Even though Beverly Hills was well known for mainly hosting the rich, it did not mean that the place was exclusive only to them. Anyone was free to visit as they please.

Every year, countless tourists would come to Beverly Hills trying their luck, hoping to sneak a peek at the big Hollywood names.

But most of all, it was a place well suited for wealthy tourists to flaunt their riches.

On the renowned Rodell and Rodeo avenues, they were consisted of nearly all of South California’s most glamourous resort chains. Each and every one of them held their own architectural flair.

The most lavish of brands worldwide would set up a shop here in this one district. If a particular brand wasn’t found here, it just meant that they were not important enough.

The world’s most expensive shopping mall was located here. The indoor gate was made with hand sculpted marble with brass, a towering water fountain by its side, eluding the sense of elegance and nobility.

In Beverly Hills, there had always been an outrageous tagline that went with the district—if you bother asking for the price, it meant you couldn’t afford it.

Yang Chen was leisurely taking the Porsche on a stroll across the streets.

On both sides of the road were citizens strolling and joking around with each other, most of whom were whited out old people. They were poor in the sense where all they had was money, at least in the eyes of Yang Chen. What’s the point of living like that when you can’t even swoop down to grab a quick bite of fermented tofu or a mutton skewer? he thought.

A blonde white lady in an Alfa Romeo stopped right next to Yang Chen at the traffic lights. When their eyes met, the blonde lady winked at him.

Yang Chen felt his adrenaline rising as he openly giggled at her. He might have multiple lovers back in China, constantly serenading him with love and passion, but abroad, there were several open-minded beauties who were attractive in their own ways. This led him to believe that a ‘leisure’ trip was a pretty good choice to make.

The blonde later saw Yang Chen’s earnest response to her and giggled, but upon seeing the lights turn green, she instantly sped off leaving a cloud of dust behind. It turned out that she wasn’t quite interested about this faithful meeting.

The craftsmanship of a famous Italian factory, the Alfa Romeo was an undeniable beast of a machine, a car even money couldn’t buy back in China.

Nonetheless, within the borders of a nation where four-hundred-thousand-dollar Mercedes SLR were everywhere, a two-hundred-thousand-dollar sports car was clearly nothing to many.

And because the sun was still out, clubs were naturally out of consideration. But just a casual flirt on the streets didn’t bring Yang Chen the satisfaction he needed. Nonetheless, Yang Chen was not too eager about it. After all, he didn’t even have a penny in his pockets. What would be the point of going anyway?

So according to the map of Los Angeles he memorized, Yang Chen drove the car to a branch of the investment bank UBS, understanding that it would definitely be better with cash in hand.

Since the ring of Pluto was stored in the rift of space through space laws, even with the catastrophic events that occurred, it was left scathless.

Yang Chen might be really low on energy, but retrieving a ring did not take much out of him.

The CEO of that branch of UBS recognised the owner of the ring and was thoroughly stupefied by his visit. Under Yang Chen’s request, he instantly ordered his assistants to retrieve a VIP Platinum card with at least 50 million in credit. It was more than enough for his two-day stay.

Yang Chen retrieved the card and instantly left to the location in his head, knowing that it was about to open soon.

Driving his car towards Beverly Hills, Yang Chen did not go back to the mansion to tease the maid Sally but instead went to attend an auction named ‘Julien’.

The auction house itself was a sight to behold. By the gate were two black men in exquisite suits, by the sides of the door were 2 copper lions, eluding a vibe of formality.

The reason Yang Chen chose this auction place to get his presents was because they didn’t require personal identification. All he needed was to pay a hundred thousand dollars of assurance fee, and most importantly, everything inside were rare collections from across the globe.

But when Yang Chen went towards the tunnel where the fee collection counter was, he took out his platinum card from UBS and handed it to a big, sturdy man dressed to impress. There were a flash of suspicion from his glance. Even for a district where the richest gather, there was hardly anyone who could bring out a card of this calibre, not to mention a foreign Asian man.

“Sir, please pay an assurance fee of one hundred thousand dollars.” The staff indicated for Yang Chen to swipe his card, while simultaneously taking out a golden-plated number plate which would be his auction number.

Yang Chen was just about to enter the interior of the auctioning place before a soft and elegant voice resonated from the resting area in the back.

“Please wait!” Before the person even came close, her orchid fragrance had already arrived like a gust of wind.

Yang Chen had a teasing thought flashed through his head, before he turned to stare at the woman who abruptly appeared out of nowhere.

The woman wore a low cut white one-piece, with two laced strings holding it in place. She looked to be in her early twenties, but she also resonated a sense of maturity and elegance. Her hourglass-shaped waist, bottomless cleavage, and her firm backside were something one could hardly resist putting their hands on.

Her fair long legs showed no signs of excess fat, along with her supple cheeks, alongside her supple, red lips, large, attractive eyes, and her pitch-black hair eluding elegance. A person of these qualities was on the level of Rose, but what Rose had in alluring elegance, she had in innocence and femininity.

