Cai Ning would have to wait. Yang Chen hovered himself across the room, grabbed a pair of t-shirt and shorts before hurling himself off the balcony.

Yang Chen sped on his car towards Agave Club on the west end. It was well known for being populated with the rich. Because he was familiar with the place, he did not need the GPS to locate it.

Wei Tinghao was after all a man of nobility. A man of his status would naturally be picky about where he drank.

Neon lights flashed up and down the street. Women in skimpy clothing took to the streets in search of a decent run for their money.

Yang Chen nonetheless was completely uninterested by the supple legs or voluptuous bosoms exposed for all to savor. He was a little too preoccupied with his goals in mind.

The moment he hopped out of the car, he coincidentally came across a glossy, black Infiniti QX56 entering the parking lot.

Upon identification of the man in the driver’s seat, Yang Chen sneaked into his seat and subtly closed the car door before him.

The passenger door was opened from within, and down came Cai Yan. She was dressed in a red-fringed blouse paired with grey cotton hot pants. It was a farcy from her regular uniform.

The policewoman endorsed her sleek, supple pair of legs in the forefront and paired it with her energizing posture.

And in the driver’s seat was Wei Tinghao in a striped shirt paired with skinny jeans. His proud and conceited grin seemed to be made for this exact occasion.

Cai Yan stepped down from the car and started gazing around for Yang Chen’s arrival, but when she failed to spot him, there was a tinge of disappointment in her eyes.

“Yan’er, who are you waiting for? The alumni are probably sick of waiting by now,” Wei Tinghao politely mentioned.

“Oh.” Cai Yan forced a smile as she nodded before tailing him into the function hall.

Her previous mates from the police academy now held important roles in the government which was why she tried her best not to risk annoying them.

Wei Tinghao initiated by reaching out to hold Cai Yan’s hand, but his plans were thwarted as she instinctively placed it close to her torso.

Wei Tinghao feigned ignorance, but his eyes flashed with disappointment. He knew, however, that opportunities just like this would present themselves in the future. After all, he was here for a couple more days.

The more complicated the process, the sweeter the rewards.

However, right before he could make his way to the hall entrance, he felt a bizarre pain in his lower abdomen.

He suddenly felt like he needed to pee badly!

Wei Tinghao was dumbfounded as his bladder seemed to be expanding and forcing onto his nether regions.

He instantly halted his footsteps and froze, hesitant to take another step! He feared that his bladder would give way if he did.

“Senior… are you okay?” Cai Yan was filled with curiosity as she turned back to the awkwardly positioned Wei Tinghao.

Wei Tinghao held onto his abdomen as he took a few long breaths, “My… stomach… doesn’t feel too good…”

Cai Yan was confused. Just a moment ago he was proud and charismatic. How much pain must he be in to look this pale?

“Senior, you okay? Do you want to take a trip to the bathroom before we enter?” Cai Yan stared at Wei Tinghao’s perplexed face whilst holding her laughter in.

Wei Tinghao painfully frowned as he replied, “If… I move… things are going to go bad.”

Wei Tinghao’s body was twisted in an unnatural position. He was trying his best to keep it in.

Nevertheless, a hint of liquid could be seen lining the nether regions of his trousers.

Since it was by the entrance of the functional hall, there were always guests entering and leaving at all times, along with the army veterans as security.

At that moment, two of them took to notice Wei Tinghao’s peculiar actions and affectionately went out of their way to ask. “Sir, do you need any help? You don’t look too well.”

The security guards’ approach fueled the fire as he felt his intestine regurgitating rapidly.

Soon after, not only was his bladder about to explode, his bowels started to gurgle as well!

Wei Tinghao’s face went deathly pale. His eyeballs seemed as though they would fall off the sockets!

Before the security guards could get close, Wei Tinghao let out a deafening cry.


A gush of warm liquid was expelled from his body, leaving his zipper wet before rapidly making its way down his trousers and onto his feet.

His shoes along with the floor started reeking from the pungent odor, as it quickly spread onto the ground beside him.

