By the time they heard it, the silhouette was already standing before Yang Chen and Christen.

Christen’s beautiful eyes flashed with worry. She hurriedly exclaimed, “Neptune, there has been a misunderstanding. Hades was not the one who broke the treaty.”

Poseidon ignored the woman and opted to focus his attention on Yang Chen. At the same time, Yang Chen was staring curiously at the king of the oceans.

Although he had received his powers from Hades, he hadn’t had much experience with the other gods. When he first met Christen, the mention of Zeus and Athena made him very excited.

Something that shocked Yang Chen was this powerful god’s mortal form—he… was a chef?!

He wore a white chef’s attire with a pair of dirty boots and a tall chef hat on his head. There were a few English words stitched onto the front of his uniform, indicating it was from a seafood restaurant in Honolulu.

He looked no younger than fifty years of age. He had salt-and-pepper sideburns and some wrinkles, a strong muscular physique with grey-blue eyes. All in all, he was the definition of an average American man.

So the legendary Poseidon, king of the oceans, was a chef in this lifetime?!

“You look surprised,” stated Poseidon coldly.

Yang Chen covered his face, stifling a laugh. Then, he said solemnly, “I have heard great things about you. It is great to finally meet.”

Yang Chen’s brain wasn’t working. He didn’t know how he should make conversation, so he finally settled with a few ‘canned’ phrases.

Christen couldn’t help but laugh. “Poseidon, Hades is shocked at your form. How many times do I have to tell you. Even if you choose not to be a general, why become a chef of all things?”

Poseidon turned to the woman, an ethereal beauty, without a change in expression. “Aphrodite, please stand back, I don’t want to hurt the innocent.”

Christen’s face froze. She thought she could break the tension with her jokes, so that the men wouldn’t fight. Angrily, she declared, “Poseidon, do you have to do this? As I said, it wasn’t Hades! Don’t you believe me?!”

“I know what I saw. As for the truth, I will know once I have verified it for myself,” he answered coldly.

Christen wanted to say something, but Poseidon wanted to end the conversation!

A strong force blasted across the seas, brewing a thunderstorm that raged across hundreds of nautical miles!

He’d unleashed his rage!

Upon seeing what he did, Christen didn’t bother to continue. Instead, she gave Yang Chen a look of ‘save yourself’ then used her spatial powers to teleport out of the area!

“Damn it, why aren’t you giving us time to explain ourselves? You’re worse than Ares!” Yang Chen yelled.

Yang Chen looked uncertain. When he fought Ares, both of them had unleashed their powers at the same time but it wasn’t nearly as powerful as Poseidon himself!

If it weren’t for miles of ocean, this force could’ve flattened a large city!

As expected, even among the main gods, the difference in power could differ so absurdly!

Unfortunately, his opponent obviously didn’t believe Yang Chen and wanted to ‘test’ him. Yang Chen knew he had to do something. His eyes flashed, then let loose a relatively weaker, smaller radius of force. It was barely comprehensible compared to Poseidon’s!

“Hmmph, you are far weaker than the last one!” mocked Poseidon.

When he spoke, his blue eyes became two orbs of light, as if a soul was about to leave his body!!

Yang Chen struggled to push Poseidon’s force back, feeling like a sphere was closing in on him. Very soon he would be squeezing himself into a very small space!

Yang Chen did not hold back, using his most powerful moves to defend himself. He made a gesture and a line of cracks formed on the wall of the sphere!

He was shocked. This was a spiral-type space!

It was like wrapping a flat space into a ball, then turning it into a spiral. This ensured that the space around would suck the person in instead of just containing them!

Although Yang Chen’s spell opened a crack, there were several more layers he had to go through. To make matters worse, the crack was also moving around the spiral!

From afar, you would see a mountain of seawater forming a huge ball of water and wind right above the Pacific Ocean!

The ocean pounded wave after wave. Water didn’t just come from the ocean, so much more seemed to have poured in from mid-air!

With the manipulation of space, more than a hundred layers of waves surrounded the spiral, swallowing the tiny human inside!

And because it was night time, it looked like a black ball covering the sky and the moon—an angry sea monster!

Other than his angry, glowing blue eyes, Poseidon didn’t have to move much. He made it seem like it was completely effortless.

