Maksim’s face darkened. Although his expressions did not change that much, the air around him turned cold and dark.
Yang Chen snickered while rubbing his fingers together. “Are you threatening me?”
Maksim shook his head with a smug expression. “I was informing you, not threatening. From what I know, Mr Yang is the descendant of the Yang clan in Beijing. So shouldn’t you check back with your clan for matters regarding diplomatic relations?”

“You seem to be mistaken about something.” Yang Chen’s face darkened. “No one can stop me if I set my mind to do something. Even if it means another world war.”
Maksim’s face dawned in realization. He laughed as he stood up. “Since Mr Yang disagrees with the proposal, I’ll have the Ministry of Foreign Affairs intervene and I can guarantee it won’t go down so easily. Plus… this won’t bode well for Princess Jane’s reputation.”
Fang Zhongping was starting to twitch in his seat. He was in charge of this VIP guest so he couldn’t possibly let this escalate to an international war.
“Yang Chen, what are you doing?! Let’s cool things off and have a proper discussion!”
Yang Chen looked down as though he heard nothing.
Lin Ruoxi felt like interjecting but ultimately chose not to. Yang Chen was like a time bomb that could explode anytime soon! 
Maksim turned around and smiled. “Oh yea, President Lin, from what I could gather, you have full authority in regards to Yu Lei International. Why do you need your husband's approval for my offer? That is very unwise of you, far from what I imagined you as a strong and independent businesswoman.”
He shook a finger and laughed as he walked out.

Suddenly, Yang Chen flashed from his position!
He dashed out of the door and stopped in front of Maksim, blocking his path!
Maksim was still laughing and his face froze at Yang Chen’s sudden movement!
He was shocked by Yang Chen’s appearance. Yang Chen’s stature was completely different than before. He was like a bloodthirsty beast threatening to swallow him while in the next second!
Maksim felt small in front of Yang Chen although he was much taller than him!
He stepped back instinctively, trying to avoid him!
But Yang Chen’s hand gripped his neck before he could move!
Maksim whimpered and tried to run but he was caught and dragged back to the front!
“Don’t think too highly of yourself. You’re not worth my time.” Yang Chen’s voice was cold and emotionless.
In the next second, his hands went straight from his stomach!
The cruel sound made the likes of Fang Zhongping and Lin Ruoxi freeze in their spots!
Yang Chen’s hand emerged from his back!

It was even twisted from the inside out!
Maksim’s intestine and backbone were visible for everyone to see!
Maksim groaned in pain, unable to withstand the agony!
Yang Chen nonchalantly threw him several meters out the door!
Yang Chen looked towards Fang Zhongping who was trembling and said, “You can report everything that happens here. Come back to me if you run into any trouble.”
Lin Ruoxi was retching from behind. The proposal was the last thing from her mind right now. The scene before her seemed too cruel for anyone to endure despite having seen similar things before.
Fang Zhongping was about to say something but he froze as though he saw something peculiar.
Yang Chen sensed it too and he turned around to look at Maksim!
Something peculiar was happening!
His wound had healed, including his skin, flesh, and organs. Some of the remnant from his organ was removed from his body and new ones were made. Maksim stood up breathing heavily. His eyes were red and when he opened his mouth, fangs could be seen!
“Your strength really is unbelievable, Pluto…” Maksim smiled wickedly.
Something flashed through Yang Chen’s mind when he saw Maksim’s healing power and fangs different from a vampire!
“I remember now… werewolves, the descendants of White Wolf! Your family is the royal family of the werewolves! You’re a werewolf?!” Yang Chen was surprised.
Maksim cackled. “So what? We’re not living in the middle ages anymore! We have been assisting past rulers in Russia, starting from Catherine the Great. We’re the kings of Eastern Europe! China will suffer the consequences of your actions!”
Having said so, Maksim disappeared in a flash!
Yang Chen decided not to chase after him even though he could’ve done so easily.
The self-healing ability of werewolves in addition to their extraordinary physical capabilities and combat skills were the reason why they were on par with vampires for centuries. Werewolves can regenerate their bodies as long as their hearts remained intact. Plus, werewolves weren’t afraid of sunlight, unlike the vampires.
Neither side could win even after centuries which caused the werewolves to not give a damn to the Dark Council led by the vampires.
Of course, Yang Chen could have killed him easily but doing so would only cause more trouble than good.
The whole incident was too much to bear for a normal person like Fang Zhongping. His legs had given up as he sat on the floor, his eyes filled with confusion.
Yang Chen walked over and said, “Don’t worry, they wouldn’t blame you for this. Just report it exactly as you saw.”
Fang Zhongping stayed still for a while and left with his bodyguards after sighing and shaking his head at Yang Chen. He had to report this incident to his superiors immediately.
Yang Chen walked into the kitchen and washed the blood stain on his hands before returning to the living room.
Lin Ruoxi sat on the couch with a dazed expression.
Yang Chen walked over and sat next to her. “You saw what he did. Even though I cannot understand her family’s reasoning behind having her marry a werewolf, I couldn’t just sit by and let that happen.”
Lin Ruoxi turned around. “Is that really what you think?”
Yang Chen was silent, not knowing how to answer her.
Lin Ruoxi let out a bitter smile. “I knew it. I knew you wouldn’t let Jane go when you rejected the offer. Do you know how cruel you’re being, doing that in front of me?”
“I’m sorry,” Yang Chen said helplessly. “I know that whatever I say won't change anything but I promised Jane that no one would force her to do anything she doesn’t want to.”
At the same time, Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma walked down when they realized the commotion had ceased.
They were shocked to see the pool of blood by the door and got worried when they saw the heavy atmosphere between Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi.
Just when Guo Xuehua was about to ask what happened, she heard noises from a car outside.
She could recognize the person since the door was open. “Eh, isn’t that Miss Jane? Why is she here?”