Everyone here immediately recognized the most powerful man in Zhonghai, the master of the Yuan clan. More importantly, he was the son-in-law of Beijing’s Yang clan, one of the big four! It was safe to assume that they were related by blood.

These people knew that the army in Beijing was basically the Yang clan’s private army while the Yuan’s controlled the development industry. It was only one of the income streams for the Yang clan too.

With a foundation in business and the military, and through the leadership of a man with many talented heirs like Yang Gongming, the Yang clan had always remained as one of the four dominant clans.

No matter how powerful Li Jianhe’s family was, they were still based in China. Without the protection of the Chinese government, did they truly have power in the European countries? Throughout the entire group, only his wife’s family had more stable ties in politics. Compared to the Yang clan who had the country’s full support, the differences between them were stark. That was why when Li Jianhe saw Yuan Hewei, knowing they were more powerful than the Li’s, he forced himself to smile and call him uncle.

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi looked at each other, confused.

It looked like Li Jianhe was previously late because he’d met Yuan Hewei. Yuan Hewei probably knew from Li Jianhe that this gathering was organized by Chris and immediately made the connection that the husband and wife would be attending.

Chris was an internationally known market and human resource expert. Everyone in the industry would have known that Lin Ruoxi had gotten him to work with Yu Lei.

Since they were family, Yuan Hewei and Yuan Ye obviously had to visit. As for meeting Chris, it was only secondary.

Yuan Hewei had known Chris for many years. They feigned friendliness as they went through the formalities.

Yuan Ye, walking with his father, was also wearing a tuxedo. He secretly winked when he saw Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi but still maintained a serious expression.

Li Jianhe stood and raised his glass at Yuan Hewei as if they were very close.

Many of the people attending started to become very friendly. Who wouldn’t want the chance to meet with one of the largest clans in China? Meeting the Yang’s was rare as they were mainly situated in the military. That was why connecting with a Yuan was a very good stepping stone to the Yang’s!

“Uncle, since you’re here, why not let your nephew introduce everyone at this table? Let me have the honor now, and I hope Uncle will care for them in the future,” said Li Jianhe smilingly.

When everyone heard this, they immediately looked at Li Jianhe with gratitude. They were waiting for a moment exactly like this. They hadn’t expected Li Jianhe to be this generous to pave the way for them.

In Zhonghai, even in the Jiangnan region, if one had a connection with the Yuan clan, everything would be so much easier.

When she saw everyone focus their attention on her husband, Shen Yaxin smiled in delight. She raised her glass, then politely walked to Yuan Hewei’s side. “Uncle, don’t mind my husband, he’s just looking out for his friends.”

Yuan Hewei smiled warmly. “It’s nothing. I’ve done business with your father’s generation for many years. I feel much younger myself to see all of you young ones. You overthink Yaxin.”

Everyone there was shocked to hear that Yuan Hewei even knew Shen Yaxin’s name. They were the husband and wife controlling a large financial group after all. The Yuan clan still had to treat them well to give them some face!

Shen Yaxin was even more delighted. She peered at the quiet Lin Ruoxi with contempt, as if using her eyes to say, Do you see? The difference between my status and yours?

Li Jianhe graciously gestured to invite them over. “Uncle, these two are Chen Zinuo from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the daughter of the Su Province’s Huamao Group, Feng Zhener. They were my university mates.”

Yuan Hewei made an expression like he’d heard a big name, then clicked glasses with them in respect. He’d even let his son clink glasses with them and make small talk. The couple was so pleased their faces started to turn red from happiness.

This was how Li Jianhe introduced the next three couples.

When Yuan Hewei introduced Yuan Ye as his only son, the couples started to notice Yuan Ye. The future of the Yuan clan would fall on this man. His young age would make it infinitely easier to connect with him.

That was why the compliments he received surpassed his father.

Yang Chen was watching them, but he couldn’t help but whisper to Lin Ruoxi, “Honey, it looks like Yuan Ye’s dream of only playing video games is over. If his father is bringing him out to these kinds of social events, it must mean that he is preparing for his son to take over.”

