Lin Ruoxi tried to recall the information and said, “Because they were all documents that involved planning, we started the preparations one after another since the beginning of this year. The earliest ones were probably completed in January, and the rest were finalized last week. Only two people in the entire company, Mingyu and I, have the copies. Although the executives from the other departments were involved in the discussions, they did not have access to the compiled documents. Although the documents online are all in digital format, they are all in the official, standard format which means they were definitely leaked from the inside. Since we didn’t have any original documents in digital form, they’re definitely not fabricated. Why? Have you found something out?”

“All the documents including last week’s were leaked?” Yang Chen continued asking in detail.

Lin Ruoxi replied with a confirmation, “You can’t possibly be suspecting me, are you? After all, I also had access to the documents and thus can become a suspect. Plus it’s not like I don’t have a motive to do it.”

Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Ruoxi, is there a need for sarcasm right now? Ninety percent of Yu Lei International’s shares are in your hands. I can’t think of a person that would damage their own business. I know that you probably don’t like Mingyu that much in your heart, but you wouldn’t resort to such a method to bully her. You’re a proud woman after all, aren’t you?”

There was a brief silence from Lin Ruoxi. Then she ignored Yang Chen’s comments at the end of his sentence and said, “There’s only fifty-five percent of shares left in my hands now.”

“What?” Yang Chen was startled, “How did it suddenly drop to only fifty-five?”

Lin Ruoxi said, “Since the launch of new materials, the company has been expanding at a large scale. Plus I’ve been acquiring various entertainment and recreational businesses in the past few months. I needed some form of funding. I’ve already paid back the entire loan that we took from the Union Bank of Switzerland. The market value of our company is very high now; our reviews have been very high globally. Naturally, our share prices have skyrocketed since. That’s why I sold off thirty-five percent of my shares. After all, as long as I’m the one holding the company, it doesn't matter how much I have either.”

Yang Chen said, “There wasn’t a need to repay the Union Bank of Switzerland’s loan at all. Didn’t the bank manager explain that to you? Why bear an unnecessary burden on the company? Besides, if you’re short on money, just ask it from your husband, me. Why sell off the shares on your own?”

“Hmph, it’s not like I don’t have my own money. I can keep myself alive. Why do I have to ask it from you?” Lin Ruoxi was obviously unhappy about Yang Chen’s male chauvinism.

“Do you think I would threaten you if you asked me for money? Am I really so petty in your eyes? Besides, why didn’t you think it through? Now that you only have fifty-five percent of the shares in your hands, what would you do if there was a huge fluctuation in the company’s shares and someone declared financial war against you?” Yang Chen asked, frowning.

Lin Ruoxi replied in a rather upset tone, “Do you think I’m a deity? How would I know that something like this would happen? Plus, I’m just the CEO of a multinational corporate. Others who hold positions like mine, for example, Microsoft’s Bill Gates only holds twenty percent of shares as well. Me holding about fifty percent of the shares is already a rather generous amount. What in the world would’ve made me think to keep the majority of my shares?”

Yang Chen was unwilling to continue going rounds on the topic. He sighed and said, “Okay okay, it doesn’t matter now. What I want to say is that, if I’m not wrong, Wu Yue is the one in charge of making photocopies of those documents.”

Lin Ruoxi asked hesitatingly, “You suspect that Wu Yue did something to the documents?”

Yang Chen said, “Where are the photocopy machines? I remember you don’t have those in your office.”

Lin Ruoxi said, “Yes. They’re all in Wu Yue’s office. But something of that sort is quite unlikely. Because I personally supervised Wu Yue finish photocopying most of those important documents before bringing them back to my office. If Wu Yue were to do something to it, I would definitely have known.”

“One last question, the original copies of those documents are still inside the safe in Mingyu’s office, aren’t they?” Yang Chen said.

Feeling puzzled, Lin Ruoxi asked, “You… opened the security safe?”

Yang Chen said, “No, I’m just guessing.”

Lin Ruoxi replied truthfully, “They’re still inside indeed. We know that much. But technology is so advanced nowadays, as long as she has some digital equipment, she could have easily copied the physical documents into digital format anytime. This doesn’t help to prove Mingyu’s innocence. After all, it’s even riskier to bring the physical copies around. If I were the thief, I wouldn’t take the physical documents with me either.”

“Hmph, in that case, everything makes sense now. Wu Yue didn’t do anything to the documents on purpose. But she had unknowingly helped the person responsible for the mishap.”

