Luo Cuishan watched as Yang Chen broke in the mansion. She, however, was not too surprised as she seemed to have anticipated his arrival. “Oh look who’s already here. You’ve found this place much earlier than I expected.”

Xue Minghe was instantly relieved now that Luo Cuishan wasn’t threatening his life. He quickly scrambled to a corner to observe the turn of events.

Yang Chen brought himself to the center of the living room, as he stoically stared at Xue Minghe. “What makes you think hiding in a corner will absolve you from all liability? Stand up. I promised Ruoxi that I wouldn’t take your life for now, but I want you to go to the police station and turn yourself in.”

Xue Minghe despised the idea that Lin Ruoxi was forgiving him as he grunted, “Hmph! I don’t need that woman’s sympathy! She is just as wicked as her mother! Kill me if you must. I will not live by the so-called grace of my enemy!”

“I thought you were begging and pleading like a pet towards this woman just a moment ago.” Yang Chen frowned. “You’d rather die than to accept her sympathy. How deep exactly is your hatred towards her?”

Xue Minghe sneered loudly before he turned towards the far corner with an unyielding display of resolution.

Luo Cuishan had been listening to their conversation. At this point, she laughed sinisterly. “It seems that you aren’t too sure about what had happened back then. Are you really unaware of what your mother-in-law Xue Zijing did?”

“What do you mean?” Yang Chen was stone-faced. His lack of knowledge about the incident years ago was the reason he hadn’t taken action there yet.

Sea Eagles, despite having an international intelligence network, had to spend quite some effort to uncover the fact that Li Minghe was actually from the Xue family who had moved from Beijing to America back then. However, much of Xue Minghe’s background, including his work and the official amendment of his name, were all overseen by a mysterious party. It was kept so securely that no mere person would be able to access the information. All Yang Chen knew was that Xue Minghe and Lin Ruoxi were actually cousins, and that the Xue family were supported by the Yang clan’s former clan master Yang Ye.

Luo Cuishan played around with the handle of the pistol, exhibiting the fact she was an adept shooter despite being an elegant woman involved in politics.

“Since the situation has gotten to this extent, I don’t mind filling in the gaps in your knowledge. Do what you will with this information.” Luo Cuishan leisurely sat on the couch and crossed her legs. “Are you aware of the true founder of Yu Lei International?”

Yang Chen was not expecting an opening of this manner. “Are you saying that it wasn’t Ruoxi’s grandmother who had founded the corporation after she returned from her studies abroad?”

Luo Cuishan shook her finger as she replied, “Nope.”

All of a sudden, Xue Minghe who was still shriveled up in the corner yelled with agony, “Yu Lei International belongs to us from the Xue family!!!”

Yang Chen was caught off-guard for a slight moment, but he soon recalled that it was Wang Ma who had explained the background of Yu Lei International to him. According to Wang Ma, in an attempt to gain influence and protect Lin Kun, the Old CEO took advantage of Lin Zhiguo’s power to grow the company. But if that was the case, wouldn’t it mean that Wang Ma lied?

Luo Cuishan smirked as she continued, “No one would publicly announce their tainted past, especially when it’s something that the public wouldn’t be informed of…”

Gradually, Luo Cuishan went into narrative mode as she cracked open a series of events that was kept from the world since the previous generation…

Decades ago, the Xue family was just like every other family. Nothing stood out about them amongst the others in Beijing. But their eldest son became a close affiliate to Marshal Yang Ye of the Yang clan. And for his stellar performances in defending against the Japanese and American armies, he was highly valued among his ranks. As a result, he gained unyielding support by the Yang clan and had gradually improved in reputation and fame over time.

Nonetheless, the Xue family ultimately chose to halt any progress within the military sector, which aligned with Marshal Yang Ye’s belief that saturation of his close allies would attract unwanted attention and scrutiny towards the Yang clan.

Henceforth, the Xue family began developing businesses in regions outside Beijing while keeping a low profile. Yu Lei International, which was based in Zhonghai, was without a doubt their biggest success.

And Lin Ruoxi’s grandmother, with her intellectual prowess from studying abroad and the business relationship between her clan and Yu Lei International, soon started working for the company.

With her impressive business mentality, she quickly rose up the ranks and soon became the CEO’s right hand. There she became close with the previous CEO, Xue Zijing’s mother.

The outreach and development of the Xue family initially progressed smoothly as planned, until the untimely death of Marshal Yang Ye did everything go south. His successor as the clan master was Yang Gongming, and as a result of his strive for political power, many families and clans dependent on the Yang clan lived a tough life.

It was around this time, however, that Xue Zijing of the Xue family and the playboy-esque Ning Guangyao from the Ning clan fell madly in love and decided to elope once and for all.

