Zhenxiu was silent for the most part and upon arriving home, she ran up to her room and locked the door. Yang Chen assumed she was just tired after a long day of work and chose not to think twice about it.
He originally planned to talk to Lin Ruoxi but she too locked her door, preventing him from getting the opportunity.

Yang Chen had no choice but to wait till tomorrow morning.

The next morning, the sun rose from under the horizon and lit up the sky. The residents of Zhonghai were beginning to wake and start their day.

In comparison to the bustling city, Xijiao Villa was rather quiet due to its geographical location.

Because it was mostly inhabited by rich people. Those who exercised in the morning were all old people.

The wide area surrounding the lake was equipped with all kinds of sports equipment for the people living in the villas and condominiums nearby.

A slender figure jogged along the road covered by tall trees.

It was Lin Ruoxi wearing a white sports shirt with light grey pants jogging from home.

Everyone else was already familiar with her but her beautiful features still garnered the attention of strangers. The elderly within the area were busy gossiping about which family she might be from.

During the first few days, some of the younger men in the community would hit on her. They were all of the elite class statuses with handsome looks to boot but were rejected by Lin Ruoxi.

They were dissatisfied by the way she treated them so they ran a background check on her. The moment they realized that this beauty was the CEO of Yu Lei International, they didn’t dare to go any closer.

She was already married. And even if she wasn’t, they wouldn’t have stood a chance. It was better to be friendly with her in hopes of a future collaboration.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t plan to exercise here, but it was tough finding a secluded space for just herself. Yang Chen also mentioned that she had to train at a place with fresh air, so she had no choice but to let them stare.

Lin Ruoxi felt tired after running for ten minutes so she slowed down to walk with her hands on her waist.

It felt especially tiring for her today, as though something was bothering her which caused her to run out of breath easily.

She kept thinking of the day when Yang Chen left her behind and the worst thing was his insincere apology.

“Damn you, Yang Chen, you suck. You asked me to train but only assist Rose with her training. Do you even care about me?” Lin Ruoxi grumbled to herself and got even angrier.

Suddenly someone’s hand appeared in front of her vision, holding a bottle of mineral water.

“What are you talking about? What do you mean I only care about Rose? I only went like twice.”

Lin Ruoxi was shocked to hear a familiar voice. She turned around and saw it was Yang Chen. She hadn’t realized that he was standing right next to her.

Yang Chen giggled. “Dear, drink some water. This weather sucks, it’s already so hot in the morning.”

Lin Ruoxi’s face darkened. She didn’t take the bottle and opted for staring at the floor instead.

Yang Chen was riding a bicycle that looked similar to a grocery bike. It was a mustard-colored bicycle and god knows where he got it from.

“How’s the bicycle, cool right?” Yang Chen said excitedly. “I got it yesterday at the mall. The salesman recommended me a bicycle and I said I want one that I can use to fetch my wife so I got this. Babe, why don’t you sit? I got this for you!”

Yang Chen tapped on the seat behind him as he spoke.

He wasn’t lying. Yang Chen was thinking of using this to please Lin Ruoxi but he didn’t have the chance to do so.

Sit on the bicycle? Lin Ruoxi thought it was a crazy idea.

So she ignored him and continued running.

Yang Chen knew she wouldn’t have given in so easily. He rode the bicycle slowly and kept a distance between himself and Lin Ruoxi.

“Ruoxi, I know it's my fault. Please forgive me this time. I know it’s not my first time but the circumstances are different this time. I’ll bring you along next time. I won’t leave you alone anymore, alright?”

Lin Ruoxi pretended not to hear him as she maintained her pace.

Yang Chen kept talking. “Dear, if you won’t forgive me, I’ll have to shout it out.”

Shout out what?

At this time, his appearance started to catch everyone’s attention. They were wondering what the man was trying to do on an ugly bicycle. Why would anyone court a woman like this?

Lin Ruoxi glared at him, warning him to not do anything stupid.

Yang Chen showed a pitiful face. “Ruoxi, don’t be angry anymore. I can beg on my knees if you want. Don’t ignore me.”

Lin Ruoxi looked away but she was secretly happy. Yang Chen had never shown her his weak side even when he was trying to please her. She maintained her steely exterior to see where this would go.

Lin Ruoxi knew it was impossible to ignore him forever. It had been a day and she wasn’t really upset anymore. She just couldn’t accept the way he apologized to her, as though she wasn’t worth it.

Yang Chen pursed his lips when he saw that Lin Ruoxi wasn’t going to turn back. “Dear, if you’re gonna be like this then I’ll have to be shameless.”

Lin Ruoxi heard that and thought, Why does it feel like something will go wrong?

Before she could think about it, Yang Chen’s loud voice entered her ears, “My dear Lin Ruoxi! I’m sorry! Please forgive me!”

His voice echoed far and wide throughout the neighborhood.

Everyone turned around at looked at them.

Lin Ruoxi stood there with eyes wide in shock.

Yang Chen wasn’t done and continued to shout, “Darling! I’m a pig—”

Lin Ruoxi covered his mouth before he could continue his sentence!

She wanted to stay angry but it was too funny. Her cheeks were flushed as she scolded him, “Are you crazy?! How can you yell something like this here?!”

Yang Chen gave a silly laugh and kissed her hands. “Why should I care? If it works, it works.”

Lin Ruoxi sighed. “You win, you really have thick skin huh.”

Everyone was pointing at them while laughing, obviously talking about them.

She wanted a hole to open up and swallow her whole.

Yang Chen held her hands and said sincerely, “It doesn’t matter, Ruoxi. I’m really sorry. I can’t focus on anything if you keep ignoring me. I swear this won’t happen again so please forgive me.”

Lin Ruoxi retracted her hand and mumbled, “Why do you need to hold my hand to say this? I wasn’t angry anyways.”

“You mean you’ve forgiven me?” Yang Chen’s face brightened up.

Lin Ruoxi sighed. “How can I still be angry when you are so shameless? But I swear if you embarrass me in front of other people again, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!”

Yang Chen shuddered. It didn’t sound like a joke judging from her cold gaze.

He grinned at her. “Ruoxi, don’t make it sound so scary. I will never do that again… never…”

Lin Ruoxi huffed and wanted to continue jogging. But she couldn’t do so as everyone else was staring at her. So she turned around.

Yang Chen followed and took out the mp3 that he got for her. “Ruoxi, try this. I got this for you. Wear this on your arm. Listening to music would help pass the time.”

Lin Ruoxi wasn’t interested in music but she allowed him to put it on for her since Yang Chen kept nagging.

Yang Chen treated her like his master. He was happy to do anything for her since she had forgiven her.

Lin Ruoxi wore earphones and started listening to music.

Yang Chen told her, “Dear, why don’t you get on the bicycle and let me give you a ride home?”

Lin Ruoxi continued to listen to music as though she didn’t hear him.

Yang Chen took off her earphones and said, “Is it too loud? I said let me send you home. Let’s use this bicycle for its intended purpose just this once.”

Lin Ruoxi thought he looked look like a kid who found a new toy and he was asking her to play it with him. She nodded, not wanting to disappoint him and placed her earphones back in.