Recalling his memories, Yang Chen’s thoughts become clearer and he smiled with a sigh of relief.

However, there was no reply from Lin Ruoxi’s side at all, nor did she ask any more questions.

Yang Chen was still waiting for her to ask him so that he could boast to her. But after waiting for a while, all he heard was the sound of something hitting against a hard object.

“Ruoxi? Ruoxi? Are you still there?” Yang Chen’s heart tightened. “Dear please don’t frighten me.”

There was no reply at all from the other end of the phone, but the line was still connected.

Yang Chen suddenly realized what might have happened. He raced out of his office and dashed into an empty emergency staircase, made two leaps and then immediately arrived at the floor of the CEO’s office.

As Yang Chen appeared in the corridor abruptly, Wu Yue who had just left her office and was about to head to Lin Ruoxi’s bumped straight into him.

Wu Yue panicked a little when she saw the anxious look on Yang Chen’s face. Before she got a chance to greet him, Yang Chen had already dashed towards the entrance of the CEO’s office, and he pushed the door open.

When Yang Chen stepped into the office, what he saw next made his heart sink.

Lin Ruoxi was lying unconscious on the carpet in front of the office desk. She still had her phone in her hand. It was clear that she was still talking to Yang Chen when she suddenly fainted.

Wu Yue who had followed Yang Chen into the office screamed upon seeing this scene. She dropped the pile of documents she was holding in her hands, her eyes filled with panic.

Yang Chen took a moment to calm himself down before doing anything. He walked over to Lin Ruoxi and squatted down. He took her wrist in his hand and held her body in his embrace. He then transferred True Yuan into her body while carefully investigating the conditions of her body.

Shortly, Yang Chen’s eyes started burning with fury. His body was trembling a little.

Upon checking her body, Yang Chen discovered that an area near Lin Ruoxi’s liver contained a large accumulated amount of unknown substance that was probably toxic.

Although these substances were not fatal, they would obviously corrode Lin Ruoxi’s internal organs gradually and destroy the healthy cells. If he were to allow things to progress, he was sure that it would soon develop into a form of cancer.

Lin Ruoxi probably had a sudden onset of the disease just now, which led to an aggressive reaction from her body’s immune system, making her lose consciousness as a way of protecting the body.

“Wha—what’s wrong with Boss Lin?” Wu Yue’s face was full of sorrow. She started tearing and trembling, totally dumbfounded.

Yang Chen transferred a surge of True Yuan and stabilized Lin Ruoxi’s condition before he asked, “Did Ruoxi eat or drink anything just now?”

Wu Yue was stunned for a short while. She pointed towards a half-empty cup of hot coffee on the desk and said softly, “I only served Boss Lin the cup of coffee.”

Yang Chen asked with a solemn face, “Did you make that coffee personally, without anyone else involved?”

Wu Yue’s face went ghastly pale, “Director Yang, it’s not me. I really don’t know how this has happened. This coffee is Boss Lin’s favorite flavor. She has been drinking it all this while.”

Yang Chen lifted Lin Ruoxi up with his arms and said to Wu Yue, “I’ll be sending someone over later. Pass the coffee to that person and let him collect something from your office. If anyone asks about Ruoxi’s whereabouts, just say that she is feeling slightly unwell. Other than that, you may assume your previous task.”

In the past, Wu Yue had always found Yang Chen a pain in her eyes. But she didn’t dare to be reckless right now. She could only nod her head repeatedly to agree. And her eyes were filled with worry.

With Lin Ruoxi in his arms, Yang Chen went all the way downstairs to the parking lot. Driving Lin Ruoxi’s car, he immediately left the building and headed to the hospital.

While he was on the road, Yang Chen made a phone call to Molin. Molin was in the middle of investigating Li Minghe’s background and he couldn’t leave. Thus, Yang Chen made him send another team member to Yu Lei’s office to bring the two pieces of evidence back to their secret base for analysis. At the same time, they had to monitor Li Minghe closely to know his exact location. They didn’t want to attract his attention just yet, but they couldn't let him disappear either.

Thanks to Yang Chen’s formidable True Yuan, Lin Ruoxi’s condition remained stable during the journey to the hospital.

Yang Chen got an intensive care unit of the highest standard, but he did not ask for any doctors in the hospital. He had no intention of relying on normal medical treatment to cure Lin Ruoxi’s illness.

Yang Chen locked the room door and switched off his phone to prevent any distractions. Then, he started combining the cell restoration characteristic of the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture into his now formidable True Yuan and used it to clear the poison that had accumulated in Lin Ruoxi’s meridians.

