It wasn’t a surprise for Yang Chen to meet Tang Tang as she was too sitting for the exam.

The sudden appearance of the mother-daughter pair left Wei Tinghao rather astonished. He was unable to comprehend Yang Chen’s luck with women.

Lin Ruoxi on her reunion with Tang Wan stayed calm and collected. It was Cai Yan who was perplexed about the situation. After all, she too was aware of the relationship between Tang Wan and Yang Chen.

“Since we’re all here, why don’t we all have lunch together?” Tang Wan went straight to the point.

Lin Ruoxi frowned ever so slightly. If it were Tang Wan alone, she would have rejected her proposal from the get-go. Lin Ruoxi felt that the age gap between Tang Wan and Yang Chen made her the least tolerable of the bunch.

However, Tang Tang was also present. That girl was eventually going to be married to Yuan Ye, which would make her Lin Ruoxi’s in-law. It was important for her to avoid unnecessary conflicts. After careful consideration, she nodded in agreement.

Wei Tinghao was conflicted just from watching on the sidelines as he abruptly came upfront and declared, “It looks like a party in here, I suppose Yan’er and I will be joining in as well!” While speaking he was stealing glances at Tang Wan, hoping to get a closer look underneath those enormous shades.

Tang Wan, however, was quick to oppose the notion as she blurted out, “Who are you? This is a matter between close acquaintances.”

Wei Tinghao was stupefied at her instant denial. He would never expect a man of his standards and dashing good looks to lack any form of privilege in the eyes of women.

But he nonetheless replied with a humble smile, “Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name’s Wei Tinghao and I work for the Interpol. I was Cai Yan’s senior back at the police academy. I came back to Zhonghai from France to collaborate with my junior here on an international case. Sorry if I startled you.”

“Wei Tinghao?” Tang Wan was left contemplating. “You’re from Beijing’s Wei clan?”

Wei Tinghao was amazed at the mention of his clan as he stood proudly with his chin up. “Well, I’m surprised a lovely lady like you would know my background. I spend most of my time abroad and it’s completely true that I am rarely acquainted with anyone in the country. You are right. My father is Wei Buqun.”

“I see. You’re a son of Minister Wei from the Security Bureau. Pardon me for my ignorance.” Tang Wan gave a faint smile as she apologized.

Wei Tinghao cheerily waved his hand. “Apology accepted. After all, I’m still quite a ways length from being my father.”

Meanwhile, Yang Chen who was following along in their conversation suddenly mumbled, “Turns out your dad is a minister. That’s why you act all high and mighty.”

Wei Tinghao frowned. “Mr Yang, I don’t know what you’re insinuating here. I, Wei Tinghao, had relied on nothing but my own effort and perseverance to become one of the only three Chinese Interpol officers there are at the moment. My father did not play a part in it.”

While he was explaining, Tang Wan with a grin brought her daughter close and started whispering into her ear, which prompted Tang Tang to giggle.

Wei Tinghao was left frustrated, unable to comprehend the turn of events.

Lin Ruoxi, on the other hand, was completely indifferent about the small talk as she held onto Yang Chen’s shoulder. “Stop procrastinating, we need to take Zhenxiu for lunch as soon as possible. She needs time to rest before her next math paper.”

“Oh yeah, got it, ma’am.” Yang Chen wouldn’t dare to delay any further as he dashed to the car and locked on to the closest decent Korean eatery.

Tang Tang snickered in response. “Sister Lin, you truly have your way in ‘spouse taming’. Look how obedient he is!”

Lin Ruoxi smiled respectfully at her half compliment before she asked, “Are you both taking our car?”

“I’ll drive her.” Tang Wan took to reply in her daughter’s stead. “Cai Yan, are you coming with us?”

Cai Yan naturally wanted to tag along but hesitated when she noticed an agitated look on Wei Tinghao’s face. She decided to decline this round. “Next time then, I need to stay with my senior.”

Tang Wan gave no attention to Wei Tinghao, but instead nodded at Cai Yan with a smile.

Meanwhile, Yang Chen managed to find a half-decent Korean restaurant and left first. Tang Wan in her black Land Rover, followed closely as both vehicles left into the horizon.

The ever-changing events went off like a mini-series.

Wei Tinghao had assumed that when Tang Wan identified who he truly was, the crowd would be speechless. Never would he have expected that his statement would not only go unnoticed, but also ridiculed.

Standing at his spot Wei Tinghao’s facial expression was as murky as swamp water. “Yan’er, who is that bestie of yours? How can she be this disrespectful towards someone she just met?”

You were the one bringing up your background just to prove a point in the first place. Plus it’s your damn idea to tag along for a meal with people who hardly know you... Cai Yan rambled in her head but kept it all from materializing given his seniority.

So instead she blankly replied, “Senior, she is the current CEO of Yu Lei International. As for the other, her name is Tang Wan…”

“The CEO of Yu Lei International?” Wei Tinghao was visibly astonished but hastily repressed his emotions. “I guess in a capitalistic society the rich can just walk around flashing their wealth like a crown. Who cares about a businesswoman anyway. But Tang Wan, I feel like I have heard of her before.”

Due to Wei Tinghao’s prolonged residence abroad, that name did not seem to ring a bell.

Cai Yan was nonetheless slightly agitated on the inside. Your stupid Interpol position can’t even make her annual salary in a century! she thought.

