Sally’s jaw dropped. There was nothing more she wanted to do than to criticize him for the audacity to ask such a request. This man is not a human!

However, Yang Chen raised his eyebrows as if it was a laughing matter. “Sally, hurry up. Your boss is waiting for me. You’re such an obedient girl, answering to all my needs. I’ll put a good word in for you later!”

She wanted nothing more than to disappear. Why didn’t he cut to the chase? He could’ve said what he wanted from the start. In a rich man’s world, even stars and artists were their sex toys. What gave her the right to refuse?

She flipped her curly hair, brushing it back. Kneeling down before him, she positioned herself between his legs. Unwillingly, she flashed him a dashing smile. Then, she parted her pinkish lips and took him into her mouth…

“Oh… oh… yes… Use your tongue… Yes, right there… Oh!”

After a long half an hour, Sally was panting from exhaustion. She sat on the floorboard like a deflated balloon. Her lips seemed to have swollen to a point where they were not able to close.

Satisfied, Yang Chen put on his underwear and trousers in a joyful mood. He then sent her a flying kiss and walked out of the room to head downstairs.

In the bright, polished living room was Christen. She was sitting at the dining table, a newspaper in her hands.

Without glancing back at him, Christen laughed lightly. “It seems like you’re adjusting well. It suits your style, making my maid do that sort of things right after you woke up.”

He dragged a chair back and sat on it, biting into a buttered bun. “Remember to give her a million dollars. I might’ve told her that she was going to receive compensation.”

“Why should I pay for your actions?” Christen put down the newspaper and pursed her lips, dissatisfied. “It’s not like you don’t have money. You’re so stingy.”

“Seriously? Money is nothing to you. It must’ve been hard for the poor little girl. She nearly choked, I can tell you that,” said Yang Chen, his tone pitiful.

“Ms Lin must truly be an amazing person to put up with you.” Christen had no wish to continue the subject. She was lifting up a glass of milk when she noticed the color of it, and immediately rested it against the surface of the table, frowning.

Delighted, Yang Chen crossed his legs. He shifted his gaze toward the huge glass window located several steps away. The stunning view of the hill and the city below could lift heavy stones off one’s shoulders.

“This place is fine. I shall ask Ron to buy out a unit here, and recruit some uninformed ladies as maids,” he said, his voice excited.

Christen snorted. “All the units are taken. That is unless you are looking for a unit at the foot of the hill.”

“I didn’t say I’d go through the standard procedure. Tell me, who wouldn’t trade up their home for their lives,” said Yang Chen light-heartedly.

Christen rolled her eyes and stayed silent. If she were to continue speaking, she was afraid she’d blow up the whole mansion.

Yang Chen gulped down orange juice, draining the glass and smacking his own stomach.

Christen turned solemn and asked, “You’ve already enjoyed one round of Nine Heavenly Lightning, you really don’t know this?”

Yang Chen chuckled lightly. “If I had known, I would’ve surrendered seeing as all of my power was on the line. I would rather get reincarnated than tasting how the thunder strike felt.”

Christen sighed and dipped her head to drown in her own thoughts. She seemed to be collecting herself, then spoke after a few long minutes. “Even though we’re one of the few witnesses who had seen the battle between the Chinese cultivators and the gods tens of millenia ago, we never truly understood their methods. The best I can do is provide you with a rough idea of the whole thing. Furthermore, you seem to have misunderstood the war between us and those ancestors. Let me explain it to you in simple terms…”

Following her words, journeys untold by Yan Sanniang and the truth about tens of thousands of years ago finally presented itself before his eyes.

The truth was when the gods and goddesses realized the unsuitability of Mars, all of them had migrated to another planet—Earth. As per Yan Sanniang’s words, they slaughtered most of the original occupants upon their arrival.

In their eyes, to make Earth their rightful home, it could only have one owner.

However, when they trudged into the land of China, the cultivators in the country could not bear their cruelty. They started protesting against the gods.

Back in those days, there were tens of thousands of gods. These days, there were only the twelve remaining ones. As for China, there was no Hongmeng back then. Thousands of cultivators existed all over China.

Normal cultivators of the Soul Forming stage, meaning the ones who had broken through Xiantian Full Cycle, had varying levels of potential. Some were beyond powerful, whereas the others did not yield high power levels.

But, this was not the case for the divinities. As long as they were able to grasp the concept and practicality of space laws, they were already far ahead of the normal cultivators.