Compared to the poison in Tang Wan’s bloodstream previously, the poison in Lin Ruoxi’s body was much weaker. If not for the large amount that had accumulated, it wouldn’t have affected her in such a way.

However, this made it easier for Yang Chen to treat her. He didn’t have to use his own blood just to purge the poison out. Instead, using just his True Yuan, he could guide the poison out of her body.

To avoid damaging Lin Ruoxi’s internal organs, Yang Chen was very careful with how he proceeded with this. He spent nearly an hour to finally remove most of the poison in her body.

When Yang Chen finished removing the poison, a sickly flush appeared on Lin Ruoxi’s pale face. A mouthful of black blood clot surged out from the corner of the still unconscious Lin Ruoxi’s mouth.

Yang Chen was already prepared for this. He wiped it all off with a piece of wet towel so that none of the blood would get on Lin Ruoxi’s clothes.

Looking at the pale and dry lips of the woman before him breathing in and out feebly, and the hair strands that stuck to her forehead, Yang Chen sighed heavily. He held Lin Ruoxi’s hand in his and got lost in a daze.

In fact, in Yang Chen’s eyes, no matter what happened to the company, as long as she was fine, nothing else mattered. Compared to the trouble in the company, Yang Chen’s heart was clenched even more tightly when he saw the unconscious Lin Ruoxi. He almost couldn’t catch his breath for a second.

Just as Yang Chen was immersed in his thoughts, Lin Ruoxi regained her consciousness slowly. She looked at her surroundings in confusion and realized that she was in a hospital ward. She seemed to remember what had just happened, and she slowly shifted her gaze towards Yang Chen who was standing in front of her bed, asking weakly, “The company… How are things going now?”

Yang Chen was delighted to see that Ruoxi had come to. He ran to get a cup of lukewarm water so that Lin Ruoxi could rinse her mouth with it. But the moment he heard her words, the joyous expression on his face froze immediately.

After slowly placing the cup of water on the table, he turned to look at Lin Ruoxi with an unpleasant look on his face, saying, “Can’t you think of anything else in your mind? Is the company really all you care about? You’re already lying in the hospital. Don’t you know how to worry about yourself first? Lin Ruoxi, this behavior of yours is not professional dedication but stupidity.”

The more he scolded her, the more worked up Yang Chen got. He stood up and started walking up and down before her hospital bed with his hands on his hips. He pointed his finger at Lin Ruoxi and continued saying, “If I had known this, I wouldn’t have saved you so quickly. I would’ve left you there. Yu Lei International going bankrupt might’ve been a good thing. You could be a housewife. And you wouldn’t have to hold meetings or work overtime so often. You’re a married woman and yet you’re busy working from day to night. If others hear of this, they might even think that your husband enjoys mistreating you, making you earn to keep the family alive. Do you know that you were poisoned? If I wasn’t by your side, it might have turned into cancer. Do you know that?”

Yang Chen just went on and on scolding her like that, totally infuriated.

However, Lin Ruoxi went from her initial confusion to looking at him with a gentle gaze. A smile then crept onto the corners of her mouth.

Noticing that Lin Ruoxi was not angry and was smiling shyly instead, Yang Chen was slightly taken aback. He said aloud, “Why? Do you find it funny? Let me tell you, even if you call me selfish or a male chauvinist, that’s just how I am. So be it if I’m a petty man. I can’t be bothered about the lives of those people in the company. I don’t believe that their entire lives revolve around you being the CEO.”

Lin Ruoxi lowered her head. She was pinching and grabbing at the blanket with her hands as she said, “Right now, Mingyu is still in the police station. While you’re here saying all these to me, don’t you worry about how she’s doing now?”

A resigned look flashed across Yang Chen’s eyes. He said with a bitter smile, “I’m worried. Of course I’m worried. But there’s an order of priority to everything.”

Lin Ruoxi raised her head and said, “I’m feeling much better now. You can proceed with your other business.”

Yang Chen’s temper was all gone now. He sighed in resignation, “Lin Ruoxi, I really can’t do anything about you. You’re still doing this to me at such a time. It’s already total chaos outside, and Mingyu is still in the police station. But even at a crucial time like this, I’ve turned off my phone to focus solely on you. I ignored everything else just so that I can focus on removing the poison in your body. Do you possibly need me to dig my heart out and cut it into slices for you to observe under a microscope before you will understand my feelings towards you?”