. Possibly due to Yang Chen’s carefree behavior, she felt that there was nothing to be afraid about. However, she still gave Yang Chen a reminder when he was frightening Goodman.

Goodman paled. Although he didn’t know why Lin Ruoxi was this calm, he hoped that Yang Chen had a skill or two which could get them out of the trouble. Yang Chen was really relaxed after all, not to mention he had spoken French earlier which surprised him.

“Mr Yang, judging from how calm you are, you must have a plan, don’t you? My safety isn’t important. But Ruoxi is the core pillar of Yu Lei. Without her, Yu Lei International will collapse, not to mention she’s a lady. Nothing bad shall happen to her.” Although he was obviously afraid, he still said something nice to Yang Chen sincerely.

Yang Chen frowned a little. He appeared to be in contemplation. Having pondered for a while, he took a cigarette out before igniting and inhaling it deeply.

Neither Lin Ruoxi nor Goodman intended to stop Yang Chen from smoking in the car. They were just looking at him and hoping that he could come up with a solution.

Yang Chen exhaled the smoke, causing it to fill the entire car. Lin Ruoxi frowned and coughed a little.

“There must be a way…” Yang Chen looked outside with a complicated expression. He paused for a while before saying, “But… I haven’t thought of one yet…”

Goodman subconsciously opened his mouth slightly, as if he was stunned.

Silence then filled the car like no one was inside.

Around thirty seconds later, the voice of Lin Ruoxi echoed in the car.

“Yang Chen! Go to hell!!!” It was rare for her to lose control this way.

The Bentley limousine sped across the highway, leaving them no chance at all to escape.

Yang Chen was leisurely enjoying the red wine and smoking his poor-quality cigarette. On the other hand, Lin Ruoxi who had been fooled by Yang Chen violently pinched his waist and scolded him. After that, she sat quietly as she didn’t feel like talking anymore.

Goodman was the only one who cried. He failed to maintain the demeanor as a prince in a time of crisis like this one.

Unknowingly, nighttime arrived while the car had crossed multiple highways. Stars could be seen in the sky. They passed street lights and advertisement boards on occasion. It was obvious that they had gotten really far away from the city area of Paris.

Goodman originally came to pick Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen up. He had even arranged a grand dinner in a luxury hotel. However, they had been kidnapped for some reason, as was being sent to an unknown place. When he recalled the recent rumors, he felt that they most likely wouldn’t end up well.

Goodman didn’t take long to faint after being mentally pressured. Judging from his state, he wouldn’t wake up too soon.

Yang Chen shook his head when Goodman fainted just like that. “Tsk, tsk. I didn’t expect him to be this timid when he appears so strong…”

Lin Ruoxi hugged her knees on the comfortable seat. She glanced at Yang Chen seated on the opposite occasionally. That man had been smoking and drinking all this time. He had finished four bottles of grape wine by now. Fortunately, there was a simple toilet in the car, otherwise he wouldn’t know how to deal with his urine.

Lin Ruoxi remained silent for a long time. When the sky turned dark, she asked, “Yang Chen, you did it intentionally, didn’t you?”

“Ah?” Yang Chen was confused.

“I know you had a way to escape, but you chose not to, am I right?” Lin Ruoxi asked confidently.

Yang Chen revealed a smile. “You’re indeed my wife. It’s impressive that you figured it out. I want to know their objective and where they’re sending us to.”

“It’s not hard to guess at all. You’ve never behaved seriously before. You’d always act like you’re being bullied, but at the end of the day you’re the true bully… You’ve tricked me for so many times that I’ve gotten used to it… It’s nothing surprising.” Lin Ruoxi pouted her lips slightly. She currently looked like a pure little girl, perhaps because she wasn’t working right now. Dissatisfied, she said, “You better not cause any trouble. If anything happens which delays my work, you’ll be dead for sure.”

Yang Chen waved his hand while his mouth was holding the cigarette. Smiling lazily, he said, “Don’t worry, don’t worry. We haven’t had our post-marriage night yet. I won’t want to die before that.”

“You…” Lin Ruoxi was mad yet shy. Her elegant cheeks blushed instantly. She glanced at Goodman to make sure he hadn’t awakened yet before feeling a little relieved. However, she still gave Yang Chen a furious stare.

Finally, after passing through some bumpy roads, the car finally stopped in the dark.

Goodman seemed to have noticed the shake. Waking up, he appeared to feel reassured when he saw that Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi were still in the car. However, he instantly shivered in fear when he realized the surroundings was completely dark.

“W—where are we?” Goodman asked subconsciously.

Lin Ruoxi looked at him helplessly. Although she didn’t expect Goodman to pull off any mind-blowing stunts, this young master of a royal family was certainly disappointing. He had lost his noble demeanor upon facing the difficulty.

“I believe they’ve chosen uncommon routes on purpose. There weren’t many street lights on the way nor could road signs be found. We have no clue where we are now,” Lin Ruoxi answered out of kindness.

Goodman looked all the more terrified. “W—we’re not gonna get killed, are we?”

“No. We would be dead right now if that was their main objective,” Lin Ruoxi explained.

“That isn’t necessarily the case,” Yang Chen who had remained quiet said and giggled. “It’s possible that they’re looking to blackmail all of our wealth before destroying our bodies.”

“Huh?!” Goodman cried in astonishment.

Lin Ruoxi stared at Yang Chen and said, “Stop scaring him. Not everyone is as daring as you are. You’re never serious no matter the situation.”

At this moment, the door of the Bentley was opened from the outside.

In the dark, two flashlights were turned on, shooting out two blinding rays.

Four huge-bodied people dressed in black military uniforms and cowhide long boots mysteriously appeared outside the car. They were armed with automatic rifles which looked a little reflective while the violent aura they exuded was breathtaking.

One of them glanced at the three people in the car before fixing his gaze on Goodman who was dressed in a white suit.

Although the man wore a helmet and a pair of goggles which concealed his expression and gaze, Goodman’s body stiffened as he swallowed his saliva audibly.

Click! The man raised his rifle in a lightning-fast manner, pointing the barrel right in between Goodman’s brows!