When she opened her eyes, Yang Chen brought himself to her front and lowered his body until they were at eye level. He too was drenched after standing in the rain while accompanying her.

“How was it? Do you feel any different?” Yang Chen asked gently.

Rose raised her head and mumbled, “The raindrops that I saw weren’t the same ones which fell before me...”


Rose pouted as she replied in a confused tone, “I felt something but I can’t pinpoint what it was exactly.”

Yang Chen smiled. “It's okay. At least this is an improvement over the last time. Take it one step at a time. Even though I have provided you with an accelerated course, these things are still best accomplished with time and patience.”

“Okay!” Rose smiled gleefully and stood up slowly.

Her wet clothes clung to her body because of the rain causing her hard nipples to protrude from it.

Raindrops continued to drip down her hair which made her fair and delicate face look much more attractive.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but stare at her being. The vague hints of sweet promises were much more enticing to him than her being naked.

Rose tossed him a flirtatious wink when she noticed Yang Chen staring at her. “Hubby, let’s go before your eyeballs fall out of their sockets.”

Yang Chen slapped her buttcheeks which rang out on the open platform.

“What are you doing, acting like a vixen so early in the morning? If it wasn't for the mud, I would have eaten you up right here!”

Rose giggled and walked off. She was about to make her way down when she froze in her steps. The path in front of her had turned into mud due to the rain. This would result in her white sneakers turning yellow.

More importantly, Rose, like every other woman, disliked the thought of being dirty by trudging through the mud.

She turned around and asked Yang Chen in a small voice, “Hubby… can you carry me on your back down the hill?”

Yang Chen contemplated for a while and immediately understood her motive.

He shook his head after some hesitation. “No, I won’t.”

Rose then assumed Yang Chen had his reasons for it and nodded albeit disappointed at the result.

But before she could turn around, Yang Chen lifted her and gave her a princess hug!

“Ah!” Rose exclaimed. She was clearly not expecting Yang Chen to lift her up!

She asked Yang Chen in surprise while hooking her arms around his neck, “I thought you didn’t want to carry me.”

“Yes I didn’t want to carry you, but I did want to hug you.” Yang Chen smiled as he walked.

“Why a hug…”

Yang Chen winked. “This way, I can stare at your face for as long as I want to.”

Rose lifted her body and kissed him, touched by his words.

She then licked her lips and said to him seductively, “There are other things we can do too...”

Soon enough, the clouds cleared up and the sun shone through the fog that had gathered. The hill was once again presented in all its green glory.

After descending from the hill, they continued to chat until they were home. Yang Chen drove off to Yu Lei Entertainment after seeing Rose to her door.

When he arrived at the office, he noticed a tall, lean beauty working at a table beside his desk. She stood up immediately and bowed down to him the moment she saw him.

“Good morning, Master.”

The beauty had a mature but attractive face with thick arched eyebrows and full red lips. It was none other than the current leader of the Yamata Sect, Hannya!

Ever since the elites from the Yamata Sect were given the green light to enter China, Hannya dug up an excuse to remain by Yang Chen's side. She claimed it would be easier to watch over her subordinates if she could monitor them from Zhonghai.

Yang Chen knew she would never be able to mentally distinguish her servitude and her personal life due to her training by Noriko Okawa who only taught her to listen and obey. The final nail in the coffin was when he took her virginity with his own hands.

The moment Noriko Okawa died, she was free but felt extremely uncomfortable without a master. This resulted in the woman pouring her heart and soul in hopes to repay Yang Chen for his deeds to her.

Yang Chen had her replace An Xin since it would make things easier for all of them if she was by his side.

It was approved by Lin Ruoxi and she didn’t hesitate even when Yang Chen told her about Hannya’s true identity. Her generosity in situations that involved their own safety impressed Yang Chen even till this day.

It seemed like she was holding in her dissatisfaction of the situation due to a more pressing matter of security at hand.

Hannya was better than Yang Chen when it came to managing an entertainment agency since she managed Yamata Sect.

