It was kind of fascinating for Lin Ruoxi since it was her first time listening to music with an mp3.

Yang Chen was excited to see his plan unfold perfectly when she agreed to do so.

When Lin Ruoxi got on, he started to cycle back in the direction of their home.

The morning breeze caressed their faces, bringing about a relaxing atmosphere.

Yang Chen looked behind and saw that Lin Ruoxi was listening to music with her hands on the backseat. “Ruoxi, you have to hug my waist. It’s dangerous.”

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t hear him due to the music. She was nodding her head along with the beat.

Yang Chen sped up suddenly with a smirk!

He stopped abruptly after cycling for a short distance!

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but lunge forward and hug Yang Chen’s waist because of inertia!

She was only wearing a thin cotton t-shirt so when she moved forward, her chest touched his back.

Yang Chen didn’t look like it, but his muscles were carved and well defined. It was much like a sculpture.

Lin Ruoxi knew immediately that Yang Chen was doing it on purpose but she didn’t want to let go after touching his warm body and firm muscles.

It was tempting for her so she hugged him nervously while feeling shy.

Hmph, he’s my husband. I deserve to hug him, Lin Ruoxi told herself.

But she knew Yang Chen did it on purpose. She didn’t want him to feel too proud so she took off her earphones, planning to scold him.

Yang Chen was feeling elated that his plan had worked out. He felt as though he was floating on air when he felt the soft sensation through his back.

Weirdly enough, he wasn’t aroused by it. He was thinking about the person behind him, someone whom he had stayed with for more than a year. They were riding against the wind on the same bicycle, going back towards their home. A home filled with family members waiting for their arrival.

This wasn’t something he thought would have been possible for him given his past.

There wasn’t any woman before who could make him feel so at peace.

He muttered unconsciously, “Thank you.”

Lin Ruoxi heard it the moment she took off her earphones. She was surprised at first but she realized it was meant for her immediately.

“Lin Ruoxi, do you know that I’ve met all kinds of women all around the world from a young age? At first, you struck me as just a pretty face. If it wasn’t for the fact that you were very much like her, I wouldn’t have cared about you and I wouldn’t have married you…

“You really suck. You rarely smile and always put up a cold demeanor to those around you. Even if you did, it was for someone else or for something else. You suck at house chores and your cooking doesn’t taste good, but I still pretend to enjoy it.

“When you don’t work, you are always watching Korean drama while ignoring me. You don’t know how to apply makeup yet you pretend you don’t need to. You don’t know how to be affectionate and it scares me every time when you are.

“You suck at singing and dancing. Also, you’re always afraid others would steal your glutinous rice balls like it’s manna from heaven. I can never guess what you are thinking behind that scheming mind of yours even though we have been married for more than a year.

“Other than your looks, there wasn’t really any reason for me to marry you. You’re hard to deal with. Honestly, I could think of so many other women who would’ve made better wives for me...”

Yang Chen kept talking, occasionally grinning foolishly.

Lin Ruoxi gritted her teeth behind him. Tears pooled in her eyes, threatening to roll down her cheeks!

She felt wronged by his words but didn’t know what to say.

Do I really suck so badly? Plus, it’s not that I don’t know how to apply makeup! I really don’t need it!

Yang Chen laughed for a while and then sighed. “But… you are the same person who pulled me out of my past and set me on a new road in life. Now that I think about it, I feel dumb to have followed you like that… I don’t know what happened to me. It’s like I’ve been intoxicated by a drug called Lin Ruoxi and can’t seem to shake it. Dear, hug me like this for the rest of our lives. I know I always upset you, but even when we're not looking at each other, you should know that I’ll always be behind you when you look back. Thank you for giving me a second chance at life.”
Tears rolled down Lin Ruoxi’s cheek after hearing his words.

She let go of her hand to rub her eye as she muttered, “Why do you keep making me upset when I’m so important to you, hmm?”

Yang Chen stiffened up and his hands trembled, causing the bicycle to shake.

“Hey! What are you doing?!” Lin Ruoxi held onto him tightly.

Yang Chen braked abruptly and turned around stiffly with a pale face. “Ruoxi! I thought you couldn’t hear me!”

Lin Ruoxi stifled her laughter as she picked up her earphones and waved it. “The songs weren’t all that nice.”

Yang Chen’s lips twitched. “Then… what… what did you hear?”

Lin Ruoxi said nonchalantly, “I heard everything… you said I’m cold, I suck at doing things, that I’m not gentle and I’m childish… Guess you know me so well huh.”

Yang Chen felt as though he was punched in the gut. “Babe, I didn’t mean any of it! Just listen to the good things I said! The conclusion was you’re great!”

Lin Ruoxi’s face turned cold. “Stop talking and cycle! Are we not going home?”

Yang Chen gulped and nodded.

He scrunched up his face and continued cycling. How did he let it happen?

Lin Ruoxi was all smiles as she looked at him with affection. She took a deep breath and thought the air smelled much fresher.

This time, her arms wrapped around his waist voluntarily.

Yang Chen stiffened up but relaxed seconds later, his eyes filled with warmth.

Just when they were almost home, Yang Chen could see an Audi A8 and a Mercedes Benz SL550 inside, in addition to Lin Ruoxi’s Bentley and his own BMW X6.

Yang Chen frowned. Why do we have guests so early in the morning?

Thy should be none other than the Yuan couple.

Lin Ruoxi realized that too as they got nearer. She asked in confusion when they saw the cars, “Hubby, X6 is yours, right? I saw it when I left the house.”

“Yeah.” Yang Chen nodded. “The other cars are someone else’s though. Do you recognize them?”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head. She was confused too and asked him, “What happened to your M3? I have better ones if you want to change. Why drive a BMW?”

Yang Chen shrugged. “I took it from someone else. The M3 exploded, I forgot to tell you.”

Lin Ruoxi frowned at his words and grumbled, “Don’t shrug it off like it was nothing. I know you’re strong but an explosion isn’t something small. You always put yourself at risk and we’re worried because of that.”

Yang Chen smiled awkwardly and was about to apologize when Wang Ma got out of the house with a serious facial expression. “Master, Miss, we have guests. Please come in quickly.”