Lin Ruoxi had been ignoring Shen Yaxin’s look of contempt. When she heard what Yang Chen had said, her lips curled. “When men have family, they become more mature. Yuan Ye is making preparations to marry Tang Tang, the Tang clan’s heir. She cannot marry someone who only thinks about video games all day long. Do you think everyone is like you, that they’d continue acting like they weren’t married?”

Yang Chen swallowed his words and smiled sheepishly. “Weren’t we talking about Yuan Ye? Why do I have to be dragged into this?”

“I only think that it’s weird. You’re supposed to be related by blood, but why is Yuan Ye, who is younger than you, more responsible than you?” she said.

Yang Chen rubbed his neck and coughed drily as if nothing had happened.

Lin Ruoxi fell silent. Her mood was much better than before. Her anger at Yang Chen for giving the diamond ring to Mo Qianni had basically faded.

When she saw Li Jianhe and the Yuan men approaching, she asked, “If we expose our relationship here, would that be bad?”

Yang Chen was cutting up his French goose with a knife. If it weren’t for its gravy, he wouldn’t have used a knife. When he heard her question, he returned the question, “Why would that be bad?”

“Weren’t you… unwilling to have anything to do with them?” she stuttered.

He laughed. “I’ve mentioned bringing you back to meet the Yang clan, so I wouldn’t mind it now. And everyone there in Beijing already knows of my existence so since that is the reality, I’ll take it in stride. I’m not going there to kiss ass anyway, there’s nothing to hide.”

She smiled, privately hoping that Yang Chen would be able to be close to his family. Perhaps it was her situation that made her more hopeful for him. She grew up lacking the closeness of a family. She understood what it felt like to be lonely. If she still didn’t meet her in-laws, she’d definitely regret it.

Then again, even if it was Guo Xuehua, Yang Gongming, or the Yuan husband and wife, they were all kind to her. Hence why she was more comfortable with meeting them.

Lin Ruoxi was still traditional at heart. She loved to see families have fun together and not scattered halfway around the world. At least Yang Gongming was still alright but the probability of Yang Chen mending ties with Yang Pojun and Yang Lie would be almost zero. She didn’t want to talk to Yang Chen about this sensitive topic either.

At this moment, Li Jianhe and Shen Yaxin accompanied Yuan Hewei and his son to Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi’s side.

Shen Yaxin rushed to speak, “Ruoxi, why not let your husband raise a glass with us? This is a rare opportunity to get to know Uncle Yuan!”

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi smiled at each other. They didn’t respond but quietly stood.

With a certain amount of pride, Li Jianhe said, “Uncle Yuan, these two are—”

Without waiting, Yuan Hewei raised a hand to stop him. Ignoring Li Jianhe’s confusion, he grumbled with mock frustration to Yang Chen, “You brat, why aren’t you greeting your uncle?”

His words were harsh but it had hints of love and friendliness.

At this moment, everyone thought they had heard it wrong.

Yuan Hewei said… ‘uncle’?!

The air seemed to have frozen in the cabin. Everyone, including Chris and his wife, stood in shock, as if waiting for the answer they didn’t want to hear.

Yang Chen was still holding the knife in his hand as if it wasn’t a big deal. He smiled and replied, “You’re busy making your round of introductions. Ruoxi and I saw that you were busy enough so we didn’t say anything.”

Yuan Hewei let out a guffaw. “Your aunt even mentioned recently that it was alright if you both were busy when Yu Lei was in danger. Now that you’re free, why haven’t you called home for a meal? She’s been asking for the both of you. Didn’t you say that you planned on visiting your father-in-law in Beijing? Why haven’t we heard from you? Your aunt and I are waiting for a family reunion.”

Aunt? Father-in-law in Beijing? Family reunion?

Everyone’s hearts almost stopped!

Li Jianhe and Shen Yaxin had their mouths wide open. They stared at Yang Chen in shock. This man with grease on his lips, the same man who looked like he was no different from a commoner. Who was he? If they didn’t find out soon, their brains would explode!