Following Goodman’s miserable scream, they all turned their heads, only to find Goodman covering his head with his arms while lying on the ground with his body caved in. His phone had fallen on the ground. Relying on the dim lights, they managed to see that Goodman was leaning against a huge black object.

There lay a guard dressed in black whom Goodman had seen earlier beside him.

Lin Ruoxi who was a little shocked managed to understand the situation. Frowning, she said in dissatisfaction, “Goodman, that man is dead.”

“Eh?” Goodman slowly raised his head and carefully had a look. Swallowing his saliva audibly, he noticed that the guard had indeed stopped breathing.

“What’s happening?” Goodman blinked his eyes. He was sure that this guard was not the one Yang Chen had stepped on. However, he didn’t understand then why the man had died.

Yang Chen walked forward and grabbed Goodman’s hand to pull him up. Tapping his shoulder, he said smilingly, “Little Girl has done a good job. You managed to find our car so quickly.”

“Woah, awesome! We can finally return to the hotel for a bath now.” Alice looked immensely blessed. Holding Stern’s arm, she happily ran to the Bentley and opened the door before getting inside with Stern.

Goodman finally realized that the black object he had leaned on was the Bentley that he came in and the object that they were searching for.

Before Goodman could react, he was pulled by Yang Chen again and stuffed into the car, sitting beside the siblings.

Goodman then realized what he was called by Yang Chen. On the spot, he yelled, “Director Yang! I’m not Little Girl! No!”

“Alright, I know, I know. I won’t call you Little Girl anymore, Little Girl.” Yang Chen giggled and shut the door.

Lin Ruoxi who was going to get inside was blocked outside the car. Doubtfully looking at Yang Chen, she asked, “What do you want?”

“Wife, I don’t advise you to sit here. Just sit beside me. I’ll drive, and you’ll sit at the front passenger seat.” Yang Chen winked. “Little Girl is too annoying. You don’t want to suffer the incessant noise, do you?”

Before Lin Ruoxi gave a reply, Yang Chen opened the front door and pulled her inside.

Swiftly getting into the car, Yang Chen switched on the engine and the headlights, instantly lighting up almost the entire warehouse.

The warehouse had an area of around ten basketball courts. More than ten garage doors were nicely laid out, some of which were open and filled with sundries while the others were shut tight.

It could be seen that the warehouse was rather aged as there were holes in the ceiling. However, since it was nighttime, the entire ceiling appeared pitch black.

“What are those?!”

Once the headlights were switched on, the corpses of three to four guards dressed in black could be seen lying near the car.

“The dead kidnappers of course. Who else would they be? Is Mr Gu having another panic attack?” Alice chuckled.

Goodman quickly recovered his stance. Coughing, he said, “No, no, Miss Alice has misunderstood me. I was just… a bit surprised as to why these people have all died. Has someone come to our rescue?”

Stern revealed a strange expression. “Mr Goodman, didn’t Mr Yang say that these people were dead just now? Weren’t you listening?”

“Him?” Goodman recalled that Yang Chen had indeed said that. But how did he know? he thought.

He was then dumbstruck. Almost losing his voice, Goodman asked, “So is Director Yang the one who killed them?”

“Who else? None of us have guns except the one Director Yang held earlier.” It was unknown when Stern had opened the fridge in the car. He was currently enjoying a half-full bottle of wine with Alice.

Goodman was astonished. There was nothing in his mind other than Yang Chen’s carefree look…

Lin Ruoxi who was seated in front naturally spotted the corpses as well. However, since she knew Yang Chen and his past, it wasn’t her first time seeing dead bodies. Thus, she wasn’t too frightened. Instead, she contemplated for a short while before hesitatingly asking, “When you were shooting in the dark at seemingly random directions, were you actually picking them off one by one?”

Yang Chen was putting on his seatbelt. Listening to Lin Ruoxi’s question, he smiled and answered, “Whether or not I did that doesn’t matter that much now that they’re as good as dead.”

“Where do we go now?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

“Back to Paris of course.”

“Do you know where we are? How are we getting back?” Lin Ruoxi asked in doubt.

Yang Chen nodded confidently, as if everyone was supposed to know that. “Right now, we should be in the south of Paris, nearby Romilly-sur-Seine. We need around two hours to get back to the city. After that, I believe a sumptuous dinner is in order.”

After he finished speaking, Yang Chen changed the gear and violently stepped on the accelerator. Vroom! The car sped through the steel door of the warehouse.

“A—are you crazy?! What are you doing?!”

Lin Ruoxi wasn’t able to take it despite the calm act she put up, for only one reason—Yang Chen was going to ram the huge door down!

“Don’t worry, hang on tight.” Yang Chen laughed and suddenly extended his left arm which was holding the automatic rifle out the car before shooting a small box beside the door!

Sparks flew out, causing something like a circuit box to instantly burst open. Soon, as if it was a chain reaction, the area near the steel door exploded!

Boom! A deafening detonation could be heard while the steel door was broken into pieces!

When the sea of flames enveloped the area, the Bentley sped through the broken door like a black lightning.

Due to the velocity of the car, a strong current of air rushed around it. Thus, the fire had dealt no damage to it. The people in the car just felt heat in that instant before everything returned to normal.

Lin Ruoxi felt like she was acting in a Hollywood action movie, being the female protagonist saved by the male protagonist. Her life was seemingly going to end earlier but she managed to survive the series of terrifying events including the explosion, causing her body to stiffen slightly , speechless in her seat.

“He’s crazy… he’s crazy…” Goodman murmured at the back seat. He wasn’t able to find any other adjectives to describe Yang Chen.

On the other hand, the siblings were cheering excitedly. Evidently, they felt that all of these were extremely cool.

After the Bentley rushed out of the warehouse, it arrived on a flat land. Yang Chen pressed on the emergency brake to stop the car.

Lin Ruoxi looked outside. Just as what Yang Chen had said, there was a wide stream of river nearby. If her guess was right, it should be Seine—the well-known river in France. Beyond the forest was a city full of lights. Lin Ruoxi wasn’t able to tell if it was Romilly-sur-Seine mentioned by Yang Chen.

As Lin Ruoxi wondered why Yang Chen had stopped the car, she saw that he opened the door and got out.

“Yang Chen! What do you want to do?!” Lin Ruoxi was extremely nervous. What is he doing again?! Does he want to be noticed? Why isn’t he returning to Paris as fast as possible?!

Yang Chen hit his own head and stretched his body back into the car. Smiling, he said, “Sorry, I almost forgot to report to you. Don’t worry, Babe Ruoxi. If i’m not wrong, there are still a bunch of miserable people trapped in there. I just want to play the good guy and release them.”

Lin Ruoxi widened her big eyes. She was better off without this kind of answer.

After Yang Chen answered Lin Ruoxi, he got out of the car once again. Standing with the automatic rifle in hand, he took his phone out and started making a phone call.

“W—what is he doing?!” Goodman was terrified. He thought he was able to leave the place very quickly but the car stopped after getting out of the warehouse!

“Mr Goodman, it looks like you have night blindness. Isn’t Mr Yang making a call?” Alice said with a charming smile.

“Look at the situation! Why is he making a call now?!” Goodman was nearly shouting.

Stern dug his ears. Yawning, he replied, “The signal was jammed inside the warehouse. I guess it’s an urgent one.

At this moment, two Jeep’s with bright lights rushed out from both sides of the warehouse while honking before speeding right at Yang Chen!

“We’re finished… Their backup has arrived!” Goodman was just like a slime, sliding down the seat like a boneless man.