And because of this particular reason, the gods had the upper hand from the start. They planned to sabotage all of the cultivators, wiping the planet clean. Earth could belong to them, and only them.

However, when the battle had reached its climax, the greatest masters appeared!

Mere gods were no match with these men!

Among the twelve main gods, only the most capable—Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, Hades, and Apollo—were on a par with the masters.

But, to bring an end to these men, only Zeus and Athena had the potential to do so!

Zeus’s power did not follow the contemporary laws of space. It was multiple times stronger than that of Poseidon’s. His weapon, Thunderbolt, could only be handled by himself!

If there was anything the cultivators were afraid of, it was the Thunderbolt!

While Zeus was busy bombing the gates of China with his weapon, Athena had hers stashed away. Her capabilities were not inferior to Zeus’s. She was the only god with two divine weapons—the shield Aegis and the spear Pallas. Albeit not taking advantage of her weapons, she was not intimidated by even the cultivators of the Tribulation Passing stage. She had an excellent understanding of the space laws, and to top it off, a shocking amount of brilliance and intelligence!

Whenever she faced an opposing warrior, she put her ordinary divination skills to good use, predicting the enemies’ next moves. She still had a trump card called the ‘Great Divination’ up her sleeve.

Imagine, all your future actions could be foreseen by your foe; no matter how hard you tried changing the time ahead, it was useless! Hence, it didn’t matter how competent you were, it was no winning situation.

After thousands of casualties, gods and cultivators alike, the combat had turned white-hot.

The greatest masters realized, with a jolt, that Zeus and Athena were like indestructible steel!

Without any choice, they led the two gods to a battlefield dating from the Pacific time…
Since then, Zeus had gone off the grid whereas Athena seemed to have managed an escape after a warning from her gift of prophecy!

After her getaway, the other divine beings were made aware of the existence of masters with power levels way more significant than those they’d seen. These men were from the Pacific time, believed to be the ancestors of all cultivators.

Although they’d left the earth for an extensive, however unknown, period of time, their imprints remained till this day.

In the present, masters trained with methods acquired from those days.

At the same time, these predecessors had left a pronounced formation!

This was why the masters had tried to lead the two gods to the Pacific and into the trap.

However, Athena had secured her breakout by flourishing one of her two weapons; before the real deal was fully released, she slit open a gap to wriggle herself out of the situation!

Sadly, the only Zeus was never seen up till date!

Without Zeus, the gods did not have an upper hand. Even with Athena by their side, none could bring about the destruction to their rivals like Zeus. If the battle remained unchecked, they would have to live the rest of their lives in caution and worry.

Later on, they discovered the unsimilarities between the atmosphere on Earth as compared to that on Mars, which resulted in a low fertility rate. Hence, even if the cultivators were all killed, the path toward their very own extinction was inevitable.

Furthermore, the twelve main gods were the only ones that could reincarnate. This signified the unavoidable demise of the other gods.

As for the masters, the greatest of them all were vanquished in the air, their souls departing this life forever.

So, the gods were devastated over the disappearance of their kind in the time to come; the masters were helpless, without anybody to rely on.

No matter who won the fight then, it was meaningless.

Therefore, the remaining eleven divine beings had finally agreed to stop fighting and signed the Treaty of Gods.

The deal went both ways. The gods were not allowed to use space laws on a war outside of their own due to their destructive power. Undoubtedly, this did not apply to the masters. Those who disobeyed this particular rule would be forced by the other gods into rebirth.

As for the cultivators, they could not cross over to a territory outside of their country, and they were banned from attacking the gods without a valid reason.

There were multiple regulations on the treaty. Aside from the prohibition laid on the divinities, the masters seemed to have compromised a great deal. After all, the other countries belonged to the gods. And this was why they frequented these places. China was not unreachable, but it reminded them of a painful time in their history.

Of course, to ensure the effectiveness of the treaty, the parties made a special ‘vow’. The gods’ vow was under the restriction of the space laws and if found violating it, the ability to reincarnate would be taken out of the picture. The masters’ vow was under the restriction of the laws of universe and if found violating it, they would face punishment by the heavens, stopping their cultivation from progressing, and their bodies to age faster, eventually to death.

Furthermore, all of them still had ego and pride. Who would humiliate themselves by breaking the rules?

Christen had reached this point in her story when Yang Chen interrupted, “Why do I feel like something is not quite right? Were all of them on board when the ‘Treaty of Gods’ was signed? It seems unlikely given Poseidon’s temper. It doesn’t seem like he’d be the type to give in to such demands…”