Tang Wan gazed emotionally into Lin Ruoxi’s eyes for a moment, then smiled and said, “I’m glad you trust him, Boss Lin.”

Lin Ruoxi, nonchalant, answered, “To be honest, you don’t need to call me Boss Lin. If your daughter marries Yuan Ye, we’d be family. So calling me that would seem a little too formal. Let’s just treat each other as sisters, despite you being slightly older than us. That’s okay with you right?”

Tang Wan clenched her fist under the table.

Lin Ruoxi sounded friendly, but she was obviously saying something else. You’re older. Even if you look younger now, don’t think any of us would forget it. If you try anything, things will get ugly very soon.

Tang Wan couldn’t speak her mind because although Lin Ruoxi was vile, what she said was true!

She was right. Tang Tang and Yuan Ye’s relationship had just survived a major disaster, and right now, they were going stronger than ever. She was fated to be Yuan Ye’s mother-in-law. If that happened, they would be joining families with the Yang clan.

Yuan Ye was Yang Chen’s cousin. It would be awfully inappropriate if Yang Chen and her were to pursue a closer relationship!

Suppressing her anger, Tang Wan said gently, “Of course. How could it not be? Let me call you Sister Ruoxi. I’ve never been particular about age gaps. Back then, the entire Beijing took me as a joke but I still went ahead with applying for a test tube baby to have my baby girl. There's nothing I can’t do when I set my mind to it.”

Lin Ruoxi’s smile faltered. “I admire your skills and mindset too. Come over to our house anytime you’re free. We’re practically family. Acting like it a little earlier won’t hurt. Oh, right, my mother-in-law is big on maintaining her appearance too but you’re doing it better, Sister Tang. When you come over, she’d be so happy to meet you.”

If Tang Wan didn’t know Lin Ruoxi was just trying to provoke her, she would’ve flipped the table and left!

This woman was as frigid as an iceberg. What she let on was only about ten percent of what she actually meant!

No one should ever underestimate her. Although she often let Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu make her public statements, and she looked like a quiet person, every single word she uttered could ruin you.

Through the conversation, Lin Ruoxi made it sound like Tang Wan was from the same generation as Yang Chen’s mother, Guo Xuehua!

The sourness in Tang Wan’s heart was indescribable now. But if she wanted to leave with her pride intact, she had to suppress it. If she showed any signs of anger, it would mean she took Lin Ruoxi’s bait.

If she got into a big fight with Lin Ruoxi, what would Yang Chen think? Would he divorce Lin Ruoxi all for her? That was impossible, and to an outsider, Lin Ruoxi was nothing but polite and kind. Perhaps she dared not get closer to Tang Wan because there was pressure at home.

Seeing her job was almost done, Lin Ruoxi took two hundred-dollar bills from her purse, then put them on the table. She stood up saying, “I need to buy some vegetables from the market. I don’t always get to accompany my husband. I’ll pay for breakfast this time, although I know you don’t mind. Just take it as a treat from someone younger.”

When she finished, Lin Ruoxi smiled gracefully, then turned to walk downstairs.

Tang Wan stared at the two red hundred-dollar bills on the table. She clenched her teeth, her eyes now filling with tears. She muttered, “Yang Chen, this is all because of you. I can’t dictate whom you marry. But did you have to marry such a difficult woman?!”

Lin Ruoxi, now downstairs, walked calmly into her car. She closed the car door, then exhaled a very long sigh.

She patted her chest, suddenly weak. The showdown with Tang Wan wasn’t easy, but she was lucky she didn’t falter.

As she started the car, she even felt a little bad for Tang Wan. If it weren’t for Yang Chen, they would be friends.

However, when she thought about Yang Chen and Tang Wan, and their relationship, she shook her head to shake off the guilt. She laughed at herself, “It’s fine, I’ve never been a saint anyway. What’s done is done. It might have been bad but it doesn’t matter now. I can’t control the man, but I still can make the women stay away from him.”

Lin Ruoxi drove to a supermarket near home.

Although it was just vegetables, Lin Ruoxi didn’t want to go to the wet market. She preferred higher-end supermarkets.

She wasn’t comfortable with the smells and hygiene of the wet market. And she didn’t like people staring. The supermarket was so much more comfortable.

When she arrived home after buying two huge bags of groceries, it was already ten. She was a woman after all—every trip to the supermarket was a long one.

Yang Chen was watching a Korean drama with Guo Xuehua in the living room. Although he didn’t like shows like this, he enjoyed spending time with his mother. He had already promised Lin Ruoxi that he would rest a day anyway.

When he saw a very sweaty Lin Ruoxi arrive home, face flushed, he understood. Laughing, he asked, “Babe, are you making lunch today?”

Lin Ruoxi nodded shyly. “Don’t worry, I’ve been learning. I’ll be alright.”

“Are you sure you didn’t forget anything?”

Lin Ruoxi thought Yang Chen didn’t trust her, so she answered hurriedly, “Really, I’ll be fine. If you don’t believe me, ask Mom or Wang Ma!”

Guo Xuehua hit Yang Chen’s hand and jokingly scolded, “Alright, don’t bully Ruoxi. She’s very innocent don’t you know? Ruoxi, go ahead with Wang Ma. You’ll need help.”

She grunted happily, carrying the bags into the kitchen.

Looking at his wife’s graceful silhouette, he could only sigh. To be honest, he didn’t know if a woman like her could be counted as ‘innocent’. No one from the business world would consider her that way! She was naive and clueless if anything. Her intentions weren’t bad, but her words often meant otherwise.

Guo Xuehua saw Yang Chen deep in thought, then laughed as she patted his shoulder. “No matter what she’s thinking of right now, at least she’s making an effort to get close to you. It’s only fair if you do the same, no?”

“Heh.” Yang Chen smiled, then nodded.

About two hours later, there was a feast spread out all over the dinner table. Watching Lin Ruoxi, her face red with effort, carrying every dish out of the kitchen with oven mittens, Yang Chen’s heart was filled with warmth.

Wang Ma was very relieved when saw the couple being so nice to each other, after their unpleasant separation yesterday. She ran to the underground wine cellar to take an expensive bottle of Bordeaux wine to share among the four of them.

Lin Ruoxi’s wine collection was not unlike her car collection. It was extensive to say the least. Although she wasn’t an avid wine drinker, that did not stop people from gifting bottles of expensive wine to her.

At the table, Lin Ruoxi was obviously distracted. She didn’t eat much, but she occasionally took some food to put into Yang Chen’s bowl.

Yang Chen had a huge appetite, so he didn’t stop her. Although some of the dishes were far from Wang Ma’s usual standards, Yang Chen knew she needed the support so he ate very passionately.

The two elders smiled silently as they watched the couple.

After the meal, under the influence of wine, Lin Ruoxi’s cheeks turned red. Aside from the days when she wanted to torture Yang Chen or she was being a difficult wife, she wasn’t used to activities like this.

After helping Wang Ma clean up, Lin Ruoxi took off her apron, then cut a fresh watermelon from the fridge. She placed the fruit on a tray, then brought it to the living room for Yang Chen. Even Lin Ruoxi herself thought she’d improved a lot.

However, when she reached the living room, Lin Ruoxi didn’t see Yang Chen.

Did he leave to meet another woman again? Lin Ruoxi’s brows furrowed. She stood in the living room slowly getting more frustrated by the second.

Guo Xuehua got up from the sofa, then laughed and shook her head. “My child, what are you thinking again? He’s enjoying the sun outside. It’s cool today.”

Lin Ruoxi finally snapped back to reality. She was getting too suspicious now! However, she felt privately delighted. Lowering her head in embarrassment, she brought the watermelon out.

Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma, with their age, were already tired after drinking. They knew the two younger ones needed some quiet time too, so they chatted for a bit before going upstairs for a nap.

The sun shone brightly on the garden as a cool breeze swept all around the area.

Yang Chen was lying down on a bamboo chair enjoying his leisure time. He was enjoying a rare, quiet afternoon.

He’d looked forward to days like this before he returned home. The sun, the warm breeze, without all the darkness and blood. Unfortunately, days like this were still rare.

Lin Ruoxi walked very quietly, almost clumsily so as to not disturb Yang Chen. She was still holding the fruit though, so she slowly walked up to him, asking him softly, “Hubby, would you like some watermelon?”

Yang Chen caught a whiff of her jasmine fragrance, then opened his eyes. Cocking his head, he asked, “Are you going to feed me?”

She thought, you really are taking advantage of me being nice. Fine, what do I have to lose?

Lin Ruoxi pouted, picked up a piece with a toothpick, then brought it to his mouth.

“Aaah… Mmm…” Yang Chen chewed, not talking.

Worried, she asked, “Is it not sweet? Is it not ripe enough… I don’t know how to pick them, I just bought the most expensive watermelon.”

He shook his head. “Even if it were unripe, any watermelon my wife feeds me will be sweet.”

“You liar.” Lin Ruoxi was delighted. Looks like what she did was working. Yang Chen felt closer to her now than yesterday.

Watching the pretty girl before him, her hair dancing in the breeze, he felt an odd sense of calmness. He’d never felt so much peace with a woman.

He couldn’t help it. He waved, “Darling, come into my arms.”

Lin Ruoxi’s hand, which was holding the tray, shook. Thank god it didn’t fall. Her heart skipped when she heard Yang Chen, but she hesitated.

They were out in the open. Cuddling was fine in the privacy of their room, but what if things got inappropriate and someone saw them?

Suddenly, Lin Ruoxi recalled what Zhenxiu said that morning. Wasn’t she about to use Zhenxiu’s trick?

But… she wasn’t sure if she could pull that off…