Yang Chen couldn’t be bothered to stop him and watched on. Although Yan Buwen killing his own clan was an unthinkable monstrosity, it wasn’t a point of concern for Yang Chen. In fact, Yang Chen was glad that he did not have to do it on his own.
But Yang Chen was puzzled. “I admit you’re a lot crazier than I anticipated. But before we begin, may I ask you why you decided to make me your target?”
Yan Buwen raised his eyebrows. “Why does it matter?”
“Really, it’s the only thing that’s keeping you alive at this point,” Yang Chen replied.
Yan Buwen burst out into laughter. “You? Do you really believe that you can beat me?”
Yang Chen kept quiet and waited for Yan Buwen’s reply.
Yan Buwen stopped laughing and replied with a voice laced with venom, “I suppose I could tell you. In the beginning, you were a pain but nothing more. But as time went by, I realized that you were in possession of something that wasn’t yours. And I always get what I want…”
“What thing?” Yang Chen frowned. “The God’s Stone? No, I don’t have it anymore.”
“You don’t need to know.” Yan Buwen laughed nastily. “Just remember this, your death will be proof that I am the sole owner of the universe! I’m the strongest man in the world!”
“I never once said that I was that strong.” Yang Chen pouted.
“But some people seem to think so!”
“You talk too much.” Yan Buwen waved his hands in annoyance. “It doesn’t really matter if you were dead, does it?
A mysterious power surrounded Yan Buwen’s body and collided with the space around them. It started to tear the space between them, causing all sorts of distortion!
It looked like the area around the Yan clan estate had become fragments which moved in a sequence!
Yang Chen could feel that it was the same sort of power the clone possessed but on a much larger scale!
“I’m sure you’ve come into contact with my creations in the past. So please, enjoy it while it lasts.”
Yan Buwen laughed hysterically as he went up to Yang Chen like a lightning, aiming his first right at Yang Chen’s heart!
Yang Chen knew that in disorderly parallel spaces, the laws of space couldn’t function like normal.
In other words, this mysterious power was enough to repress a god!
But Yang Chen wasn’t planning on using his spatial powers in the first place. He raised his hand and caught Yan Buwen’s oncoming fist!
The Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy wrapped around Yang Chen’s body like a shield. At the same time, it faced the mysterious power head on!
Series of shock waves pulsed through the ground, destroying everything in its wake!
The ground rumbled and the Yan clan estate collapsed under the immense pressure!
Yang Chen was shocked to know that Yan Buwen was much stronger than he had imagined. His power seemed to have no cap to it!
Yan Buwen continued to attack when the first assault didn’t work. The mysterious power lashed out like a machine gun, slowly wearing Yang Chen’s shield down.
Yang Chen was on par with Yan Buwen, but the power could slow down his body by cutting off his bloodstream which slowed down his movements!
Worse still, Yang Chen could feel that his Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy was overpowered by the mysterious power. He tried resisting but failed time and time again!
Yan Buwen found an opening to Yang Chen and he threw his fist filled with mysterious power outwards with a roar, landing right on Yang Chen’s chest!
Yang Chen’s body flew like a cannonball and soared through the air!
He pushed himself down on the ground and tried to slow down.
But before he could stand still, Yan Buwen charged forward with a flying kick. The result was Yang Chen’s body failing to react and receiving the blow!
Yang Chen tried to block the blow with both hands but it was too much to bear!
With a groan, Yang Chen was kicked into a pit by the strong destructive power.
Yan Buwen turned his body over and hovered over midair, his face filled with excitement and disdain as he laughed hysterically. “HAHAHAHA! Is getting hit all you’re good for?! Why? Feeling weak after a little kick?!”
Yang Chen was about to put down his hands when Yan Buwen flew down to step on him!
The destructive power made Yang Chen shudder...
Stones and debris flew out of the pit which seemed to have doubled in size!
Yang Chen suffered another attack because he couldn’t control his movement. He kneeled down on one knee to stabilize his body.
Yang Chen panted as his hands went to wipe the corner of his mouth. He tasted iron. Something which he hadn’t tasted in a long time!
Before this, he didn’t even bleed in his fight with Poseidon. But today, he had been hurt by the mysterious power!
Yan Buwen saw it too and sneered in disdain. “Pluto? What a joke… you’re just an ant that even I can kill with a single squeeze. I thought you would at least hold up a little longer. You don’t even deserve to be my opponent.”
Yang Chen stood up shakily from the pit with his head lowered, remaining quiet as though he had heard nothing.
“Here’s my advice for you. I’m reissuing my clones offer. Be my slave and I might let you live.”
Yan Buwen descended from midair and gave a side-eye to Yang Chen. “Oh, before I forget, you have a lot of lovers, don’t you? I just thought of a use for them. They can mate with my clones. That way, you can watch as your lovers and my clones make love to each other for the rest of your days. HAHAHAHAHA!”
His hysterical laughter echoed around the ruins, as if he had told the world’s funniest joke!
Yang Chen seemed to be standing in a black shadow.
A strong murderous intent was leaking out of him like black ink…
Yan Buwen frowned slightly when he noticed it but chose not to be bothered. “Looks like you still have a little fight left in you. Come on then, let’s see what you’ve got.”
Yang Chen’s body trembled in excitement.
Yang Chen lifted his head up slowly, remaining expressionless as his black iris started to turn red.
Yan Buwen was under the assumption that this was going to be an easy win. But now, he wasn’t so sure about it anymore.
Yang Chen licked the blood off at the corner of his lips.
“I chose not to get serious because I was afraid of the heavenly tribulations. But now, I’m no longer in the mood to play. Your death is worth any number of lightning strike I will receive.”
Yan Buwen frowned at his words. “Are you trying to buy time? Because I could just end it right here, right now.”
Before he could finish his sentence, Yan Buwen felt a strange surge of energy!
It was as though the world had completely changed. A strong oppressing sensation arose from his heart!
“This is…” Yan Buwen widened his eyes and looked at Yang Chen in disbelief!