The woman’s stuttering words would instantly reduce any man into a pool of sympathy.

“Pretty lady, were you calling me?” Yang Chen reassured in English.

The woman awkwardly nodded, before she mumbled, “Sir… ar—are you Chinese?”

Yang Chen replied in Mandarin with a stoic tone, “It doesn’t matter where I am from, I just want to hear you talk.”

The girl was instantly taken aback by his sweet, teasing words, as she awkwardly smiled. “Sir, can you help me with something?”

“Please just call me Yang Chen.”

“Oh… Mr Yang, can I ask you for a favor?”

“May I ask your name?” Yang Chen asked with high anticipation.

The woman was evidently unaccustomed with Yang Chen’s passion as her face turned red, before she mumbled, “Xiao… Xiao Zhiqing.”

“Oh, so it’s Zhiqing, what a rhythmic name. But still inferior to your appearance.” Yang Chen was mesmerised.

“Oh you’re too nice…” Xiao Zhiqing could not even stare Yang Chen in the eye as she turned her head away from him, the pink on her cheeks extending to the tips of her ears. “Mr Yang, I need to go into the auction place to buy something, but I left my purse and ID in the hotel. I just found out that I don’t have enough time to head back to retrieve it. I’m asking you if you could pay for my entry in advance, and I’ll transfer the money back to you when I return to my hotel.”

As she spoke, Xiao Zhiqing’s puppy eyes were filled with pity, staring right at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen hurriedly asked, “Oh… Miss Zhiqing, don’t fret, please don’t cry. It’s just a small matter, I’ll help.”

Xiao Zhiqing’s expression instantly turned bright like a blooming flower. “Really? You will help me?”

“Well definitely! Money in the face of a good deed is nothing. I believe that Miss Zhiqing really needs something in there, otherwise there’s no reason for you to make such a request to a stranger right?” Yang Chen played the role of the good samaritan. Who knew when it started that the two felt a connection but they did.

Xue Zhiqing had a glimpse of dispiritment as she replied, “There are indeed two things that I was tasked to get. My grandpa especially told me to bid for them before I left for America. He’s in pretty bad health right now and I was hoping that these items would make him slightly happier.”

While she was talking, she started weeping, unable to continue.

Yang Chen sighed before he sneakily reached for her back and embraced her soft and supple shoulders. “Ms Zhiqing, you’re such a nice girl. Don’t you worry. I’ll buy those items for you and you may transfer the money to me once it’s done.”

Xiao Zhiqing felt a little uneasy as she tried to brush his hands off, but failed to do so. In the end, she gave up and went along with it as she had to enter the auction house.

The female auctioneer had no problems with it, which meant Yang Chen did not need to pay an extra assurance fee and instead with a simple conversation with the waiter, he was allowed to enter with Xiao Zhiqing into the venue.

Yang Chen while walking gradually slid his hand down to Xiao Zhiqing’s tiny waist.

Xiao Zhiqing had a body so soft and supple it amazed Yang Chen. He finally knew what it meant to have a ‘boneless’ body.

A woman like that bringing herself to me, it can’t possibly be a ‘gift from heaven’, could it? I need someone to let it out in bed with and just a touch of this girl has made my heart lurch. Does it matter if she has any ulterior motives? Let’s decide after a game in bed! Who knows? Maybe she might just fall for my charm, thought Yang Chen.

As they walked towards the first row and settled down, all the other buyers across the globe instantly turned towards them. Xiao Zhiqing’s mesmerisingly delicate elegance caught the eyes of all around her.

Yang Chen however was down to drop big cash for her today, as he seriously asked, “Ms Zhiqing, what does Grandpa want to get? Just let me know, I’ll bid for it once it’s out.”

Xiao Zhiqing sneered internally. Knowing that this man truly had no decency, she was secretly glad with herself for nabbing this cash cow. A man this filled with lust and sin surely had done the worst imaginable, so it’d be justice if she took him down a peg.

Hardly even a few lines shared and he’s calling my name like it’s been forever, not to mention his perverted hands running all over me, she thought.

But on the surface she was teary-eyed, seemingly touched and embarrassed as she replied, “My grandpa has liked jade essence all his life, and in this auction there is a perfect brew from the modern champions winery. Besides, when Grandpa and Grandma got married, they didn’t have the chance to buy a diamond ring. Now before he passes away, he just wants to give Grandma a prized possession worthy of her love, the ‘Pompous Pink’ diamond ring that they’re auctioning.”

“Tsk…” Yang Chen took a deep breath, as he showed a face of uneasiness. “This wine’s not much of a problem. It’s probably going to end up costing a few hundred grand. However, that ‘Pompous Pink’ diamond ring is one of the most lavish in the world. It’d surely cost more than ten million dollars. It won’t be easy to bid…”