It had now turned into a complete uproar. This was not the act of a mentally ill patient, it was the work of a demonic sociopath!

The incident was yet to be resolved as several other people who were standing a little too close were affected by the excrement as well!

The security guards were horrified. High-profile guests came from all over town to relax and spend big money here. With this one act, they pretty much tossed their reputation into the trash!

As more passersby took notice, many guests originated from within the establishment came outside to take a look at the event.

Amongst those were the academy mates of Wei Tinghao and Cai Yan. The moment they realized whom the crowd was calling a psychopath, they were stupefied.

“Isn’t that Senior Wei? What the…”

“Let’s pretend we don’t know him. I guess Senior Wei must be in a lot of stress these days. Maybe that’s why his mental health is in such horrifying state…”

“Let’s sneak out before he sees us.”

Several of the alumni who were planning on deepening their relationships with Wei Tinghao immediately did a one-eighty and left.

Wei Tinghao noticed their actions and was disgusted. But what could he do? Right now, all he wanted to do was escape the scene.

After a ferocious flying kick, he kept the security guards at bay. Without even taking notice of Cai Yan amongst the crowd, he dashed to the parking lot with only escaping the scene in mind.

Behind him was an angry crowd of wailing women and disgusted men along with the security forces chasing in pursuit.

Just when he made his way to the parking lot, he was stupefied.

Where’s the car? he thought.

The gorgeous, polished, black Infiniti SUV was just here where he parked a while ago, now it was gone! He could only assume someone took to drive it away.

But the car keys were still with him!

That prompted him to instinctively reached for his keys in his pocket, only to be left in shock.

The pockets in his jeans were untouched but his keys were missing.

Wei Tinghao was dumbfounded. There was no way the brawl was intense enough for his keys to fall off! Even if it did, he would have noticed!

Before he could contemplate further, the security forces in pursuit came up to him all at once and clamped him down on the ground.

“Let me go… I—I’m from the Interpol…”

The security guards were over with his nonsense.

And with that, the fiasco had finally come to an end. Regardless of how hard he yelled and taunted, the security guards were unfazed as they slammed him on the back of his head, rendering him unconscious.

The entrance of the functional hall had an extended cleanup session as the crowd gradually dissipated.

Cai Yan interacted with some of the alumni who were still terrified from the aftermath before they all gradually went their separate ways.

As they all left onto their individual cars, the allegedly missing black Infiniti cruised from a nearby parking spot towards Cai Yan.

The car door was flung open, and on the driver’s wheel was the mastermind behind the entire scene.

Cai Yan passionately glared at her man before she hopped onto the car and closed the door.

“I knew it was you, you cheeky brat. You came early but decided to hide away and prank him this bad. It actually frightened the hell out of me. Wei Tinghao’s reputation is truly buried in the dirt. I’m sure he wouldn’t be telling his parents about this, and even the Interpol would fire him if they find out.”

Cai Yan might be naggy but her tone was that of excitement. Wei Tinghao might have been her senior, but throughout their reunion the past few days, he had only been an arrogant and unlikeable figure.

Besides, that brat sure had a huge gap with the man she had chosen, and that did not play out well for the prior.

Yang Chen navigated the car onto the highway as he mentioned, “This incident is clearly a scheme. Interpol would soon investigate and pardon him for his actions. As for himself, he’s experienced a lot the past years so I’m sure he’ll brush it off sooner or later.”

Cai Yan nodded happily before she asked out of curiosity, “Babe, mind telling me how you did it?”

Yang Chen smirked as he pointed to his right cheek.

Cai Yan understood the hint and brought herself closer, and gave him a tight smooch!

“Hehe.” Yang Chen proudly explained, “Well it’s nothing actually. I manipulated the flow of his Qi and played around with his Zhongji, Guanyuan, Kidney meridians. I then followed up with stimulations at his intestinal, Hegu, Yanxiang, and Quchi meridians. These pulses are the key initiator of excretion. If I stimulate them all at once, I’d be downright impressed if he did not shit his pants!”

Cai Yan was amazed at his prowess as she enthusiastically added, “Is that part of the internal energy? The one that Elder Sister has been practising?”

Yang Chen shook his head. “It’s not exactly that. To be honest, I don’t really know what it is. I mean I know what it is but I can’t form it into words.”

“What about that key? When was it taken?”

Yang Chen reached out with his right hand and made a little circle in the air before catching something.

It turned out to be a decorative swiss army knife on the set of keys in his hand, appearing like the end of a magic trick.

Cai Yan was bewildered as she searched within the pockets of her shorts. “ This… is my key. How did you do it?”

