“Zhiqing, Zhiqing! What just happened? Call the police!” Yang Chen rushed to the stunned lady, waving his arms in the air. “Let the police arrest them. Then call a few reporters to interview us. We could be famous! Maybe even get some money out of it!”

“Ge—get on TV? Money?” Xiao Zhiqing was about to faint. This man is not only stupid but delusional… How could he think of being a hero? And why would he want money if he's already so rich? she thought.

Xiao Zhiqing was panicking. But she did not give up. He didn’t even see through her lies. She decided to proceed with her act. She had invested far too much to pull out right now.

Hence, she immediately rushed forward, voluntarily hugging his arm with a smile. “Brother Yang, it’s alright. There’s no need to call the police on some petty criminals. Forgiveness is the way to go. Let’s let them go this one time.”

Yang Chen seemed moved. Looking at the woman’s pitiful look, he said, “Zhiqing, you are too kind. Fine, I concede. We’ll show mercy this time.”

As he talked, Yang Chen put his foot on the man’s thigh again with an arrogant expression.

Xiao Zhiqing looked at him with contempt. She thought, If it weren’t for the freak accident, you’d be peeing your pants right now. However, she said gently, “Brother Yang, let’s go back to the hotel then. Forget about them. I’ll transfer the money to you.”

“Yes, yes. The hotel, to your room.” Yang Chen smiled mischievously again.

The two walked into the hotel together. Yang Chen occasionally rubbed her voluptuous chest with his elbow, fully enjoying the soft, springy feel. Xiao Zhiqing chose to suppress her rage as she was too close to her end goal. In the end, she allowed this man to continue while silently cursing him into the next generation.

There weren’t many people present in the hotel, especially since it was one of the higher-priced ones. The ride on the elevator to her room on the fifth floor was very quiet, so quiet they could hear each other’s breathing.

When they reached the door, Xiao Zhiqing turned to gaze softly at Yang Chen. Her face was pink after the constant rubbing on the sensitive parts of her chest. “Brother Yang… I need to get my room card…”

“Get it then, I’m waiting.” Yang Chen grinned.

“Why don’t you let go, I can’t open my bag.” Xiao Zhiqing gestured at her orange leather clutch. She couldn’t open it with one hand.

Yang Chen gave a look of understanding, then unwillingly let go of his tight grip on her warm arm. She could finally use both hands to open her clutch, digging for her card.

As they stepped through the opened door, Yang Chen was hit with a wave of flowery fragrance. He took a few deep, ugly, vigorous breaths as if he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

Xiao Zhiqing was disgusted at the sounds he was making. Trying hard not to look at the man’s face, she walked with her head lowered to the desk to open her laptop. She asked gracefully, “Brother Yang, I’ll transfer you the money online but it might take a while because it’s quite a large sum. Do you want to drink something?”

“Oh, anything will be fine. I’m not in a hurry,” answered Yang Chen airily.

He continued with a solemn expression. “Even poison would taste good if it were served by you.”

She covered her mouth with her hand trying to hide her shyness. She pursed her red lips, took two wine glasses then poured some wine out of a half-filled bottle of wine.

After pouring the wine, she frowned a little. She pulled the fabrics on her chest uncomfortably. Embarrassed, she said, “Brother Yang, I’m feeling quite uncomfortable right now. Why not you rest a bit, drink some wine. I’ll transfer the money after taking a shower.”

“Shower?” Yang Chen gave a look of understanding, then gave a satisfied nod with a mischievous smile. “Of course it wouldn’t be a problem. Why don’t I join you too? I’m sweaty as well.”

Xiao Zhiqing feigned annoyance and pouted. “Brother Yang, I’ll ignore you if you’re going to be like this!”

“Alright, alright. I won’t take a shower with you.” Yang Chen waved her off, gesturing for her to enter the bathroom.

Xiao Zhiqing walked towards her suitcase to take some delicate undergarments. She shyly begged, “Brother Yang… Yo—you’re not allowed to peep, alright?”

Yang Chen’s expression turned serious. “Zhiqing, do I look like that kind of person? I, Brother Yang, am a gentleman.”

“Mmm, I know Brother Yang is a good person.” Her beautiful eyes let out a seductive look. She smiled, then turned to run into the bathroom.

He watched her sway her hips and gulped silently. Although he knew this was a woman with bad intentions, it did not make her any less enticing.

As she began her shower, Yang Chen finally took interest in looking around the room. There was a green copper ornament, elegant beige sheets, a television, and a modern boombox on the nightstand. The floor was covered with a thick carpet. Even the bathroom was marbled in white. It was the standard definition of a five-star hotel.

He squinted at the dry red wine she poured for him. The fragrance of red wine was wafting from the glass. He took the glass, laughed to himself, then gulped it down without any thought.

After finishing his glass, he concluded that it wasn’t too bad. So, Yang Chen also finished Xiao Zhiqing’s glass of wine. He even poured another full glass of wine for himself, putting it on the nightstand.

Then, Yang then decided to take off his shirt and casual shorts to leave only flowery underpants on. He sat on the huge king-sized bed, the only bed in the room.

Holding the glass, Yang Chen slowly sipped the wine until he felt like it was time. He put the glass down, casually collapsed on the white pillows as if falling asleep. With a sleepy voice, he shouted to Xiao Zhiqing, who was still in the bathroom, “Zhiqing… Zhiqing… I’m a little tired, hurry up.”

A clear response came from Zhiqing in the bathroom. “Alright, Brother Yang I’m almost done.”

Slowly, the sound of rushing water faded. Through the frosted glass, a dripping, serpentine woman could be seen.