“Ah! Don’t kill me!!!” exclaimed Goodman loudly. He quickly covered his head with both his arms before swooping into the innermost portion of the car.

Lin Ruoxi was almost hit by Goodman’s sudden movement. She only remained unharmed because Yang Chen had managed to pull her closer to him in time.

The man dressed in black didn’t pull the trigger. Instead, he started to laugh like there was no tomorrow, causing the other three to start laughing as well. Evidently, they treated Goodman’s cowardly action with contempt.

Yang Chen had been completely silent. He pulled Lin Ruoxi to his back and looked at the four’s equipment patiently, from head to toe, including the guns they were holding.

At last, Yang Chen’s attention was fixed on the unified pattern on the four’s arms—a golden sun totem.

Yang Chen squinted his eyes. Although he failed to recognize that totem, he was sure that there didn’t exist such a symbol amongst all the poweruser organizations or mercenary groups in the world. Evidently, if it really represented an organization, it must’ve appear during the time when he had returned to China.

The sun… Yang Chen raised his head to look behind the man in black, before looking back at the totem on his sleeve. The corner of his mouth twitched a little as he found amusement in the matter.

After the four had laughed for long enough, they nodded at each other before proceeding to pull Goodman who was hiding in the corner of the car, out.

Goodman felt pain throughout his body. He was so terrified that he looked boneless when dragged.

Yang Chen lifted both his arms and revealed a fearful look. Using French, he said, “I’ll walk myself, I’ll walk myself…”

The four men in black said nothing. Since Yang Chen got out obediently, they weren’t bothered to take action themselves. All they did was wave their guns to signal Lin Ruoxi out as well.

Although Lin Ruoxi was clueless as to what Yang Chen had planned next, she was actually afraid deep down her heart. She was a woman after all. No matter how calm she was, it was impressive enough that she didn’t cry out loud, knowing that she was abducted. With nothing else in her mind, seeing that Yang Chen got out of the car, she quickly followed in suit.

Being seized by four armed men, Yang Chen and the others slowly walked to a deep cave. When they arrived before the entrance, the huge gate made of steel was pulled open.

Without warning, the four men in black pushed them in. Slam! After stuffing the prisoners inside, they shut the door again.

In the dark, cold air snuck into their collars. The floor was hard and freezing while emitting a pungent mouldy smell.

Goodman fell on the ground upon entering the place after losing balance. He swept across the surroundings, only to find nothing but darkness. He could barely spot Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi. In French, he stammered, “W—where’s this place?” He had long forgotten his demeanor and need to speak mandarin.

“It’s a warehouse,” a charismatic man’s voice resounded from the other end of the place.

“Ah!” Goodman was shocked once again. He stammered backwards and accidentally banged his head on the steel gate before screaming in pain yet again.

Lin Ruoxi was surprised as well. She subconsciously grabbed Yang Chen’s arm and leaned close to his body.

Smiling, Yang Chen used his other arm to pat Lin Ruoxi’s head gently. “I’m here, you’ll be fine.”

After being touched by Yang Chen in addition to listening what he said, Lin Ruoxi finally noticed that she had pushed her body against his. The cleavage between her two groups of flesh had even embedded Yang Chen’s arm.

Hurriedly backing off, Lin Ruoxi blushed in the dark. Lowering her head, she said nervously, “Y—you… I—I… I was just…”

“I know, I know. It was instinctive.” Yang Chen grinned, overjoyed. He had very much enjoyed the touch. It was unfortunate that Lin Ruoxi ran away so quickly.

Although everything happened in basically utter darkness, his vision wasn’t affected at all. He managed to see the surroundings clearly, including the people in the corner.

Turning around, Yang Chen took his phone out, not because he wanted to make a call. He turned on the screen to light up the dark.

Although he didn’t need light, Lin Ruoxi and the terrified Goodman had to look around.

With the light from his phone, Lin Ruoxi and Goodman became slightly better. Yang Chen walked to the corner and shone upon two silhouettes hugging each other with the screen.

“How lucky. I didn’t expect to meet you two at such a place,” greeted Yang Chen in French with a bright smile.

Lin Ruoxi and Goodman followed behind him. Upon noticing the two at that corner, Lin Ruoxi frowned slightly while Goodman looked astonished.

There was a lady and a guy on the ground. The guy had his back pressed against the wall while the woman rested her head on his chest like a submissive little kitten. From their intimacy, it looked like they weren’t in the ice-cold prison, but a huge, warm bed instead.

The man wore a check suit with yellow long pants. He had an attractive face and fair skin. He looked especially eye-catching because of his blonde hair and elegant blue eyes. He held a naughty smile on his face. To most people, he would have no problems making most of the ladies in the world submit to him.

