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Lin Ruoxi asked, “Wang Ma, who’s here?”

Wang Ma sounded slightly nervous. “He said he’s from the government. A foreigner also came with him. They wanted to talk about something.”

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi looked at each other and nodded before going in together.

The first person they saw sitting on the couch was Tang Tang’s father, Fang Zhongping. He was the secretary of Zhonghai’s committee.

They hadn’t seen him since their last run-in at the nursing home.

So their sudden visit was rather surprising to both Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi.

Other than the two bodyguards and Fang Zhongping’s assistant, there was another Caucasian man standing in the room.

He was around two meters tall, wearing a white suit over a pink shirt. He had curly blond hair with mesmerizing green eyes. All in all, he looked like the perfect gentleman.

Wang Ma had served them tea and they were both sitting on the couch waiting for the couple to arrive.

“You have returned. We apologize for our sudden visit,” Fang Zhongping spoke cautiously, being aware of Yang Chen’s identity.

Lin Ruoxi was surprised when she saw the Caucasian.

“Mr Maksim? Why are you here?” Lin Ruoxi asked in English.

Yang Chen frowned. Maksim? He had never heard of him, so he asked, “Ruoxi, you know this guy?”

Maksim greeted them before Lin Ruoxi could answer. “Hello, I’m Maksim from the Klyuchevsky family in Russia. It’s an honor to visit your home. I met President Lin at the international business and economics meeting yesterday.”

Yang Chen remembered that Lin Ruoxi attended a meeting so she couldn’t come home for dinner. He thought the Klyuchevsky family name sounded familiar but he couldn’t quite place where he had heard it from.

Fang Zhongping said, “Mr Maksim wished to personally discuss with the both of you about an important collaboration involving the diplomatic relations between China and Russia. I was tasked as the middleman to escort Mr Maksim.”

Yang Chen giggled. “Isn’t that a little over the top? Discussing diplomatic relations in our house that is.”

“It’s not.” Fang Zhongping smiled. “Whether or not it goes smoothly depends on both of you.”

They all sat down on the couch to start the discussion. Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua went upstairs in order to not disturb them.

Maksim introduced himself and talked briefly about his family business, also how much he admired Lin Ruoxi’s ability on the international market.

He only told Yang Chen that he had heard a lot about him.

Yang Chen was sure that he definitely knew about his background. Else he would have ignored Yang Chen altogether.

Fang Zhongping continued, “You might not know of this but his family is the biggest contributor to the Russian economy. His family has funded election campaigns for multiple prime ministers of the country. They have also invested in nearly half of the nuclear energy market, petroleum, and natural gas in Russia. However, they operate under a shroud of secrecy so not many know of their influence.”

Lin Ruoxi was surprised to hear this. She did not know that the man she had just met yesterday, had such an extensive background.

Russia was filled with a variety of energy sources. A collaboration with the family who held the controlling interest would drive other international companies insane.

Plus a business oligarch in a capitalist country would definitely have the power to make a decision that would influence the diplomatic relations.

“Mr Maksim didn’t mention anything about a collaboration with Yu Lei at yesterday’s meeting. Why the sudden interest?” Lin Ruoxi asked with curiosity.

She was always pleased to talk about business.

Maksim smiled, slightly embarrassed. “President Lin, my proposal ties in with my background. I do not wish to reveal it to the general public right now.”

Lin Ruoxi was surprised to hear that and she waited quietly for his next words.

Maksim drank his tea and said, “I hope that Yu Lei International would terminate the contract with Princess Jane.”

Yang Chen’s hands shook at his words.

Maksim continued, “I came to Zhonghai for Jane. Jane is my fiancée and our marriage was established by a decision made by the Rothschild’s and the Klyuchevsky family. But due to a misunderstanding, she took up the offer from Yu Lei and came to Zhonghai to escape our marriage. This is an embarrassment towards our family and the royal family of Wales. I have to stop her and bring her back to Russia so that we can continue our marriage ceremony.”

