“Oh, me? “ Yang Chen asked. “I’m just a man who wants your body.”

“Yo—you know what I’m asking but refuse to give me a straight answer.” Xiao Zhiqing retorted. “So, I’ll stop asking. In the end, the only person I really blame is myself.”

Xiao Zhiqing clenched her teeth. This man proved to be both unpredictable and strange. How was it possible that he had managed to easily see the her body condition? This, however, gave Xiao Zhiqing a glimmer of hope. She said, “Since you already know there’s a deadly poison in me, you can’t possibly still want this body of mine, could you?”

Yang Chen raised an eyebrow at her. “Why not?”

“Aren’t you afraid of dying?” Xiao Zhiqing looked at Yang Chen as if he was a monster. She continued, “My body, blood, organs, and even my bones are all toxic! It wouldn’t be much of a surprise to me if one drop of my sweat starts decomposing your body! And also, aren’t you curious why my body is imbued with poison but I’m still living normally?!”

“Doesn’t matter to me, why find out? To die at the hands of such a beautiful person, I’ll consent to that,” Yang Chen said.

“You’ve really got a death wish, you crazy pervert.” Xiao Zhiqing was immensely pissed off. Her decision to tell him those things might make him give up on her, but it was also to save his life.

Yang Chen ignored her, licking his lips in exhilaration as he reached out towards Xiao Zhiqing’s bathrobe. With one tug, he undid her bathrobe and it came away in his hands.

Constrained, Xiao Zhiqing lay in front of Yang Chen. Her snowy skin and perfectly sculpted body along with the soft fruity scent from the shampoo was presented like a gift before him.

Because Xiao Zhiqing was nervous, her whole body trembled, her eyes moist with tears. It was all in all a beautiful and moving sight.

Due to this, her breasts were shivering. Yang Chen started worrying that they might dissolve if he touched them.

He looked downwards. Below her flat stomach were a pair of extraordinarily round and full hips. She was wearing a pair of beige underwear and beneath it he could see some sparse hair peeking from underneath.

Yang Chen immediately thought, if he had to be struck by lightning in order to bed this woman, it’d be worth it!

Xiao Zhiqing quietly closed her eyes and the ends of her lips curved up in a remorseful smile.

Yang Chen stopped pressing her, instead removing his briefs. He looked at Xiao Zhiqing smiling to herself and asked, “You look like you look forward to this.”

“Come,” Xiao Zhiqing suddenly said.


“From the day I was old enough to think for myself, I thought that no man would ever want to have me. I never thought that this day would come. Since you still want to do this, along with the fact that you’re not even scared of death, there’s simply nothing for me to be scared of. The worst that can happen is you take my virginity and I send you to your death. That way we won’t owe each other anything. Just… try not to die too horribly,” Xiao Zhiqing said blandly.

Yang Chen gave Xiao Zhiqing a complicated look and thought for a while.

“Seeing as though that’s how you think, are you brave enough to do something for me?”

Xiao Zhiqing opened her eyes and looked at the suddenly serious Yang Chen.

“What?” She asked.

He pointed miserably at her tightly closed beautiful thighs and said, “How am I supposed to take off your panties if you continue to clench so tightly?”.

The anger that Xiao Zhiqing thought had subsided just now came rushing back all of a sudden. Her eyes burned with shame and her chest rose up and down as she thought of how much she wanted to just rush forward and bite him to death!

“You better die a horrible death!”

Xiao Zhiqing cursed under her breath and suddenly stood up. She promptly removed her underwear and threw them to the ground.

She then resorted to lie on the bed like a zombie, spreading her legs wide open and exposing her ‘sacred forest’.

“There, are you happy now?!”

Standing in front of a man she’d just met and exposing the most private part of her entire body without reservation, even Xiao Zhiqing did not know what was wrong with herself. Maybe it was because she couldn’t see any other way out of her miserable life and had lost all strength to continue.

This could be her one chance to let go of all her reservations in life. She felt like dying, but it also felt like a form of relief.

Yang Chen stared at her pair of flawless fair legs and pink abyss and thought, There hasn’t been a more beautiful piece of art.

“Are you done staring? Don’t tell me it’s your first time being with a woman.” Xiao Zhiqing felt awkward and exposed. Even though she had accepted her fate, it was still an uncomfortable process.

Yang Chen snapped out of staring at Xiao Zhiqing and grinned at her. “I’ve seen many, but none as wonderful as yours.”

Looking at Yang Chen’s dazed smile, Xiao Zhiqing knew that he was praising her. His praise was for her, and her alone. Even though Xiao Zhiqing was doing this unwillingly, she could not help feeling touched and hungering for what was to come.

Suddenly, Yang Chen reached out both hands and gently squeezed her breasts!

“Ouch! What are you doing? It hurts… Ouch!”

Xiao Zhiqing was ready to give Yang Chen a piece of her mind when a sudden piercing pain came from below.

A warm object penetrated her body, breaking through the cold iciness that she had lived with for 20 over years.

