Li Dun’s jaw dropped in disbelief. “No way… Are the main gods from the west really this strong?! Can you do it too? Who do you think is helping him?”
Yang Chen shook his head. “This level of precision is far too difficult for one person to pull off. Transporting tight spaces requires far more effort than destroying it. At least that’s what I think. I’ve fought with the god that he cloned. Assuming that his subordinates are of the same level as him, I estimate at least four gods are assisting him.”
“Four… four gods?!” Li Dun was stupefied.
Yang Chen sighed. “And that’s just a conservative estimate…”
Li Dun felt a bit short of breath. “So do you think they all look like you?”
Yang Chen glanced at him in displeasure. “And what makes you think I enjoy destroying myself again and again?”
“Destroy? What do you mean?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.” Yang Chen paused before asking again, “Where’s the rest of the Yan clan? Or rather where is their clan leader Yan Qingtian?!”
Li Dun was surprised by his question. “Yang Chen, you’re not planning on killing him in place of Yan Buwen, are you?!”
“If he doesn’t reveal himself, I’ll slaughter his entire clan!” Yang Chen said cruelly.
“You… are you nuts?! Yan Qingtian is the vice premier! He’s part of the country’s core and you’re planning on killing him?! Are you even aware of the repercussions of your actions?!” Li Dun yelled.
Yang Chen sneered. “Just make something up, you guys have proven that you are capable of doing that time and time again.”
“No, no! That’s crazy! The Yan clan still wields considerable power despite not being part of the four dominant clans!” Li Dun shook his hands.
Yang Chen raised an eyebrow. “I wasn’t asking for your permission. I was asking for the address. Whatever, I’ll find it out on my own.”
After saying that, Yang Chen went down the hill and left the mountains in a flash!
Li Dun cried out, “Damn you, Yang Chen! Don’t come crawling back for my help, you hear me! I… I will... Where did you go?!”
Yang Chen wasn’t able to hear his cries after having flown miles back to the city center.
He had called Hannya and asked her to give him the whereabouts of the members from the Yan clan.
The ninjas of the Yamata Sect were extremely skilled in tracking people, so they were able to provide him with accurate locations within the hour. A few moments later, they relayed the information they gathered to Yang Chen.
Yang Chen left for the Yan clan mansion after confirming that Yan Qingtian and the core members of the clan were there.
The Yan clan estate stood tall above a 2000 square meter lot in the old town area located in the southwest region of Beijing. The hundred-year-old mansion was gray in color and looked like it had been renovated several times since its birth. It stood as a true monument to the prowess of the Yan clan.
Guards surrounded the mansion in all the areas, protecting the main hall.
They were not prepared for Yang Chen’s arrival, especially since Yang Chen had flashed in without sound nor notice.
“Who are you?!”
More than thirty guards fully armed and decked to the nines, rushed out and surrounded him.
Yang Chen wasn’t bothered by them and continued moving to the great hall.
Two guards charged towards Yang Chen and tried to stop him. Yang Chen flicked his hand and sent them flying into the nearest wall.
His demon-like figure made their hearts drop as their fingers trembled.
The people inside the hall walked out upon hearing the commotion outside.
A group of youngsters and adults were led by an elderly as they stood across Yang Chen.
Yan Bowen’s younger brother, Yan Buxue, stood among them, excited yet afraid to see him.
The elderly frowned and asked, “Are you Yang Chen?”
Yang Chen asked coldly in return, “Are you Yang Qingtian?”
“Hmph, was this how Yang Gongming educated you?” Yan Qingtian sneered. “I’m your senior. Yet you trespassed into my land and called my full name. How absurd!”
“I have no time for your petty complaints. I’m only going to ask you this once. Where is your worthless grandson Yan Buwen?” Yan Chen asked, his eyes overflowing with murderous intent.
Yan Qingtian was slightly frightened by his aura but he didn’t show it. “And why should I tell you?”
Yang Chen said nothing and threw his hand forward!
Yan Buxue flew across and landed into Yang Chen’s hand. Yang Chen grasped his neck and lifted him up the sky!
“Keep up your nonsense and one of your grandsons dies. In fact, I’ll kill every last one of your members until you give him up. Their lives for your compliance,” Yang Chen said coldheartedly.
Yan Buxue couldn’t breathe, letting out a series of strangled gasp.