Yang Chen’s face was emotionless but he was annoyed to hear that. He didn’t ask Catherine what kind of family Jane was marrying into but he certainly wasn’t expecting a business oligarch from Russia.

He could understand why the Rothschild family had chosen the Klyuchevsky family if they were really in control of the nuclear energy source and petroleum since the Rothschild’s only cared about money.

Plus, the Klyuchevsky family was the one behind Russia’s ruling party.

Lin Ruoxi had only just realized now that Jane came here as a means of escape from her marriage!

It was more like a threat than a proposal!

Lin Ruoxi’s mind was spinning. Her first thought was to let Jane go. It would be a huge loss for Yu Lei given the amount invested and the amount lost. She would be showing others their weakness which wouldn’t be in sync with her tough personality. They weren’t of the same level, so going against them would be a bad idea and Lin Ruoxi wasn’t a hasty person. But if she had to let her go, the Klyuchevsky family might compensate her generously for the termination of the contract. It may help her to open up the market in Eastern Europe.

The other choice was to not let her go. This would make her their enemy. The upside of this choice was that Jane would be indebted to them, helping them further in the future. At the same time, a businesswoman like herself couldn’t possibly stand up against the Russian government!

Lin Ruoxi turned around and looked at Yang Chen who was silent.

If she were to choose not to let Jane go, the only person who could help her was Yang Chen.

But do I really want to go against their will just for my reputation? Is it wise to keep Jane in Zhonghai? she thought.

Lin Ruoxi was secretly worried if Jane kept staying in Zhonghai, something might happen between her and Yang Chen…

After all, she had grown up with Yang Chen!

Yang Chen noticed that Lin Ruoxi was looking at him so he turned to her and asked smilingly, “What do you think?”

Lin Ruoxi hesitated for a while before asking, “Mr Maksim, let’s talk about the terms first. If I agree to terminate the contract, we would suffer other losses and not to mention the penalty. How do you plan to compensate for that?”

At times like this Lin Ruoxi decided to cool down and use her business mindset to make decisions.

Maksim held three fingers up as though he already knew she would ask that. “First, the Europe branch of Yu Lei will receive a direct sale passage to Eastern Europe which I know you’ve been stressing over recently. Second, we will replace Jane with researchers of our own. They might not be as fast as Princess Jane but I guarantee results within two years. Third, other than paying the full amount of the penalty fees on your behalf, we also promise to give Yu Lei priority for the raw materials obtained from the petroleum extraction project that we’re collaborating with China!”

His first offer was already enough to tempt Lin Ruoxi to accept his terms!

The barrier created by the country as a form of protection towards their own businesses was hard to break by a single company, but Maksim guaranteed that easily! The second and third offers were too good to be true!

Priority for the raw materials? That would lower their cost of production by the hundred folds!

Lin Ruoxi knew she was rich enough but it was still hard to reject a deal like this!

Plus, Jane's absence would also benefit her family!

Maksim drank his tea quietly as he waited for Lin Ruoxi’s reply.

Fang Zhongping continued to convince them, “President Lin, the terms laid out by the Klyuchevsky family are a testament to their sincerity. The government also hopes that Yu Lei International would agree to that for the sake of diplomatic relations. As for Princess Jane, the Welsh royal family has already passed the message to her so she won’t blame you for terminating the contract.”

Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath and pursed her lips. She didn’t dare to look at Yang Chen because she couldn’t bear to reject the offer.

“If the offers are true, I can—”


Yang Chen cut her off before she could finish her sentence!

His rejection made everyone freeze in their seats.

Lin Ruoxi paled, his declaration could mean more than just denying her decision…

Maksim and Fang Zhongping stopped smiling as they stared at Yang Chen.

“This has to go through Jane and if she doesn’t agree to do it, no one can bring her back.” Yang Chen looked up and spoke with a commanding voice.

Maksim grinned. “Mr Yang Chen, I know of your background that even the Rothschild clan fears. But this doesn't mean that you can make decisions that will affect world politics and diplomatic relations. You’re powerful but you’re not invincible. A rash decision would bring unnecessary conflict towards China, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the major clans…”