Regardless of how outspoken Cai Yan was, it was quite the surprise seeing an adult male fail to keep his fluids in. She screamed in terror and instantly hopped back as far as she could to avoid any potential splatter.

The guards were stupefied. What the hell is happening? This dickhead actually peed himself in front of a luxury functional hall?!

It managed to stir up a fiasco, which led to many passersby and guests towards the scene. When they realized it was a big, noble-looking man peeing himself, they started to gag and look away from the scene.

“My god, what a sight. Who would have thought that the events here at Agave Club would start right at the entrance?”

“Mummy… that uncle over there peed his pants.”

“Shh, maybe he’s a mental asylum patient on the loose…”

The tyrannical onslaught of jeers and ridicules left Wei Tinghao’s confidence practically gone. It no longer mattered to him why this was happening. All he wanted was for the floor to open up and swallow him whole!

The incident, however, was far from over.

Just when the two security guards decided to escort Wei Tinghao somewhere else in an attempt to avoid potential detriment to their business, Wei Tinghao’s gut started churning like a whale.

The guards started speculating what was about to happen.


It was a symphony of trapped air and the regurgitating sounds of water.

Wei Tinghao panicked as he felt his ‘back door’ give way!

At that moment, not only was his trousers filled with pee, his underwear was starting to burst from all the solids that were coming out of him!

The security guards reactively darted away before they ranted furiously.

“Damn it, this guy may look all high and noble, but it turns out he might just be a retard!”

“I’m sure he definitely is, I think we should call the cops!”

Wei Tinghao heard it all. The great successor of the Minister of the Security Bureau, Interpol’s finest, was now publicly peeing and excreting on his own pants!

But he could wallow in shame later, he had more important matters to deal with.

Wei Tinghao soullessly glanced across the crowd before he noticed Cai Yan hiding in the corner. He started pleading, “Yan’er, help me…”

“Wait, stand back!”

Cai Yan nonetheless found out quite early that this event was the doing of some prankster lurking in some corner, which prompted her to instinctively put up with the act. She put out a timid expression and instantly hid away from Wei Tinghao.

Several other socialites on site started voicing their detestation towards the security guards.

“What the hell is wrong with you people? Why would you allow a psychopath to even enter? Gosh, it smells like garbage here, I can’t take it anymore. Let me go inside!”

“Drag this lunatic back to his mental asylum immediately you sack of shits! I swear if his excrements get to my baby…”

The other guards quickly comprehended the commotion and instantly came running out along with their manager. “What the hell are you all daydreaming about? Get this sociopath to a mental hospital!”

“Don’t you dare touch me, I’m an International Police!” Wei Tinghao taunted, but as soon as he reacted his bowels followed in suit.


That scene solidified their perception of him as a mental asylum patient!

“Interpol? Hahaha, what a retard!” The crowd in unison erupted into laughter.

The security guards were debating which was worth more, their jobs or their sanity. In the end, they decided that it was time to fulfill their paychecks and drag him away!

But nonetheless, taking down Wei Tinghao was easier said than done. Otherwise, he would not even be sent alone to conduct the operation in China.

The security guards might have been army veterans, but when placed upon the same playing field as Wei Tinghao, just a few simple moves and they were left holding onto their positions.

The manager witnessed the turn of events and was furious at the inability of his employees. It not only reflected badly on the company, but it reflected badly on his self-image!

“If you guys can’t hold onto this lunatic you best not be expecting any pay for the month!”

When their financial lifelines were on the line, the security guards decided that it was time to stop messing around and finish it once and for all!

“Sissy, don’t think you can get out unscathed!”

Half a dozen experienced men from the military surrounded Wei Tinghao as they hurled everything they had. Eventually, they were able to pin him down and restrict his movements.

Right at that moment, all the excrement within Wei Tinghao’s trousers slipped through his underwear from the excessive force.

Along with a kick, the yellow-brownish, pungent smelling turd shot into the sky.


A woman’s hysterical scream was heard, and it was unsurprisingly Wei Tinghao’s feaces, flung onto the woman’s face!