People had been drawn to stories of fantasy and fiction long before mankind built their first towers. People loved the ideas and promises of a world beyond their own. However, in those rare moments where the line between fiction and reality merged into one, there was no telling how they would react.

It was similar to the old tale of a man who loved dragons but was scared shitless when faced with a real one.

Regardless of the stories told, this was bound to be a sleepless night for the women in the room.

They continued to talk until the wee hours of the morning before each leaving in their own separate ways. Everything Yang Chen had told them sounded so surreal. It wouldn’t come as a shock to them if they woke up the next day and realized it was all a dream.

It wasn’t Yang Chen’s incredible powers that had them shook. It was about his clone and how powerful it was shaping up to be! How was anyone supposed to digest that kind of information in one night?

Lucky for them, Yang Chen came prepared. He had given them a secret confirmation code which was used to verify his identity when he called. He also promised that reinforcements were coming to protect them.

But the ones who did not come mentally prepared were left in a state of disarray. Their minds were racing at a hundred miles per hour but were completely blank at the same time.

Tang Tang and Zhenxiu looked at him in anticipation, begging for Yang Chen to teach them about cultivation too.

Yang Chen didn’t mind teaching them since their success was entirely upon themselves.

But like the others, he told them that cultivation was a game of patience and perseverance.

Yang Chen was planning on teaching the older women in his family as well, but due to their old age and more fragile bodies, the most he could do was strengthen their cores.

Yang Chen was more focused on Lin Ruoxi’s attitude during this gathering.

He noticed that Lin Ruoxi was starting to accept his lovers despite still being upset when he favored talking to them over her.

Excluding Cai Ning, it was actually the first time all his lovers had met each other. They were all friendly to one another and did not quarrel as most people would have expected.

Four days later on the twenty-second of June, the summer solstice had rolled around.

The two teams from the Sea Eagles had arrived in Zhonghai and partnered up with Molin’s team. They had been ordered to protect Yang Chen’s lovers and family members.

The latest equipment they had was brought in via the military and were much stronger than the ones they had before so he gave each one of the ladies a tracking device made with nanotechnology. It was easy to carry around and they could send him their location if they were ever in danger. Yang Chen even went so far as to plant one on himself in order to distinguish himself from the clone.

The annoying thing was that the bastard never appeared after all the preparations were made. Yang Chen had nowhere to release his anger on so he went to Tang Wan, Rose, and Mo Qianni’s rooms and was caught once by Lin Ruoxi when she knocked on the door. Needless to say, he suffered her silence the very next day.

The hill behind the Xijiao Villas was covered with trees and shrubbery.

There was no road leading up the hill. There was only a small footpath created by the workers who installed the iron pylon on the top of the hill.

And on the top of the hill was a perfectly flat yellow platform made of mud. It was around a hundred square meters in size and it looked as though the hilltop was shaved off.

In the middle of it all was a wooden platform with a woman sitting on it.

Rose was sat there cross-legged, wearing a white T-shirt and red jogging shorts. Her eyes were closed and she was completely unfocused on the world around her.

Yang Chen had taught the foundations of cultivation to Rose and Cai Yan seeing as though their bodies were fit enough to begin.

Rose would run up the hill everyday and cultivate according to the technique she had learned after her physical training.

In the beginning, she was quite skeptical about her progress. But as time went by, she soon realized how far she had actually come!

She was already able to feel the flow of Qi within her body!

Yang Chen was genuinely surprised because although it was a very simple technique, achieving it on the first try meant that there was great potential for the person in the future!

Rose became exceptionally hard working after that, and in just three days she was able to see physical changes. In the past, running up the hill would leave her out of breath and gasping for air. Now she was able to run up the hill without breaking a sweat!

The special technique that Yang Chen created was based on the scrolls he had read in the Tower of Scrolls and his own perspective towards the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. It was safe to say that it was a far cry from the normal way of practising cultivation!

Because the sects that wrote the books were mostly in the Xiantian realm, the limit of their teachings only stretched to ones of that realm. But the world that Yang Chen lived in was completely different. He was privy to information only available to those living above the Xiantian realm. That was why things were progressing much faster than normal for Rose!

Rose opened her eyes and sighed. Grey clouds started to form and lightning started to flash. She had to cut her training an hour short and head down, lest she be caught in a storm.

According to Yang Chen, they didn’t need to cultivate for hours on end but it was best that they did it where the air was fresh. Silence also helped with their focus on the training.

Rose was about to stand up when a voice made her stop.

“Don’t get up! Continue cultivating!”

Rose turned back and was surprised to see Yang Chen standing behind her back.

“Hubby, why are you here?” Rose was surprised but was suddenly reminded of something and she said, “How long should we make eye contact for?”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “Ten seconds.”

Rose let out a breath and smiled. “You scared me, I thought the clone came. Why did you come?”

Yang Chen laughed. “Even if he did come, he would’ve done so while you were busy sleeping.”

“Hubby, how long have you been here for?” Rose asked curiously.

Yang Chen nodded. “I came two days ago too. I was worried since you just started cultivating, but I didn’t want to disturb you. Rose my darling, don’t get up, just continue cultivating.”

Rose hesitated. “But a thunderstorm is coming.”

“We want that.” Yang Chen explained, “Thunder, rain, and snow are the best representatives of the laws of Heaven and Earth. If you cultivate while simultaneously experiencing these phenomena, you can expect to see greater changes. The biggest difference between the technique I taught you and conventional ones is that other techniques base themselves on plundering the Heavens and the Earth while mine is based on allowing the two to live in harmony. It might sound easy but it actually takes a great deal of perception to get it right.”

“Cultivation is different from martial arts. While they both practise the strengthening of your Qi, cultivation prioritizes rising through the realms. Once you achieve that, everything else is a piece of cake. There’s no way to achieve reaching the Xiantian realm by just cultivating Qi. Understanding the laws of the Heavens and the Earth is another part of it. And that is the part where it is all up to you. I cannot help you understand something that is unique to everyone.”

Yang Chen clearly remembered the day he entered the Soul Forming stage of his cultivation. He had sat under the rain for an entire day and gained realization from an ant colony. Although Rose might not gain the same enlightenment as himself, it wouldn’t hurt to try.  

Rose nodded, albeit unsure of what he was getting at. She sat down and closed her eyes, waiting for the thunderstorm patiently.

Yang Chen stayed beside her and observed Rose’s cultivation. He used this time as a way to perfect his teaching methods and see where else he could have improved in his explanations.

A few moments later, the rain started pouring after a deafening roar was heard.

The rain poured and the trees shook under the strong wind.

Rose sat still as her clothes started to get drenched by the rain. She frowned as the rainwater dripped down, causing her hair to stick to her face. About ten minutes later, Rose stopped frowning and seemed to be focused on something else.

She looked like a grain of sand amidst a large desert.

Slowly, Rose had forgotten of her surroundings as she used her Qi and performed the cultivation technique.

Every time a raindrop came in contact with her skin, she was able to not just know it was present but feel its delicate presence.

As more and more time passed, the rain gradually faded into a trickle and the deafening thunder softened into a gentle rumble.

Droplets of water dangled off Rose’s trembling eyelashes as she opened her eyes to the sound of chirping birds.