“Here’s a hint, for someone to figure out your background in hardly any time and couldn’t care less about it, does anything ring a bell? Another hint would be her surname ‘Tang’.”

“Oh… is she from the Tang clan?” Wei Tinghao was flustered the moment he figured out.

Pfft, just a member of the four dominant clans left you this hysterical. If I told you that the despicable fellow was from the Yang clan, you’ll probably die from shock! The thought flashed through Cai Yan’s head, but on the outside, she nodded calmly in agreement.

But Cai Yan ultimately decided against exposing Yang Chen. “Senior, work comes first. Let’s grab a quick bite and start.”

Wei Tinghao was left in cold sweat from the revelation but chose to forego all the problems with those women as he stiffly chuckled. “Alright, you’re absolutely right. Let’s go.”

Meanwhile, about a quarter of an hour later, Yang Chen pulled up at a Korean eatery. They chose a table by the window and separated themselves into two rows.

Rain started drizzling on the outside, splashing onto the roof of the restaurant. All in all, it was a relaxing and jovial mood.

Zhenxiu and Tang Tang were the main guests of honor, which naturally left them with making the orders. Tang Tang was a foodie through and through, while Zhenxiu was a natural with Korean cuisine. It did not take long for their table to be decorated with an array of delectable delights.

Yang Chen was still concerned about the fact that Cai Yan and Wei Tinghao were eating together and it left him wanting to contact her immediately. But in the end, he had to suppress all urges in fear of upsetting the two women by his side. I gotta call Cai Yan first thing I go back, just to make sure that bastard didn’t do anything inappropriate!

Wei Tinghao’s reaction towards the series of events naturally became the center of the jokes between Tang Tang and Zhenxiu.

Tang Wan saw that Yang Chen was spacing out, she coyly asked a question. “Young Master Yang doesn’t seem to be too pleased that a certain someone isn’t here though.”

Yang Chen nearly dropped the piece of grilled meat he had between his chopsticks. He could feel the chilling stare from the edge of Lin Ruoxi’s gaze, as he instantly followed up with a believable excuse. “I was thinking about that Wei Tinghao. Is his background really all that impressive?”

Tang Wan burst into laughter. “What? Why would you get so stressed out over that? I was assuming that you were worried about Cai Yan.”

Yang Chen discreetly hinted at Tang Wan with the slightest movements of his pupils. Bloody hell are you trying to screw me up today? There’s already a list of things I did today that’d prompt Ruoxi to start a cold war with me! Please stop it! he thought.

Tang Wan pretended as if she was unaware of his subtle hints as she continued, “Well it’s no big deal, the Wei clan in Beijing is just a second-tier clan. But Wei Buqun is the current Minister of Security. Plus they have two other direct relatives who are deputy general officers of the security bureau, so I guess his clan could be considered to wield genuine power. But trust me, it’s nothing compared to yours.”

Yang Chen faked a cough as he proclaimed, “Not that I care anyway. Let’s eat.”

Whilst talking Yang Chen excitedly snatched a piece of freshly grilled meat from the grasp of Tang Tang’s chopsticks and served it over into Lin Ruoxi’s plate. He then coyly said, “Honey, don’t just watch after Zhenxiu. You need to eat too. A little more meat on you would be better to tou—um I mean look at.”

Tang Tang was visibly unhappy as she pouted. “Uncle, how dare you steal my meat to win her heart? Disgraceful!”

“I’m the one paying so why are you complaining? Grill yourself a new one,” Yang Chen threateningly teased.

Tang Tang clenched her teeth as she turned towards her mother and held her by the shoulder. “Mum, look at what Uncle is doing. He’s only taking meat for Sister Lin, but not for you!”

Tang Wan’s supple cheeks saw a tinge of reddening glow. “You little rascal, what are you even talking about? We’re just outsiders in here.”

“Pft. As if,” Tang Tang mumbled rebelliously.

Yang Chen was left cold. On one hand, he felt apologetic to Tang Wan, but if he really did take the initiative to serve Tang Wan, he might as well forget about going home tonight.

Lin Ruoxi continued grilling meat, dropping a piece on Zhenxiu’s plate every now and then. She had completely excluded herself from the bickering, but the piercing gaze from her eyes was slowly eating Yang Chen whole.

First, it was a trip to the police station. Then his rash reaction towards jealousy, followed by a fateful encounter with Tang Wan. It would be a perfectly ordinary day for Yang Chen, but the only problem was, Lin Ruoxi was there the whole time.

Was this doomed to happen on my return to China? At that moment, perfectly grilled meat became nothing but tasteless chunks to Yang Chen.

Fortunately for him, there were still the two teenagers around. Both were of similar age but more importantly equally as cheeky and devious. They might have known one another well before but it did not take long before they were giggling at each another’s jokes.

Just when the meal was almost done, Lin Ruoxi noticed the vibration of her cell phone on the table. She picked up the call. “Mother, is everything okay?”

The caller was none other than Guo Xuehua.

Right across the table, Tang Wan sighed lightly, knowing for a fact that no matter how much she meant to Yang Chen, she could never greet Guo Xuehua as ‘Mother’ the way Lin Ruoxi did.

Regardless of age or position, she would have no chance to become anyone’s daughter-in-law. It was one of her biggest regrets as a woman. Staring across at Lin Ruoxi making a phone call with Yang Chen’s mother, envy came and never left.

Lin Ruoxi nodded to certain things mentioned through the phone before she stoically handed Yang Chen the phone. “Mother wants to speak to you.”