Maksim had changed into some fresh clothes given that his previous ones were stained with blood. He stood in the royal suite of Zhonghai International Hotel and stared out the window with a blank expression on his face.
A blonde woman kneeled behind him in a respectful manner. “Master, the Giant Whale Society has placed the missiles containing the Tribute to Maria at the border between Zhonghai and Su Province. The old man has started his negotiations with the marine corps in the East China Sea. He has been putting considerable pressure on the government.”
Maksim nodded. “As expected. How did he react to the death of his son?”
“He was very upset but he knew better than to act out.” The blonde woman snickered.
If Yang Chen was here, he would’ve recognized that this woman was the one he had let go on purpose. The woman who manipulated Gao Yu, Aishapova!
Maksim asked, “How’s Jane?”
Aishapova replied, “Princess Jane went to Yang Chen’s house and has now returned to her laboratory. Nothing out of the ordinary.”
Maksim gave her a few orders. “Keep an eye on her and be prepared to abduct her anytime soon.”
“Master,” Aishapova asked in confusion, “I don’t get it. Why are you so fixated on marrying Princess Jane? She disobeyed you and doesn’t deserve to be a part of the Klyuchevsky family!”
Maksim snorted. “What do you know about deserving people.... Well I suppose there’s no harm in telling you this. I’m not marrying her because I want her. I’m marrying her for her intelligence.”
“We spent so much time and effort trying to synthesize the Tribute to Maria. If things go according to plan, the Americans wouldn’t even be able to synthesize an antidote within a year. The only risk factor lies in Jane!” Maksim explained, “The person who synthesized this genetic weapon was Jane’s student. So if there is anyone who can outwit us, it would be Jane.”
“So… Master, you’re trying to control her?” Aishapova realized his ulterior motive. 
“Correct.” Maksim snickered. “The reason why the Rothschild clan agreed to marry Jane off was that she refused to synthesize any kind of inhuman weapons for them. They thought that even if Jane married me, she would still maintain her belief and not produce any weapons. But they are fools to think that way. We, the descendants of the noble White Wolf have our own ways to control Jane and make her work for us…”
Aishapova’s eyes shined brightly. “Master, are you talking about the Totem of Hypnotism?” 
“Uh-huh,” Maksim said. “It would be best if she followed me back willingly. But should she resist us, I would have no choice but to use it. Even if it would deteriorate our relationship with the United Kingdom.”
Aishapova asked worriedly, “What about Yang Chen? His abilities were not taken into account.”
Maksim said in disdain, “Don’t worry, he wouldn’t dare to risk the lives of millions for the life of one! Even if he dared to attack, the Central Committee of Zhonghai wouldn’t agree. Also don’t forget, Yang Chen has another identity as the grandson of the Yang clan. His elders wouldn’t let him do as he wishes.

“Plus, we only ordered the Giant Whale Society to infiltrate China and take down the underworld in Zhonghai, Beijing, and Su Province.
“Soon the richest part of the underworld will be under the control of the Klyuchevsky family. The petroleum we provided to the Rothschild clan is insignificant compared to this. Plus, with the Giant Whale Society as our fodder, no one would suspect us.” Maksim smirked.
Aishapova was filled with excitement. “Congratulations Master. Once this plan succeeds, Southeast Asia will become our gold mine! We can overthrow the stupid vampires of the Dark World!”
Maksim said in displeasure, “Vampires? Those rotten creatures deserve to be overthrown. We, the werewolves will rule the world!”
Aishapova’s eyes were filled with admiration, but her face turned stiff and she yelled suddenly as though as she remembered something important. “Oh no! Master! I forgot to report something!”
“Spill,” Maksim said casually.
Aishapova said with a trembling voice, “Gao Yu might have given a slight dose of the Tribute to Maria to a young man in an attempt to take down the Green Dragon Society and the Red Thorn Society. Yang Chen took him away… Do you think… Yang Chen took him to Jane?”
Maksim turned around abruptly and kicked her chest!
Aishapova flew back and hit the wall with a loud thud!
“Go! Investigate this! If he really brought him to Jane, send her off now! Use all the resources you need! Don’t ever give her the chance to synthesize the antidote!” Maksim growled.
Aishapova coughed out blood as she crawled out of the room. 
On the other hand, Yang Chen was in his room unaware of the plot against him and his friends. 
He took some time to organize his thoughts. He wasn’t angry or dissatisfied with Lin Ruoxi’s choice. She only did what she thought was appropriate.
After all, he was the root of the problem.

Yang Chen summoned the Sea Eagles to pass the antidote to Liu Minghao before anything went wrong.
After that, Yang Chen contacted Makedon and had him investigate the sponsor of Nicene laboratory. At the same time, he had Hannya from the Yamata Sect investigate the relationship between the Giant Whale Society and the Klyuchevsky family. 
Yang Chen felt like he missed an important part. He smacked his forehead when he realized what it was—he forgot about Jane’s safety!
If Maksim could come to Zhonghai for her, he could take her away forcefully too.
So Yang Chen sent another two agents from the Sea Eagles to protect Jane.
Half an hour later, Yang Chen received a reply from Makedon.
The bald man was drinking wine while reading the report. “Your Majesty Pluto, our people searched for the background info on Nicene laboratory through the KGB system. The founder was a scientist who was fired from the KGB. He was part of the inhuman genetic weapon research project and the Russian government was afraid of getting caught by other countries and fired him to cover their tracks.
“But the Klyuchevsky family saved him and offered protection. The KGB thought that this wouldn’t place the country at risk and they weren’t willing to go against the descendants of the White Wolf. So the KGB chose to take a step back and the Nicene laboratory was founded. Two of them are Princess Jane’s students.”
“So you’re saying that the Klyuchevsky family is the sponsor?” Yang Chen grinned.
Makedon rubbed his belly and burped, “Yes, but because the laboratory is under the surveillance of the Klyuchevsky family, no one really knows what goes on in there. If they are really developing genetically enhanced weapons, we would be left defenceless… unless...”
“Unless Jane made the antidote before they could release it, right?” Yang Chen realized.
Makedon nodded. “Damn it! Your Majesty Pluto, it looks like the Klyuchevsky family isn’t sincere about their marriage. They were worried that Princess Jane would ruin their plans!”
Makedon was furious. 
Yang Chen’s face darkened. “You did well. Now, I need you to locate their base of operations and pass the information to Sauron.”
Makedon beamed. “Your Majesty Pluto, are you initiating an attack? How could you let that ginger head man carry out this interesting task?! Objection!”
Yang Chen said, “Your subordinates wouldn’t stand a chance against the werewolves. They’re no match for their combat and regeneration abilities.”
“But the Sea Eagles might not win too. Even the elites from the vampire's family don’t stand a chance against the royal descendants of the White Wolf.” Makedon grumbled.
Yang Chen chuckled. “If they can’t make it then I’ll go myself. As for the stragglers, let the Expendable unit of Zero take care of them. