After an entire day of rest, Yang Chen went to his office the next morning.

However, on the way, Yang Chen could not help but grin like a fool.

When he went downstairs this morning, Lin Ruoxi was there to greet him with a very red face. She’d greeted him with a stiff ‘good morning’ then forced a timid smile.

Yang Chen suddenly felt like a rich landlord from the ancient times who trained his wife to ‘greet’ him every morning.

Upon arrival, Wang Jie and Zhao Teng were already waiting for his arrival. They sighed in relief when they saw Yang Chen finally coming to work. Although they were capable enough to deal with matters on their own, many decisions still required the approval of their director.

Yang Chen frowned when he saw the pile of documents. Without An Xin’s assistance, he could barely force himself to read all the documents that were before him. Fortunately, he didn’t have to use his eyes to read every word. He used his divine sense to scan the documents. He only had to pretend to sweep his eyes across the documents.

He skimmed through the pile of documents like it was nothing.

After making corrections in a few important documents, Yang Chen asked, “How’s Hui Lin’s concert going?”

“Don’t worry sir, Ms Hui Lin’s reputation has made everything much easier for us. The staff at the stadiums have been very accommodating, especially the iconic Taipei Arena who canceled a contract just to have her perform there for a night. The concert which will be held at Zhonghai was pushed to next month though. Everything has been a little too packed at the moment. We are releasing a few English songs to penetrate the western markets, so everyone’s quite busy,” said Wang Jie.

Yang Chen rubbed his forehead. He wasn’t sure if Hui Lin could deal with the stress. Her body would be fine because she practised internal energy. What he was really worried about was her mental health. Perhaps he needed to give her a long overdue call.

Then, Yang Chen met a few guests from other companies to discuss problems regarding sponsorship. The much-anticipated FIFA World Cup was about to start this June. Yu Lei obviously would want a piece of the action too.

Too bad Yang Chen didn’t have much passion for sports. He was only there to sign a few contracts.

To him, soccer was the same as a group of children playing a game. Wasn’t it just a ball? He could easily kick the ball where ever it needed to go with no sweat.

At noon, his phone vibrated. It was from Lin Ruoxi.

After the couple napped in the sun together for an afternoon, they were closer than ever. Yang Chen was happy to pick up. “Honey, do you miss me? Do you want to nap on my chest again? If you do, I’ll be sure to take off my shirt this time.”

Lin Ruoxi turned red on the other end of the line. She knew he was laughing at her. While she was asleep, she drooled on his shirt. How embarrassing!

“I—I don’t want to,” Lin Ruoxi explained hurriedly. “I want you to accompany me.”

Yang Chen stopped for a moment. “For lunch?”

“Mmm… Not just lunch. I want to go to the orphanage, but I need help with shifting stuff, so…”

Yang Chen smacked his head. It was Children's Day! As usual, Lin Ruoxi wanted to give presents to the kids.

Without wasting time, Yang Chen agreed. He ran to Yu Lei International, up the floors to Lin Ruoxi’s CEO office before knocking on the door.

Before he could turn the handle, a lady opened the door. Yang Chen was shocked.


The plump woman was wearing a tan chiffon dress, tied together with a black belt. Her hair was permed, her face powdered. It was Zhao Hongyan!

Yang Chen thought he’d never see her again after they parted at her house. Now she was here in Lin Ruoxi’s office!

Zhao Hongyan, holding a file, smiled and greeted him. “Good afternoon, Director Yang.”

“You…” Yang Chen hesitated, then continued, “Are you here to return the money?”

Zhao Hongyan didn’t know what to say, but she finally laughed. “I’ll return the money some day. I don’t have that amount today.”

Lin Ruoxi’s voice rang out from the room, “Hongyan is my new assistant…”


Yang Chen smiled bitterly as he looked at Zhao Hongyan’s delight. Lin Ruoxi was brilliant. She’d once said she had to hire someone she trusted as her assistant. He didn’t expect her to hire Zhao Hongyan.

“What about your family’s rice ball shop? Is it still open?” asked Yang Chen curiously.

Zhao Hongyan turned to look at Lin Ruoxi, who was on her computer. When she was sure Lin Ruoxi wasn’t upset, she nodded. “Mm, Director Lin invested in our shop, so now we’ve opened new branches in three different malls. Business is good and we are well-staffed. Our family is finally doing better too. Director Lin said Wu Yue married and had a child in the US, so she’d hoped I could fill in as an assistant. Although I don’t have much experience, I’m happy to help in any way I can.”

Yang Chen didn’t expect Lin Ruoxi to actually invest in their business. It seemed like this woman really loved her glutinous rice balls.

However, investing in a few small shops wasn’t financially significant to Lin Ruoxi.

After some small talk, Zhao Hongyan had to leave to photocopy a few documents. When she left, Yang Chen couldn’t help but turn to look at her. She had a curvy figure, and her hips swayed from side to side as she walked. When she was still working in public relations, he had remembered all the good times he had with this woman. Too bad he couldn’t score the final touchdown. Now that they would be meeting often, he had to control himself.

Yang Chen had to admit he was a hopeless animal.


Lin Ruoxi huffed from inside. She saw him drooling over the woman.

Yang Chen quickly arranged his features, coughed, then walked to her desk. Grinning, he coaxed, “Sweetie, you’re so kind. You treat your employees so well and I think women with kind hearts are the most beautiful in the world.”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes. “Oh? How about the time when I realized that Xue Minghe was using Wu Yue, but kept it from her?”

“Uhh… Didn’t it turn out alright in the end? It was true love after all,” Yang Chen choked.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t want to talk about it either, she was only upset at Yang Chen’s fake compliment. She looked at her watch. It was almost time. She grabbed her packed bag, then Yang Chen’s arm. “Let’s go.”

Yang Chen gulped, then pointed at his arm. “Are we going to walk out like this? What if someone sees us?”

She smiled mischievously. “So what? Would anyone say anything about a wife holding her husband’s hand? Relax, I’ll fire anyone who breathes a word.”

“No… Wait… I didn’t mean that...”

“Then what?” Lin Ruoxi looked concerned. “You don’t want me near you? Are you still mad at me?”

He immediately shook his head. “Definitely not!”

“Then let’s go! I know you actually like this a lot, no?” Lin Ruoxi could barely hide her delight.

He could only smile. Yang Chen understood that Lin Ruoxi knew their public displays of affection would spread to Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu. At the same time, it was a warning to all the other pretty staff to stay away from himself.

Lo and behold, when Lin Ruoxi sweetly hugged his arm as they entered the elevator, the staff waiting with them all looked very uncomfortable. Some were admiring them, others surprised. Within a half hour, the entire building would know of this incident.

When they arrived at the garage, Lin Ruoxi immediately let go of his arm, glaring at Yang Chen. He was being sneaky, occasionally rubbing his shoulder against her chest. Lin Ruoxi almost made some inappropriate noises there. After all, it was a particularly sensitive area.

Yang Chen ignored her. Instead, he took a look around the carpark. When he couldn’t see her Bentley, he asked, “Honey, where’s your car?”

Lin Ruoxi decided not to be angry. She pouted her lips towards a corner. “There.”

Yang Chen’s eyeballs almost fell out of his head.