At this point, Yang Chen didn’t have time to ponder about the past. Instead, he cursed Poseidon for belittling him like this. It was not him who broke the treaty but Poseidon had attacked without hearing him out. Was he really trying to ensure that Yang Chen would no longer be able to reincarnate?!

A few hundred nautical miles away, Christen was struggling to hold up a spatial shield to block the rain of charged ions. She wanted to get closer to stop Poseidon, but there was no way she could charge through his force. She thought Poseidon’s ‘test’ would stay a test. Who knew he would flex like this?!

“Poseidon! Are you mad?! Yang Chen might not be like our last Hades, but he is still one of us! Do you want our twelve-man team to lose another member?!”

Poseidon’s majestic voice had a tinge of annoyance laced within it. “Aphrodite, you are too naive. He has Hades’ divinity, but he’s far from replacing Hades!”

Aphrodite paled as she watched helplessly. She bit her lip, but she could only shake her head as she hoped for Yang Chen to save himself.

Watching Yang Chen struggle to break free, Poseidon’s deep voice echoed across the spaces. “Now, will you admit that our spatial powers are far superior to the likes of your Chinese martial arts?!”

Yang Chen’s blood pressure almost hit the roof.

This old man flexed his powers so hard all for this affirmation?

When Yang Chen remained silent, Poseidon asked again, “Break free, then I will recognise the powers of your Chinese martial arts. Don’t think you’re the heir of Hades just because you defeated that incompetent Ares. I personally think your capabilities are far from his! If you yield now and admit your mistakes, I’ll make you suffer less. After all, Hades did choose you.”

Yang Chen initially considered yielding to keep his own life. He hadn’t spent every last drop of his powers—even if he did, he wasn’t sure if he could defeat Poseidon. It might not be worth it.

However, upon hearing Poseidon’s arrogance, a surge of anger exploded within Yang Chen!

Fuck it. I’ve never been afraid of death anyway!

He’d wanted to admit defeat because he still had women waiting for him at home. It looked like he’d have to let them down now.

“Hehe, I’ll never give you the satisfaction of admitting defeat! What now? Let’s go. You’re just a cook. The only way I’ll be afraid of you is if I was a fish on your chopping board!

Yang Chen let out a deep laugh at the skies, not holding back anymore. He drew from all the True Yuan from within him, and True Yuan poured out of his body like roaring waterfalls. Power surged through him.

It was as if his entire being was used to focus all the True Yuan. His muscles and veins started to bulge. Even his body was stretched a foot with this much force!

A green vein bulged at his temple, and Yang Chen’s eyeballs soon showed patches of red—but they soon glowed gold!


Yang Chen let out a deep roar of pain, feeling every vein expanding like never before. This was the reckless power of True Yuan. He’d never gone to this extreme before, causing his blood vessels to explode. Patches of red appeared under his skin from all the force.

However, the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’s formidable healing powers aided his body to undergo rapid recovery under extreme stress!

“Hmph, it’ll take more than that!” Poseidon sensed a force pushing back within the spatial sphere. His eyes glowed a brighter blue as he stacked more layers of space onto Yang Chen!

Among the tumultuous waves and starry night sky, there was a tear in the fabric of the universe!

Amidst the crazy storm of charged atoms, Yang Chen was like a tourist trudging through a blizzard. In the face of a shower of attacks, he bravely made a step forward!

This one step held the weight of a thousand tonnes. Christen’s eyes flashed with shock as she watched him take the single step forward amidst the battle!

A wave of True Yuan rippled under his feet, rapidly expanding to wipe out every charged atom!

Yang Chen wasn’t thinking anymore. His focus was put solely on his will to fight!

Yang Chen wrapped himself with pulsing True Yuan energy, transforming himself into a rainbow. He barreled himself into the spiral, whose layers were still rotating in different directions.

Like a high-speed drill, once the tiny metal tip touched a surface, sparks flew!


Thunder rumbled and shook the sky. Violet electricity shot across the sky!

Yang Chen felt his body shake like it was about to shatter, but he was also sure that Poseidon couldn’t have easily defended such a strike. This was a protest!

Poseidon, who was watching from afar, grew solemn. It brought him back to a time ten thousand years ago, when he was fighting Hongmeng’s ancestors. That attack was something he was all too familiar with!

Poseidon’s powers were at their limits. He could no longer add more space layers. Yang Chen was breaking through faster than he could mend them. Soon, he was about to break free from the tornado so huge it connected the sea to the sky!


Poseidon huffed heavily, his eyes now ablaze with a blue fire. Since this trick wasn’t working anymore, he decided to rip apart the spherical storm.

Yang Chen felt a sudden release with his surroundings suddenly becoming stable again. He knew Poseidon was getting weaker, so he generated a force as mighty as the tides, and with a fist, brought all of it down on Poseidon!

Poseidon didn’t dodge either. He also raised a fist. Before it touched Yang Chen, the space around them distorted into blurry, bent shapes!

Yang Chen’s heart fell. Something was wrong!

The fist, packed with powerful, surging True Yuan, was met with Poseidon’s fist—wrapped with a hundred layers of space!

That True Yuan force could barely pierce through such a dense stack of space. What's worse was his fist was trapped within it!

Poseidon’s lips curled into a cruel sneer. “Let me present to you our differences… Spatial explosion!”

Without waiting for Yang Chen to save himself, a terrifying explosion rippled from within the dense layers!

It was as if every layer of space had a nuclear explosion at the exact same point—all around Yang Chen’s one arm!

This was a method of spatial manipulation Yang Chen could have never imagined was possible. It was an explosion caused by friction between stacked layers of space!

It utilised the most basic atomic principles, but far exceeded anything the humans were capable of or could even comprehend.

Yang Chen’s face contorted as he screamed in agony!

He felt pain like never before. The arm stuck in the trap felt like it was ripped apart by an unimaginable force!

He roared until his throat was dry. Sweat started to fall from his head like a waterfall.

“Mmm…” Poseidon was shocked. “It would seem like a powerful force like that was not enough to shatter your arm. Your body’s resilience isn’t just from that divine light. Looks like the Chinese cultivation technique you’ve been practising have had some use. Interesting… interesting!”

“Bullshit…” Yang Chen didn’t know what he was talking about either, but he felt wronged.

Thud! Thud!

Yang Chen’s heart was pumping vigorously!

His eyeballs soon glowed red and he felt his very soul shudder in his core. This familiar feeling entered what was left of his consciousness.

That awful side effect he got after bathing in the divine light was happening again?!

Yang Chen had attained Xiantian Full cycle, then survived the transition into a god. He had assumed that he was cured from all that!

Unfortunately, Yang Chen realized it wasn’t that he was cured in the past—his subconscious had just been suppressing it. After all his True Yuan had been unleashed, he didn’t have any energy left to suppress the symptoms. On top of the immense stress, he felt the effects starting to rise again!

His aura was now as dangerous as a demon’s claws. True Yuan engulfed Yang Chen. It was initially faintly golden, but now, it was like black silk—bringing with it a tinge of red as it heated up.

Poseidon was a little hesitant. “I feel your threatening power now. No wonder Hades would pass his powers to you. You both are similar like this!”

“Leave…” Yang Chen said through his pain. His gums were bleeding and blood dripped from the corners of his mouth.

“Leave? Haha! Do you think your frightening aura alone would scare me away?! I am only controlling one arm of yours now. If you still don’t yield, I wouldn’t mind putting your entire being through the same process,” huffed Poseidon.

Yang Chen didn’t care what he said now. His voice was hoarse, and he shrieked in pain, “Go! Far away!! Danger… Leave now… there’s not enough time…”