Mo Qianni was nervous when she saw Ma Guifang cross her arms at them. She bit her lip in fear but her eyes showed resilience.

Yang Chen smiled proudly and turned to say, “Auntie, I know our future will not be a smooth-sailing one. However, I hope you’ll trust me. Trust that I will be able to keep Qianni happy for the rest of her life.”

“For the rest of her life? Heh, Boss Lin was so upset she left. Is that your idea of settling it?” Ma Guifang smiled coldly. “Do you not think I want you to be happy together? I’m an outsider here. I of all people know the hardships of life. The closer you get, the more trouble you will attract! Not just for you, but for the people around you. Just think about the future!”

“Mom!” wailed Mo Qianni suddenly. She looked at her mother with her eyes full of tears. “If I let go now, I know I will never have a future!”

Time seemed to have stopped.

Ma Guifang’s eyes flashed in panic. She stood in stunned silence.

Yang Chen was shaken too but soon felt like something was wrong with Mo Qianni. He’d only just turned to see her eyelids slowly close, as her body collapsed on his!


He shouted while Guo Xuehua and Ma Guifang froze in shock!

Mo Qianni was so weak she couldn’t reply. It seemed like her time in the rain was catching up to her. When her eyes closed, she fainted right onto Yang Chen’s body!

“Qianni!” When Ma Guifang saw this, she immediately grabbed her hand and forgot what had happened before.

Guo Xuehua stood by the side with a million things running through her head. She sighed pitifully. “Sigh, Guifang, be gentle! Qianni must be really weak right now. After half a day in the rain, she must’ve caught a cold! Bring her in and warm her up!”

This snapped Ma Guifang awake. She nodded vigorously.

Yang Chen was filled with guilt but felt a stirring in his emotions.

He carried the unconscious woman and strode right into the house.

At this point, Ma Guifang couldn’t care about anything else. She let Yang Chen bring her in.

Looking at Yang Chen’s expression, Ma Guifang felt her heart shudder.

The young man was a fiery beast who was suppressing his rage. Although he wasn’t speaking, she could feel his emotions pour into the atmosphere!

For the first time, Ma Guifang bore witness to Yang Chen’s terrifying aura.

When they entered, Yang Chen carried Mo Qianni upstairs to her room. Since Rose had left early that morning, the house was relatively silent.

When she saw him carry her daughter into the room, Ma Guifang added hurriedly, “Not the room yet. Go to the toilet. I’ll take off her wet clothes, and put on something dry.”

He didn’t listen to her. He carried Mo Qianni straight to her room with only one intention in mind.

Ma Guifang frowned. “Yang Chen, I know you’re upset but this is not the time to throw a tantrum. If she sleeps in wet clothes, it’ll only make her fever worse!”

Yang Chen still kept silent. After entering the room, he suddenly loosened his hands!


Ma Guifang shrieked, thinking Yang Chen just threw her daughter!

However, the next scene caused her jaw drop!

Mo Qianni didn’t fall after Yang Chen let go, but rather softly hung mid-air as if there was an invisible force holding her!

It looked akin to the magic tricks that were performed on television!

Ma Guifang lived most of her life in a mountain village so she didn’t have much contact with the outside world. Her simple-minded thinking was hindering her from believing that something like this was even possible.

He ignored her shocked expression, only waving one arm above Mo Qianni’s body. His eyes were filled with love and care.

Ma Guifang, to her surprise, could see the water evaporate from Mo Qianni’s wet clothes! In the blink of an eye, she was all dried up as if the episode this morning had never happened!

It was only when all the water had evaporated that Yang Chen reached out to take off the woman’s heels before laying her on the soft bed. He then used her fleece blanket to tuck her into bed.

“Yo—yo—you’re…” Ma Guifang stuttered. If she didn’t personally know Yang Chen, she would’ve run from fear!

In her eyes, what he did was nothing short of fiction!

Soon his darkened expression turned into one of care. “I’ll explain later. First, I need to regulate her body conditions.”

As soon as he finished, Yang Chen sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed one of Mo Qianni’s wrists. He was stabilizing the energy in her body while eliminating any unwanted residue within.

Of course, this was something Ma Guifang couldn’t understand. She watched as her daughter’s face start to color back up within seconds of him touching her. Even her deeply furrowed brows relaxed, as if resting blissfully.

When he finished, he put her hand down. Reaching over to caress her face, his mouth curled into a faint smile. Yang Chen turned to Ma Guifang. “Auntie, I know that what I did might have scared you, but please relax. I have nothing but the best intentions for you and your daughter.

Ma Guifang gulped, trying her best to calm herself. “Yang Chen… What… are you?”

“I am…” He smiled warmly. “It would take a long time to explain my identity. If I have the chance in the future, I’ll let Qianni know so she can sit down and regale it slowly.”

She fell silent. She didn’t know how to respond to this young man for regular logic couldn’t be used to explain what he did.

He shot up, then bowed solemnly. “Auntie, I know that to you, I might not be a good man. I’ll admit I’m greedy, selfish, lazy, and arrogant. When I like a pretty girl, I’ll claim her as mine!

“I will never allow any man to disrespect the women I like. I will kill in broad daylight to protect the ones I love!

“I won’t divorce my wife for Qianni, nor would I abandon my family and marriage for other women. That is why I cannot give Qianni a complete marriage, not even a status.

“You can say that I’m stubborn. That’s true. I don’t listen to the rules made by society. I abide by my own rules!

“Ever since I was just a boy, I knew that if I was strong enough, I could have everything I wanted!”

Ma Guifang stood frozen. Upon listening to his immoral, impractical ideas, she became angry. However, Yang Chen radiated so much anger it felt as if the skies were pressing in, so she dared not fight back!

She was already lucky she hadn’t collapsed!

At this point, Yang Chen took a deep breath and smiled. The power he radiated decreased in strength.

“But… Auntie, I want to say that… what I feel towards Qianni is real!

“I don’t know what I can do for you to believe me. It doesn’t matter what background, position, or powers I have, but I can promise you this. I want you to be clear that one, I will never give up on Qianni because we love each other…

“Two, I cannot guarantee Qianni wouldn’t be harmed for the rest of her life. That wouldn’t be realistic. But I’ll always be there for her. I’ll be there for the rest of her life to care for her, love her, and make her happy. I’ll never leave her alone till the day I die.”