Similarly, the girl with grey hair had an outstanding appearance. Not only was her light grey hair uncommon, her curvy figure and exceptionally delicate face contours were much desired. Her beautiful light brown eyes were just like stars in the eye. All she wore was a pink skirt, revealing most of her pinkish skin.

Despite having seen numerous ladies of different styles, Yang Chen’s eyes instantly shone upon seeing the lady’s beauty.

Looking at Yang Chen gaze upon this foreign lady from top to bottom, Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but snort coldly.

Yang Chen quickly turned around to try to please Lin Ruoxi. Using Mandarin, he said, “Babe, she’s not as beautiful as you are for sure. I only looked at her a little longer because her hair color is unusual.” In fact, he was being completely honest. Although the grey-haired lady was pretty, she was still far inferior to Lin Ruoxi’s unparalleled beauty. However, she would still be much admired by most people.

“You don’t need to explain. Stare for all I care.” Lin Ruoxi pouted her lips. She didn’t plan to forgive Yang Chen though she felt a little better after listening to his explanation.

When the two were talking, the pair of couple didn’t say a word. They continued staring into each other’s eyes lovingly. The man would kiss her lips occasionally, while the lady would caress his face. They appeared as if they were living in their own world.

Having gazed upon this couple for quite a while, Goodman finally managed to recognize them. Blinking his eyes, he said, “You guys… Aren’t you guys… the siblings Stern and Alice from the Cromwell clan?!”

The two finally stopped looking at each other. They turned their attention to Yang Chen and the others before finally looking at Goodman.

“I’m sorry Sir, I don’t know you. Are you a British?” Stern spoke using a charismatic voice.

“Oh… No, no, it’s totally reasonable that you don’t know me. I’m the director of Yu Lei International’s European branch called Goodman. I only remember you two because I was lucky enough to have seen you in the London Fashion Week a few years ago.” Goodman quickly tidied his shirt up and started introducing the others. “Miss Lin Ruoxi is the CEO of Yu Lei International while this man here, Yang Chen, had come to Paris with Boss Lin. I didn’t expect both of you out of all people to be here.”

Yang Chen admired just how dedicated Goodman was to work. He was still trying to get on their good side at such a situation, just because they had a high social status and influence.

“The Cromwell clan…” Lin Ruoxi seemed to have thought of something. She asked, “Goodman, are you saying that they’re the descendants of the Lord Protector?”

“Yeah, exactly! The Lord Protector!” Goodman answered excitedly. “This gentleman here Mr Stern is the heir apparent of the Lord Protector title in the Cromwell clan while Miss Alice is his younger sister given birth by the same mother.”

In the British history during the Commonwealth of England, Oliver Cromwell singlehandedly became the Lord Protector, abolished imperial power, and controlled the military. Most revered him as an extremely powerful and ambitious. However, he soon got defeated by Charles II who had restored the kingdom. Cromwell’s corpse was also dug up by and received many post-death torture means.

Having been a glorious major clan, the Cromwell family was really wealthy and had many connections, not to mention numerous loyal soldiers. After generations of low-profile operations, the ones who lived had played significant roles in different parts of England.

Although the Cromwell clan wasn’t as it was, they are still hereditary peers now. While they weren’t too famous, they were mostly recognized as one of the most influential noble clans in England by the upper class.

Thus, despite the fact that Lin Ruoxi hadn’t stayed in Europe for long before, she was aware of the Cromwell clan to a certain degree.

At this moment, Alice opened her mouth. Using a crisp and alluring voice, she said smilingly, “So it’s the CEO of Yu Lei International. Such a young and beautiful lady, I’m feeling a little jealous already. A beauty like her is rare, isn’t she, my dear brother?”

“In my eyes, you’ll always be the prettiest,” Stern said in a natural manner before kissing her lips.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but feel disgusted by what she had witnessed. She glanced at Goodman and asked, “Did you say that… these two are siblings of the same mother?”

Goodman smiled bitterly and explained, “Yeah. Although they’re siblings, they appear in public as an official couple. Many have given them their blessings while none in the Cromwell clan has objected, so… so this has always been the case. It is no secret anymore.”

“Isn’t it just incest? I’ve seen too many occasions like this; it’s no big deal. Good-looking siblings getting together is actually good as well,” Yang Chen said and laughed in an indifferent manner.

“You know a lot, don’t you?” Lin Ruoxi gave Yang Chen a dissatisfied gaze. She almost fainted from the series of absurdity. Being abducted to an unknown warehouse upon reaching Paris was bad enough, but she had to be faced with an odd noble couple.

Yang Chen found it interesting. He squatted down and pointed his phone screen at the siblings. Grinning, he said, “Hey, stop tasting each other’s tongue. Tell me how you ended up here. What’s the situation now?”