Yang Chen shrugged as he replied, “As I said, I’m not sure, but I somehow can.”

Cai Yan pouted. “If only I was half as good as you, then I wouldn’t need to worry about arresting bad guys.”

Yang Chen almost cried from laughter. “What a woman. Why can’t you just have some adorable keychains with your keys like all the other girls. I mean the swiss army knife is fine too, but the police gig is a problem. I sometimes wish you could just do huge businesses like Ruoxi, at least you don’t need to fight crime on the streets.”

“Hmph,” Cai Yan vexed. “Yeah yeah, your wife’s the best. I might just be a meager policewoman, receiving that tiny slice of taxpayers’ money every month. But this is my dream job! Back in the days, I did it to make my parents proud. But now that the job has grown onto me, I genuinely adore this progression. Every time I arrest someone on the wanted list, I just feel accomplished.”

Yang Chen reached out and gave her face an affectionate squeeze. “I never disrespected your job, but it’ll be great if you try to keep yourself away from getting hurt. If you ever face any danger, just call me. If you ever face any trouble at work, I’ll bring the police station down to its foundations.”

Cai Yan pouted as she added, “Really?’

“About what?”

“If I injure myself, you’ll destroy the station?” Cai Yan questioned.

Yang Chen replied with a grin, “You really think I won’t do it? You should know by now that I’m the biggest villain the world has ever seen. It’s just that no one’s been able to arrest me.”

Cai Yan chuckled. “I’m sure if that happens I’ll be so pissed at you, but now that you said it I kinda feel happy.”

“I guess women all like a little sweet, nonsensical wide lie, don’t they?”

Cai Yan grabbed her keys back from Yang Chen’s grasp as she happily consented. “I don’t know about other people, but it works for me.”

Yang Chen reached out and gave her shoulder a tight hug, pulling her as close as she possibly could to him. “Yanyan, I made you a happy lady today, didn’t I? Now it’s time for you to return the favor.”

Cai Yan felt her ear lobes heating up as she mumbled, “How do I do that…”

“I’m taking you to a really special place right now. Since we have some time to spare, can you get down in the car and give me a—”

Yang Chen cunningly mumbled a series of cryptic words, which at the end of his sentence led to Cai Yan vigorously shaking her head. “What? I can’t do that! What if someone else sees us?!’

Yang Chen was caught off-guard. “Huh, I thought you’d reject outright.”

Cai Yan coyly pouted her lips. “I don’t think a third-wheeler like me has a choice. Plus, it’s not the first time I’ve done something like this for you.”

“Hehe babe, you know I’m gonna be the one with the bigger reaction if somebody did see us, so why would I ever let that happen? Are you still doubting my abilities?” Yang Chen slyly replied.

Cai Yan hesitated while biting onto her lips.

Yang Chen steered the car into self-driving mode, freed himself from the accelerator, and shifted his seat to the back.

The interior of the Infiniti was spacious. Even more so with the leather seat adjusted backward.

Yang Chen flung his legs open, exposing a huge, cylindrical mass.

Cai Yan pleaded pitifully. “Ugh, this is embarrassing.”

“How about you drive and I satisfy you instead? I’m not worried about embarrassing myself,” Yang Chen replied with a sinister grin.

Cai Yan’s mesmerizing face instantly felt fever-ridden. “I’ll do it then… that’s worse.”

The moment she finished her words, she agilely hopped in front of Yang Chen before she snuggled her lower half in between his legs.

Yang Chen came prepared as he was already in a pair of shorts. Since there weren't many cars on the road, the steering wheel hardly required much maneuvering as he moved his hands to her pelvis.

Cai Yan always had a love-hate relationship with this man of hers. Nonetheless, the wild-spirited side of her came into play as she was strangely drawn towards such exhilarating games, which was exactly what had led to her eventual agreement for his sexy request.

At that moment, what was left before Cai Yan’s eyes was the proud, tall-standing member belonging to Yang Chen. She felt the heat rise up on her cheeks.

Yang Chen, bare-assed on the leather seat, caressed his lover’s face. “Yanyan, we still have approximately 25 minutes before we arrive. I believe you would be able to satisfy me before then.”

Cai Yan grumbled as she rebuked, “If our destination isn’t as good as you make it sound, I’ll bite this thing off!”

“Tsk tsk. How can you be so coy yet so arrogant? Maybe that’s why I fell for you. Anyways, time is being wasted as we speak...”

Before he could finish, Cai Yan grasped onto the steamy large wiener in the dark and engulfed up it whole starting with the cherry red lips of hers.

As they left the city lights behind, the black ride flew across the highway to the distant Southeast region. But who would have expected that the action within the car was just as exhilarating!