However, since the Xue family held no influence, along with their exclusion from military politics, it did not take long before the Ning clan discovered this scandal.

The Ning clan wanted Ning Guangyao to marry a noble, and if anything less of members from the four dominant clans, only the ones from the upper class. They were namely the Lin’s, Luo’s, Zeng’s, and Yan’s. These were the only clans who were worthy of a bond to their clan. Thus, Luo Cuishan of the Luo clan, who was Ning Guangyao’s schoolmate became the perfect candidate.

Luo Cuishan was raised with elegance and grace, along with her sensibility in the realm of politics. This would rapidly improve Ning Guangyao’s progress through the ranks. The Ning clan was not willing to let go of such an opportunity.

And fortunately for them, Luo Cuishan was willing to marry Ning Guangyao for all he was worth. Luo Cuishan was young and confident, and in her eyes, she believed that any relationship would water down through the tides of time.

Despite his resistance, the trials and pressure put on Ning Guangyao’s already-heavy back soon made him succumb to the decision.

A choice between an ordinary woman and the candidacy of being among the leaders of China, being affiliated with the noblest of families, being surrounded by fame and fortune aplenty. It was such a clear decision it would be damned if Ning Guangyao would choose the prior, in which his relationship unsurprisingly stood in the way.

And when the day came for the wedding arrangement to be announced to the masses, the Xue family’s presence in Beijing naturally stood out like a sore thumb.

There was no doubt that every clan in Beijing was aware that Ning Guangyao’s true love was for the Xue family’s daughter. If the scandal continued to circulate, it would devastate his bright future. Furthermore, the Luo clan were wary that their daughter would have to deal with the aftermath of her husband’s ill-fated relationship, knowing that if Ning Guangyao was to meet Xue Zijing in secret, they were unable to do anything to him.

So it was obvious that only when the Xue family left Beijing, or even from China would it be most appropriate!

The Xue family had only one allegiance to back them up, which was the failing Yang clan. But finding themselves in a dire situation, it went without saying that they had received no support. Under such strenuous circumstances, they were unwillingly forced out of Beijing almost immediately. To add salt to the wound, the Luo clan’s elders made sure all of the Xue family’s resources were detained within the country in a faithful attempt to diminish them once and for all.

But despite all that, Xue Zijing was headstrong about her decision to stay in the country. She would rather have died than left the country and her love.

And under such unjustifiable circumstances, Lin Zhiguo, with an attempt to push his lover to higher ranks, discussed several inequitable terms with the Xue family which resulted in them leaving the last of their wealth, Yu Lei International, into the hands of Lin Ruoxi’s grandmother.

Lin Ruoxi’s grandmother already had close ties with the Xue family, so much so that external sources presumed that they were of the same extended family. In addition her outstanding capabilities, the company managed to progress smoothly for many years to come.

However, one of the crucial conditions for Xue family to hand over the rights of Yu Lei was to ensure that their only daughter would live in China safe and sound, one that was insisted upon by the former head of the Xue family.

Despite the fact that they were one extended family, the huge majority of the Xue family despised Xue Zijing for her stubborn and selfish antics. It resulted in them shunning her from all family relations. Despite all that, however, the former master of the family insisted on defending his own daughter.

This was why Lin Ruoxi’s grandmother and Lin Zhiguo decided to send Xue Zijing off to marry the bastard son of Lin Zhiguo, Lin Kun. This act would remove her from all the drama in Beijing and ensure her safety, providing her a chance for a decent living in Zhonghai for a while longer.

… …

Upon the shocking revelation, Yang Chen felt the tremor that had led to a ripple effect within him.

From Luo Cuishan’s tone, Yang Chen could feel the immense hatred she had towards the woman Ning Guangyao loved, Xue Zijing.

Nonetheless, it unraveled the dubiety that had been loitering in Yang Chen’s mind all this while.

Back then when Xue Zijing had been staying in Beijing, why would she suddenly up and marry Lin Kun in Zhonghai? That was certainly not something foreseeable, not to mention the Old CEO’s senseless decision. There was no reason for her to go all the way to Beijing in search of the lone Xue Zijing to become her daughter-in-law!

Furthermore, the outstanding growth of Yu Lei International much exceeded the reputation of the Old CEO’s family. It would not have made sense for her to have such an enormous budget to start with. It all made sense if the Xue clan were the ones who had laid the foundation.

It was understandable that Lin Ruoxi and her mother Xue Zijing had no ties with the Xue clan who had moved abroad entirely. It was clear how that would not have sat well with most within the clan.

Nevertheless, it truly amused Yang Chen the personality of his mother-in-law Xue Zijing, one that would sacrifice the world for a man that would eventually leave her. The stubbornness, for better or for worse, was evident in her daughter Lin Ruoxi too.