The only reason Yang Chen had even come to work at all was to receive his usual updates from Sea Eagles and Yamata Sect.

Yang Chen asked as he sat down, “Any updates?”

Hannya answered him earnestly, “The ninjas in Beijing had already found three secret military research laboratories. But we cannot confirm nor deny anything as of late due to the tight security employed by these bases. If those three places aren’t Yan Buwen’s laboratories, we’ll have to expand our search to nearby cities or consider other provinces.”

Yang Chen nodded. “What about Yan Buwen and the Yan clan?”

“Master, Yan Buwen had disappeared from the public for almost two weeks now. We are unable to obtain his location. As for the Yan clan, they seem to be going through an internal conflict. The head of Yan clan who so happens to be Yan Buwen’s grandfather and the vice premier of China, Yan Qingtian, has been absent from several conferences due to some illnesses. According to our sources, his leave of absence was due to his personal mission to find Yan Buwen. It would seem that even the core members of the Yan clan are not aware of the reason for Yan Buwen’s disappearance.”

Yang Chen smiled faintly. “What an interesting fellow. I would have loved to get to know him. Too bad he’s on the opposing side of our conflict.”

Hannya asked, “Master, Princess Jane hasn’t confirmed that he was the culprit who broke down the firewall. Also, why would he hold a grudge against you? What makes you so sure he is the culprit?”

“One look at him was all I needed to confirm his actions,” Yang Chen stated lightly.

Hannya was confused. She evidently didn’t understand what he meant.

Yang Chen glanced at her and asked, “Hannya, are you scared of me?”

Hannya couldn’t help but shiver and look down. Her chin was tucked so far down it reached her busty chest. “Yes.”

“That’s it then,” Yang Chen laughed dryly. “You’re afraid of me because you know my past. You know the things I have done to get to where I am today. Not only you, but Sauron, Makedon, Ron, and the others are all afraid of me as well. So despite treating them like friends, I didn’t truly have any real friends before coming to China.”

Hannya raised her head and asked in surprise, “Could it be that… Yan Buwen isn’t afraid of you?”

Yang Chen nodded. “He isn’t. Despite having access to my past, I couldn’t sense an ounce of fear within him. He’s a genius who could rival Jane in almost every aspect. When we met, he treated me as if we were equals. He even went so far as to provoke me. I knew that he was an unusual one but I did not think that he would target me of all people. I’ve just been curious as to where he got his confidence from and why he holds such a grudge against me.”

Hannya seemed to have understood and told him sincerely, “Master, you’re definitely stronger than Yan Buwen! He’s just being ignorant!”

Yang Chen was stunned at first and couldn’t help but laugh when he saw how serious she was acting.

Soon after, Yang Chen’s mobile phone rang and he knew who the caller was when he saw the UK country code.

“Jane, you have the results?”

Jian yawned and replied with a lazy tone, “You were right. He accessed the channel from Beijing but I can only be sure that it was in the northwest area. I couldn’t track him any further since he did not use a normal IP address. But it is safe to say he is the one behind all this. There’s no one else in China capable of doing this. If there were, China must be the birthplace of all geniuses.”

“Northwest…” Yang Chen then turned to ask Hannya, “Are there any military research laboratories located in the northwest region?”

Hannya nodded hurriedly. “Yes, there’s one. It is located deep within the mountains and is the most difficult to access.”

Yang Chen grinned. “Seems to me that the tables have turned...”

“Yang Chen, are you really planning on attacking him? His influence in China is not an insignificant one. Many people will not let it slide so easily,” Jane asked, her voice filled with worry.

“Hmph, I don’t care who he is. He messed with my life so he has to face the consequences. I would have killed him sooner if not for the act that he was so good at hiding. Did the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade really think they could dissuade me just by saying no?” Yang Chen scorned.

His eyes were filled with murderous intent which made even an assassin like Hannya take a few steps back, recoiling in fear.