Hearing this, Zhenxiu who had been asking for trouble moments ago, immediately burst with laughter. She clutched her stomach as it started to hurt.

Lin Ruoxi tried to regain her composure by coughing and clearing her throat several times. “What are you laughing for? Don’t tell me if you don’t want to. I was just agreeing to avoid hurting your pride.”

Zhenxiu nodded, showing an understanding look. Leaning close to Lin Ruoxi's ear, she whispered, "Sister Ruoxi, let me tell you this. Brother Yang is actually a very soft person. You just need to..."

After whispering for some time and double checking to make sure Ruoxi got it right, Zhenxiu moved away from Lin Ruoxi’s ear.

Lin Ruoxi bit her lower lip, and asked with her cheeks all red, “Is this… really going to work?”

Zhenxiu muttered, “Of course it’s going to work! You watch a ton of Korean drama, right? Just learn a few tricks from the female actresses and you’ll be fine. You’ve always watched those shows for entertainment only. That’s why you never learned anything.”

Lin Ruoxi frowned and thought about it quietly. To be honest, before this, she really hadn’t thought of drawing inspiration from dramas.

When the car reached the high school, Zhenxiu got down from the car. She turned to wave goodbye and gave Lin Ruoxi an encouraging look before running happily into the school.
Lin Ruoxi smiled to herself and was just about to start the car to head back when her gaze landed on a pair of familiar figures.

A black, limited-edition Land Rover was parked in the lot in front of her. Next to the SUV was a tall elegant lady speaking sternly to a beautiful teenage girl that looked very much like her.

The teen pursed her lips, but despite her impatience, she still stood and listened in a well-behaved manner. Needless to say, it was quite a spectacle.

The mother and daughter were Tang Wan and Tang Tang. They had just returned from Beijing.

Tang Wan was merely teaching her daughter to stop thinking that she was always right, and not to waste the last few days of revision. Tang Tang was slowly zoning out, ignoring whatever Tang Wan was saying. Obviously, she wasn’t keen on being obedient.

In the end, Tang Wan had given up. She waved her hand, dismissing her daughter. Tang Tang breathed a sigh of relief before immediately turning away and running towards the school.

Tang Wan smiled weakly to herself, shaking her head as she did so. Looking at her daughter leaving, she couldn’t help but love her more. It was only after Tang Tang had entered the school that Tang Wan turned to drive back to the office.

However, as she turned around, she caught the sight of a red Bentley parked to her rear.

Needless to say, luxury British cars like Bentley’s were a rare sight in Zhonghai. Especially one which was in such a prominent red. Tang Wan, as one of the strongest women in the business world, knew exactly which powerful individuals owned what cars. In fact, this car must have been owned by someone who had been working for several years in the industry.

Moreover, her relationship with Lin Ruoxi wasn’t merely business-based. Naturally, Tang Wan immediately recognized the person seated inside the Bentley.

Lin Ruoxi who was seated in the car, also understood that Tang Wan would definitely recognize her car so she did not drive away.

In her head, the scene from that morning’s breakfast came to mind. About Yang Chen going to Beijing to meet Tang Wan. Lin Ruoxi did not want to embarrass Yang Chen so she had pretended to look indifferent. But deep down in her heart, she was extremely uncomfortable. She could never have imagined, that a simple act of sending Zhenxiu to school would cause her to bump into this woman.

Lin Ruoxi drew a deep breath and her disposition went cold. In the blink of an eye, it was as if Lin Ruoxi had become the untouchable CEO of a multinational company once again.

If Yang Chen was here, he would definitely be relieved at this change in expression. After all, anything other than this was considered abnormal for Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi pushed the car door open and walked over to Tang Wan, stopping around a meter away from her. She didn’t speak but merely stuck out a beautifully manicured hand.

“Oh, fancy meeting you here. Why’s Boss Lin here at a high school?” Tang Wan’s smile was gentle but depthless. It could have been for formality's sake, but it could also have been sincere. She shook hands with Lin Ruoxi.

Both women were businesswomen, even casual greetings, to them, were treated with utmost formality.

Tang Wan wore a black knee-length skirt, with curls falling from her shoulders. On her fair feet were a pair of light orange ribbon ballet high heels. After Yang Chen’s True Yuan treatment, she had recovered fully, looking even younger than before. She looked no older than thirty, more like a mature, graceful woman.

As she stood next to Lin Ruoxi, who was clad in a violet dress, the two equally beautiful women attracted the attention of many teachers and parents at the school gate.

If it weren’t for their cars, worth a few million yuan each, someone would’ve gone over to flirt with them.

“I’m here for my sister,” said Lin Ruoxi simply.

Tang Wan wouldn’t actually ask why Lin Ruoxi suddenly had a sister either. She smiled and asked, “Since we’re here, and if you’re not in a hurry to get to the office, why don’t we get breakfast together?”

“I’m not working today.”

Tang Wan was a little shocked. “Yu Lei International had just won a perfect battle, and although I heard its shares are at a record-high price, the company still needs managing. Boss Lin, is this a new strategy that perhaps I am not privy to?”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head, then with a piercing stare, said, “I want to spend more time with him.”

Tang Wan stopped breathing. She knew who this ‘him’ was. However, she wasn’t sure if Lin Ruoxi brought him up to ‘protest’ or simply state a fact.

She was confused. Usually, on the streets, she could guess the other person’s thoughts through their body language. However, with Lin Ruoxi’s icy composure, it really was anyone’s guess.

This woman was not dumb. Tang Wan truly admired Lin Ruoxi’s wisdom and capabilities in the business world so she knew she couldn’t look down on this woman.

Her heart ached. She thought, Yang Chen, O Yang Chen. Your wife is harder to deal with than you.

Tang Wan was used to cold and distant people so without changing her expression, she said with a smile, “Alright, there’s always the next time.”

Tang Wan was about to say goodbye when Lin Ruoxi hurriedly added, “Although I need to accompany him, we can still have breakfast.”

The sudden turn of events made Tang Wan awkwardly speechless.

About ten minutes later, both of them sat opposite each other at a Cantonese coffee shop near the school. They had eaten, so simple snacks and tea sufficed.

Lin Ruoxi took a sip of tea, frowning slightly because the tea was a little too strong. She put down the cup, then studied Tang Wan’s face. “I heard you were unwell. How are you now?”

Tang Wan smiled. “Thank you for your kindness, my health has never been better.”

“You don’t need to thank me. I didn’t do a thing. The person you should thank, is my husband,” said Lin Ruoxi.

Tang Wan nodded smilingly, annoyed at how Lin Ruoxi so clearly divided each of their positions with a seemingly polite sentence.

If a lover treated your sickness, it was a very normal thing. If an acquaintance saved you, obviously a word of thanks was in order. This person wasn’t very close to herself, but he was still somebody’s husband.

Then again, with Lin Ruoxi’s personality, it felt like she was going out of her way to openly scream the word ‘husband’.

Tang Wan wasn’t one to back down. Since Lin Ruoxi was already brandishing her knife, she said, “Your husband isn’t a person who’d just accept a thank you. He’s a smart one. He doesn’t do anything without proper incentive. You need to watch him or a woman like me can barely repay him in one lifetime!’

Lin Ruoxi’s bright eyes flashed coldly. Yang Chen must have done something with Tang Wan, that awful liar! And he acted so innocently about it!

She felt so helpless and wronged, but her self control was stronger. She didn’t show anything, only calmly replying, “I’ve never thought about controlling him. I’m his wife, not his mother. I guess, with time, he’ll learn to be content with what he has. Don’t worry.”