Yan Qingtian’s face trembled in rage as his gaze swept over to Yan Buxue. “There’s no use asking us. He has disappeared for days now. That’s the whole reason we gathered in the first place!”
“Is that so… then it looks like I’ll have to do it another way,” Yang Chen muttered to himself.
He threw Yan Buxue on the ground and stomped on his legs!
With an agonized shriek, one of his legs broke under the force!
“I’ll keep stepping on him if you don't tell me…” Yang Chen told him lightly.
“Shoot! Shoot him!” A fat middle aged man yelled.
The surrounding guards lifted their guns to aim towards Yang Chen and fired the shots!
Yang Chen frowned. The bullets, as usual, had no effect on him and turned into dust mere inches away from him. He swiped his hand towards the fat guy and threw him into the air!
The man yelled in horror as he fell down from the sky!
His head landed directly into the ground, breaking into pieces!
“Uncle!” A few of the Yan clan members yelled, terrified.
Yan Qingtian’s face turned ghastly pale as he looked at Yang Chen’s nonchalant expression.
“You… you really are a demon! You can’t just go around killing people as and when you wish!”
“He wanted to kill me first. I’m just returning the favor,” Yang Chen said and stepped on Yan Buxue’s other leg!
Yan Buxue woke up from the pain!
“Ah! Grandpa! Tell him Grandpa! Tell him where Brother is! This guy is crazy!” Yan Buxue wailed.
Yan Qingtian laced his fingers together and curled them into a fist. He took a deep breath before saying, “Alright… I’ll tell you…”
Yang Chen smiled wickedly. “See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”
“Buwen mentioned staying somewhere before. He said...”
Before Yan Qingtian could finish his sentence, a raspy voice rang out in the air. “Grandpa, you disappoint me. You were willing to give me up so easily.”
Everyone from the Yan clan looked at him in horror but Yang Chen stayed focus.
They saw a twist in the space above their heads and Yan Buwen descended from it, wearing a white robe with disheveled long hair.
Everyone stepped back unconsciously when Yan Buwen landed on the ground.
Yang Chen’s presence was a lot more than some of them can bear. When Yan Buwen arrived, they started to collapse under their feet!
“Brother… brother… save me… save me…” Yan Buxue extended his hands towards his brother, asking for help.
Yan Buwen glanced towards him. “I’m quite shocked that natural selection hasn’t claimed a weakling like you yet.”
Yan Buwen sighed and charged towards Yang Chen!
Yan Buxue laid there, waiting for his brother.
But Yan Buwen didn’t attack. Instead, he stood in front of Yang Chen and paused for a split second. In a flash, Yan Buxue felt his head being stomped on and caved in!
Yan Buxue’s head was squashed into bits like a watermelon!
Everyone screamed except for those who were already brain dead from the shock.
Yan Buxue would never have known that his short life, would be made shorter by his own brother’s foot!
This scene shocked everyone, including Yang Chen. Who would have imagined that Yan Buwen had become so twisted that he would kill his own brother!
“Ah! Buwen… what are you doing?!” Yan Qingtian shouted in anguish!
Yan Buwen looked back and spread his palms out. “I said, weaklings like him don’t deserve to live. I was just getting rid of a waste of space.”
“He’s… he’s your younger brother! Your brother!” Yan Qingtian stumbled and almost lost his foothold.
“Haha! Younger brother?!”
Yan Buwen threw his head back and laughed. His laughter was cut short by his speech. “The Yan clan will ever only need me! What’s the use of having relatives who are willing to give you up under a little pressure? You’re all useless. Every last one of you should die!”
“Yan Buwen! You need to speak with respect!!” One of the elders scolded him.
Yan Buwen sneered and his body flashed, appearing right next to a guard.
Yan Buwen broke his neck and took his automatic rifle. He lifted it with one hand and opened fire at the clan members!
All the members of the Yan clan fell one by one, each with a matching hole in their heads!
And all the while, Yan Buwen stood there laughing like a blood-thirsty demon.
The guards ran away with their tails tucked between their legs. The situation was beyond their control and there was nothing more they could do!
Blood dripped down his face from the bullet wound on his head as he watched his favorite grandson shoot everyone with the gun. His eyes were filled with horror at the situation he was witnessing.
Once all the core members had died, Yan Buwen threw the rifle away. He yawned and turned around, grinning at Yang Chen. “Alright, it’s finally quiet now. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”