Yang Chen hung his head at the turn of events.

Goddamnit they really went with the police. How far has society fallen that even thugs are able to summon the police! Yang Chen thought.

But come to think of it, poor and innocent as they were, being held behind bars means a place to stay and food to eat. It would have been a mercy for them!

The middle-aged police officer sternly demanded, “If the both of you have nothing to add, then please come downstairs with me and we shall proceed to the police station. The informants are there waiting for you at the moment.”

Yang Chen abruptly had something in mind as she chuckled when he said, “Lads, are you by any chance Officer Cai’s men?”

The two policemen stared at each other before the older one replied, “There are plenty of Officer Cai’s in the force. If everyone knew Officer Cai, what’s the point of working then?”

Yang Chen was caught off-guard. Well I can’t tell them that I’m Cai Yan’s lover, can I? Not with Ruoxi and her soul-piercing gaze here! he thought.

Seeing how the incident unfolded, Lin Ruoxi stoically mentioned, “Alright, enough with the ruckus. Let’s go. I’m sure we can get it covered face-to-face.”

Yang Chen tactlessly agreed with a bitter smile. “Yes ma’am.”

As they boarded the police car to the police station, Lin Ruoxi made but one call to her personal lawyer and kept her silence for the rest.

Yang Chen took a look at Rouxi and was met with a soul-piercing gaze. He really messed up this time.

All this while Lin Ruoxi had avoided any interaction with the police because she was actively trying to avoid Cai Yan.

Back then when Jiang San called to ‘greet’ Lin Ruoxi, it left Ruoxi furious for some time. Meeting Cai Yan was an inevitability.

Now that they were on their way to the police station, it’d be a miracle if they did not meet.

Come to think of it, Yang Chen and Cai Yan hadn’t actually met up recently. He might have missed her, but he would never expect to reunite with her in such circumstances!

As they entered the police station, Yang Chen felt like he went back to his ancestral home, only the fact that Lin Ruoxi was here this time which had left him in cold sweat.

As for the incident where Yang Chen murdered Officer Lu as part of his cause to defend Lu Min, many of the policemen were secretly transferred to other stations by the Institute of Defense. Most of the policemen here were unaware of the horrors that had happened in their precinct.

Within the main office room, the three thugs appeared all innocent and whiny. Upon noticing the arrival of Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi they were ecstatic.

“Sir, you have to fend for us unfortunate folks. We came all the way to Zhonghai just to make a living for ourselves. This well-off couple over here wouldn’t even let us off the hook for some spare change, even throwing us to the back of garbage trucks! Our lives meant nothing to them!”

Even Lin Rouxi was slightly moved by their words. Yang Chen by her side whispered into her ear. “Ruoxi, don’t worry, it’s my fault. I’ll admit to my own wrongdoings.”

Lin Ruoxi despisingly glanced over at her husband. “What more can I say about you? I blame only myself for trusting that you were able to handle that situation with maturity. If I handled them by myself, then I wouldn’t need you to fend for me, and if you didn’t fend for me then we wouldn’t have to come here in the first place.”

The words she used might not have Yang Chen to blame, but it somehow was not too pleasant for him to hear either.

Right at that moment, a female officer came up to them. “Are you Ms Lin and Mr Yang? I’m aware that both of you might have leading positions in society, but in the face of the law, everyone is equal. I suggest you cooperate with us from here on out.”

Lin Ruoxi hardly spared them any breathing space as she declared, “My husband and I will not answer any questions at the moment. We are innocent civilians and that is all I will tell you. If you’re looking for more details, my lawyer is on the way. Until then, we will remain silent.”

The female officer was in her thirties. To have someone like Lin Ruoxi talk to her in that manner made her agitated. “Oh, look at you, acting all high and mighty. Fine, keep your silence, don’t come begging when you get caught.”

The three thugs on the other corner chose the occasion to add fuel to the fire. All of a sudden, it caught the attention of the entire station.

The fat man on the corner was by far the most dramatic as he held onto a policeman’s hand and pleaded, “Sir, that man stole my money. I can remember the exact amount, it’s 2425 yuan. If you think I’m making this up you can always go check. I remember because it’s mine…”

The female officer glared at Yang Chen before she proclaimed, “Mr Yang, when your lawyer stops by later, I must ask you to show me your wallet.”

Yang Chen ignored her demand as he went to Lin Ruoxi, with a meticulous tone he asked, “Honey, do you think I should show it to her?”

Everyone seemed to be weirded out by his actions, naturally wondering if a big man like him was this afraid of his wife.

“Do what you want. When have you ever asked for my opinion?” Lin Ruoxi instantly felt uneasy to have all eyes staring at her, as she rolled her eyes on him.

“Hehe.” Yang Chen teasingly smirked. “It doesn’t matter to me anyway, whatever makes you happy.”

Lin Ruoxi kept her emotions in. Her man clearly had no regards of the police force as he acted all tame and obedient.

Right at that moment, from a nearby office, the door opened, and out came a man and a woman.

The woman had her hair neatly tied and arranged. Her lips were radiant and pink. Her stature was impeccably elegant. It was none other than Cai Yan who was just back from a long weekend.

As for that man happily chatting with her, he was more than 185-centimeter tall, in a personalized bespoke suit. He was sharp and personable. In essence, he was nothing short of good looking.

Yang Chen was originally looking forward to the woman he had yet to see for nearly a month, but now that he saw Cai Yan this happy with an ‘inappropriate’ man, he was filled with jealousy.

Regardless of the situation, Yang Chen threw himself up and pointed at that man on the far corner as he taunted, “Bloody hell Cai Yan who is that man?!”

His voice rumbled through the entire police department as everyone stopped to look at Yang Chen and his impending fiasco.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help to hide her face at all costs. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth. Goddamnit Yang Chen! Marrying you is the worst thing I deserved. If I don’t give you the silent treatment for the next month I swear I’m not going to touch glutinous rice balls for the next month! she thought.

Yang Chen eventually realized that Lin Ruoxi was by his side. He knew things were about to take a turn for the worst, but nonetheless was not as pressing a matter as the ‘demonic presence’ by Cai Yan’s side.

As for Cai Yan’s potential intimacy with other men behind his back, Yang Chen was not concerned. After all, Cai Yan was as stubborn as a tree frog. Once she found the man of her dream, no one else would compare. If she really did, there was no loyalty to be said of this world!

Cai Yan saw Yang Chen and was instantly smiling brightly. Since her return to Zhonghai, she had to deal with a string of problems from Yu Lei to many other important cases. This resulted in her not being able to meet Yang Chen. But now as she was hop-skipping towards him, she noticed that Yang Chen was accompanied by Lin Ruoxi by his side.

Her face instantly became red from embarrassment, but it didn’t take long before she rid herself of the uneasiness as she came towards Lin Ruoxi to greet her. “Ruoxi, didn’t think I’d see you here. Is everything alright?”

Lin Ruoxi despite all the reasons she would hate to start a conversation with a love rival, forced her eyes open and cracked a smile. “Well aren’t we all busy with our own things, today we’re here because we seem to be accused.”

“Yan’er, are these two of your friends?”

The towering hunk came behind Cai Yan’s back, with both hands behind his back. His face was proud and smoldering as he glanced despisingly at Yang Chen, before his gaze fixated upon the stunning Lin Ruoxi.