Yang Chen stood up to leave for Beijing. He was in no mood to wait after receiving confirmation from Hannya.

But before he could leave, a sharp noise emitted from his mobile phone!

His mobile phone was modified with an alarm system so whenever a Sea Eagles member wished to report a situation or the ladies activated their device, his mobile phone would notify him!

His heart dropped when he realized that the alarm originated from An Xin’s location!

What a coincidence for the clone to appear the second after Yang Chen found his location!

Meanwhile, something else was going on in the clan master’s bedroom in the An clan estate.

That room became An Xin’s property after An Zaihuan had been sent to prison.

The windows were originally closed and the only signs of movement were the pink curtains gently swaying in the wind of the air conditioning unit. But now, it seemed that the window was being forced open by someone!

It was an ordinary-looking young man wearing a tight-fitted black t-shirt and light jeans. His lips curled into a smirk as he cocked his head to one side.

Sunlight streamed through the windows causing his shadow to appear especially menacing!

An Xin was still in her sleeping gown. Her face was filled with panic. Her dewy eyes widened as she retreated backward slowly...

She didn’t have to show up at work since she alone managed her own schedule. Being the chairman had its perks.

Normally, she would get up by eight in the morning and only practise cultivation after work. Yang Chen had agreed to it, although he wasn’t too fond of it.

As she slowly speculated and drowned herself in her own thoughts, a loud metallic crack resounded from the window. The next thing she knew, the windows were forced open from the outside!

The perpetrator made his movements loud and big as if putting on a show.

She froze when she turned around and saw his face!

Yang Chen?! she thought.


She was about to call out to him when she realized that something was wrong!

Although he looked exactly like Yang Chen, there was no hint of kindness and his expression was as wicked as a venomed snake!

“You… Are you the clone?!”

An Xin yelped in shock and rolled down the bed immediately. She stepped back and pressed a button on her bracelet.

Even if she didn’t press the alarm herself, the Sea Eagles team were already aware of the situation.

However, they could only remain in hiding under Yang Chen’s orders. He ordered them to only notify him and stay away from attacking the clone head on.

“Hmph.” The fake Yang Chen smirked. “Relax, I have no interest in killing you. Humiliating you in front of him would be much better, wouldn’t it?”

An Xin’s mind went blank. Her lips trembled and she turned ghastly pale.

Suddenly, someone swooped in and grabbed the neck of the imposter and lifted him off the ground!

“Humiliate? You mean yourself?”

It was Yang Chen who had teleported here!

Yang Chen’s rage had reached new levels. His murderous intent was shooting out of his eyes like laser beams!

An Xin gleamed and let out a breath in relief.

The clone panicked from his sudden attack but he hid it with a snee..

“We’ll have to see about that, Pluto. Now... die!”

The space surrounding them suddenly shifted and multiple pockets were created from the torn space!

Yang Chen didn’t bat a single eyelash and summoned upon the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy. He used it to create a shield encompassing both himself and An Xin!

Even so, the area around them still shattered into pieces!

Yang Chen stood still and sneered. “I don’t know what kind of god you are but your control over the laws of space isn’t very impressive. Did Yan Buwen finally lose his mind and send you in to die?”

The clone said wickedly, “This is just the appetizer. The main course is yet to be served...”

Something flashed through Yang Chen’s mind. He felt a sense of foreign disordered chaos ring out in his head!

Yang Chen yelped but it was too late!

A burst of energy made his body turn stiff in an instant. The immense pressure felt as if it were threatening to rip his body to shreds and drain him of his blood!

This formless energy felt very similar to his Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy. They both came silently and formlessly!

But the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy were mystical in the sense where it disintegrated everything without a trace. This form of energy used coagulated its victims instead!


The clone shouted and kicked him with the mysterious energy while Yang Chen stood there like a statue!

Yang Chen shifted his body and shattered the power holding him in place. He summoned the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy and revolved the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture!

He waved his palm out in midair and pointed it straight towards the clone!

“You’re the one who’s going to die today!”

The clone faced him head-on with his mysterious power. But the moment both their energies collided with each other, the stronger Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy shattered the mysterious energy apart!

It burst into pieces like an egg which was thrown against a boulder!

The clone’s eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets in horror. In the next second, Yang Chen’s palm landed onto him and crushed him into a pool of blood!

Thump thump thump!

The concrete floor of the mansion crumbled under the immense pressure acting upon it. And in the hole of rubble and dust was the clone’s body pooling in blood!

Although all of that had taken place in a matter of seconds, it was still a shock to those who were watching!

Yang Chen descended slowly to the ground like a war god. His eyes were burning with more murderous intent than ever!

The skin and the pool of blood started to rearrange themselves into a new body just as expected!

The mysterious power was like a perfect sculptor. It resculpted a body right in front of their eyes!

The clone looked as if nothing drastic had happened to him, albeit slightly pale!

“You’re every bit as worthy to be our mater’s enemy. Interesting… interesting, you’re stronger than I imagined, new Pluto.”

The clone said to him cockily.

The shock that ran through Yang Chen’s body was nothing he had experienced before!

He thought that the clone would no longer be a threat to him as long as he destroyed the body. Plus, with his current ability, he should be able to destroy his soul with ease using the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy. The only way anyone could survive was if they were on par with the Twelve Olympians!

But he never would’ve thought that the clone would revive instead of reincarnating!

“Has Yan Buwen given you this power?”

Yang Chen heart dropped from the fact that the mysterious power could potentially hurt him!

If that mysterious power was on par with the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, there was a chance that Yang Chen would lose!

The clone told him proudly, “That’s right, our master gave us the ability to revive ourselves. We are immortal! Soon, even the likes of  Zeus and Athena would never stand a chance against him! I came to demonstrate our power! Our master said that you possess desirable abilities. If you submit to him now, he will promise to let you live!”

“Bullshit! Damn it… I will definitely destroy you!”

Yang Chen rage summoned a stronger amount of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy!

His hands curled into a fist and his hand grasped the clone tightly!

The clone didn’t even have the time to react!


The clone was squeezed into bits after letting out an agonized yelp!

Yang Chen even squeezed a few more times for good measure. Soon the lawn of the estate was pooling with blood and bits of flesh!