On the other hand, Yang Chen, who was trapped in the ball, was struggling more than usual. No matter how he attacked the sphere, he couldn’t escape. It would only get more and more powerful!

Yang Chen felt like his blood was boiling inside him. He was forcing himself to hold a protective shield, albeit only having about ten feet of space left!

At this point, the sphere had become a water vortex, as if joining the sea and the skies. It looked like a dragon had awoken from the depths of the ocean to pierce the clouds!

Yang Chen could only manipulate space by bending and folding it.

He’d never imagine, by using the laws of space, hundreds of pockets could be manipulated at the same time. And this time, it was not just a simple fold. It was distorted into different shapes of varying sizes!

It was a simple concept, but it required true godly wisdom for full control. Poseidon and Yang Chen’s levels were as different as the clouds in the sky and mud on the ground!

Space was like a thin sheet of paper. One sheet can be broken easily. However, it would take a ton of strength and skill to tear through tens of thousands of layers!

Then again, this space was in constant motion. The ions in the air were charged and getting more powerful!

He felt some of his vessels bursting now. Ignoring everything around him, he invoked the True Yuan of Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. A force collected above in the skies at full speed!

The True Yuan forcefully filled his vessels. Yang Chen roared, invoking a True Yuan shield. He wasn’t going to use spatial powers anymore. He brought his hand up, then pointed in front.

A powerful ray of True Yuan, like the first ray that bursts through a layer of clouds, pierced through tens of layers of space.

It worked! Yang Chen was delighted. True Yuan was much stronger than True Qi after all. It shattered many layers of space at once!

Poseidon, far away, wasn’t provoked. His lips curled. “You’re too naive.”

Once he finished, without waiting for Yang Chen's next wave of True Yuan, the spiral changed!

The entire spiral was initially spinning one way. But within the blink of an eye, more spirals started to form, spinning in opposite directions!

This sudden change created great friction between the layers of space. Ions and atoms knocked against each other, forming electricity. The space within the sphere cackled with shards of lightning. They cut through space like sharp knives, all coming straight at Yang Chen!

Yang Chen had his True Yuan to protect his body, but he felt an immense amount of pressure nonetheless!

He started to get mad at that woman Christen. How could she just casually say there was a some difference in power between the main gods? It was more than just a small difference. It was the difference between heaven and earth!

It was no wonder that Apollo and Diana said the both of them couldn’t defeat Athena. If Poseidon could almost kill him with the flick of a wrist, then how scary was Athena?!

And Christen had thought he was far weaker than the siblings!

While pondering on the matters, he dared not put down his hands. The lightning and fire still went on. He let out a stronger arrow of True Yuan, which lodged itself on to the space prison!

Very soon, Yang Chen paled.

His strongest wave of True Yuan couldn’t even pierce through half the layers before disappearing!

Before, he could use True Qi to break free from Ares’ spatial powers. This was completely different! That was because Ares didn’t utilise multiple layers like Poseidon. Poseidon could fold a hundred layers with a wave of his hand. In what world was Yang Chen strong enough to fight it?

A steel knife could easily pierce through a piece of paper but when you put a stack of a hundred sheets, even the sharpest blade could face issues. Even if you managed to cut the top few sheets, once the layers moved, it would have been the same as doing nothing! These were charged molecules in the air, so they could recover far quicker than sheets of paper.

He was too confident in himself, even believing what Yan Sanniang said about him, that he wouldn’t be affected by the elements of the mortal world. What a bunch of bullshit!

He wasn’t sure if Yan Sanniang was wrong in believing Hongmeng’s assistant, or she herself misunderstood something.

Although True Yuan could travel beyond space, it didn’t mean it used up little energy!

No matter how experienced a cultivator was, as long as they were in this universe, everything was still made of atoms.

If no one could rise above and beyond this universe’s elements, then where would the powers for universal destruction come from?!

Yang Chen started to prepare for his death now. It was awful. Yan Sanniang was basically the cause of his death! Now, Yang Chen truly believed that in the millennia of wars—the main gods had never been the weaker side!

Just Poseidon alone would turn countless humans to dust! The masters of ancient times were still humans, and their powers were probably weaker than Yang Chen, so Poseidon must’ve crushed and shattered their souls with his tremendous power!