Xiao Zhiqing’s tears came streaming down uncontrollably, staining the snow-white sheets. She knew that for that one moment she was distracted, she had already lost her virginity.

In fact, this man who had taken her youth was going to be dead really soon.

Yang Chen grinned to himself, both hands suddenly becoming gentle as he massaged her delicacy. “I was worried you would be too nervous for your first time. After all, tensing up always makes it worse. So, I drew your attention away before I started. Don’t worry, it’ll all be better soon, I promise you’ll fall in love with this feeling. I am a very experienced man, not some inexperienced newbie.”

Yang Chen looked extremely pleased with himself, but Xiao Zhiqing just laughed and said, “You better start thinking of your last words. Although I’m not going to be particularly affected by it.”

Yang Chen shook his head and said, “Oh come on, we’ve just had such a wonderful time. Why would you say something like this to ruin the atmosphere?”

“You should feel it by now that the thing you’ve left inside my body is turning cold.” Xiao Zhiqing smiled brightly at him.

Yang Chen became stunned for a moment. Slowly, he realized that something was very, very wrong.

In normal circumstances, his junior would’ve been enveloped by warmth and comfort. But in Xiao Zhiqing’s body, it was enveloped by a cold chill.

Could it be that this woman was cold blooded!?

That explained why he could not feel any rise in temperature of Xiao Zhiqing’s body. Her body felt like it was soaked in water, way below a person’s normal body temperature. It also explained why even though she was a virgin, she did not leak a single drop of blood. Her blood had solidified in her body a long time ago.

The weirdest thing was that the chills emitted from her body were slowly flowing through Yang Chen’s body!

Yang Chan furrowed his brows and asked, “Your body doesn’t just have toxins in it. It has cold poison buried inside?!”

Xiao Zhiqing laughed coldly. “What if it does? I can’t believe you still have the time to rationalize it. It’s too late, you’re a goner.”

Yang Chen nodded his head in concern and said, “That may not be so.”

After finishing his sentence, he thrusted hard into Xiao Zhiqing.


Xiao Zhiqing’s face instantly turned pale. Just moments ago she was still a virgin, and this sudden push by Yang Chen deep into her depth nearly sent her fainting.

“My dear, I was just getting started. I already said so, without getting the justice I want, I will never let you go.” Yang Chen laughed joyfully, ignoring Xiao Zhiqing’s look of disbelief and continued aggressively advancing.

After a long afternoon in this serene hotel, they became one through their actions.

As a result of Yang Chen’s diligent efforts, Xiao Zhiqing transitioned from the initial occasional spikes of pain to gradually reaching euphoria.

She initial wondered why the skin of this man who had been in such intimate contact with her had not festered, but instead gotten more and more energetic. Later on, after several sessions of Yang Chen toying around with her, Xiao Zhiqing felt as if she had reached a new high, riding up and down on him like rocking on a boat on sea. She was so blissfully unaware that she had completely forgotten of her circumstances.

Yang Chen tirelessly bent her body gently into several positions. Due to her cool physique, her bones were easily bendable to suit different odd positions, perfectly demonstrating what Yang Chen wanted, making him infatuated with her.

It was only when Xiao Zhiqing’s expression became exhausted and her cries slowly died down that Yang Chen realized that they’d been going at it for the entire afternoon.

After three rounds of discharge, Yang Chen finally let Xiao Zhiqing rest on the bed and proceeded to drink a glass of red wine left over from the afternoon. One sip later, he spoke to a still faint Xiao Zhiqing. “This wine is good. The drug was surprisingly effective. It didn’t alter the taste in anyway.“

Xiao Zhiqing slowly came to, albeit tired mentally and physically. She observed the man who had thoroughly wrecked her body for the last few hours and felt as if everything was a dream. Although she wasn’t very experienced in this field, never had she heard of a man who could go at it for a whole afternoon.

“Yo—you’re really fine?“ Xiao Zhiqing asked, still in disbelief. At this point, she didn’t even have the strength to hate him anymore.

Yang Chen reached out an arm to slap Xiao Zhiqing’s thigh, watching as a ripple went out over her thighs. He asked her instead, “Do you feel unwell anywhere?”

Xiao Zhiqing raised an eyebrow and realized that she did in fact feel different, not unwell but different.

Gradually, Xiao Zhiqing’s eyes started to water as she suddenly realized what had happened. Her weariness vanished and she clasped her hands to her mouth, muttering, “The poison… It’s gone? How could this be?”

Yang Chen smiled warmly at her tears of joy and said, “Even though you wouldn’t tell me yourself, I still managed to piece together what was wrong. Your body is very unique. The accumulation of toxins keep you from dying but it comes with a cost. When it happens, you must’ve been in so much pain you felt like dying. That must also be why you’re so fearless when it comes to death.”

He continued, “My original plan was to find a sexual partner and have fun but you’ve poisoned me so many times, naturally I won’t be giving you up that easily. However, seeing as you’re a virgin, I decided to be lenient and treat you by purging of the toxins in your body as a small favor to you.”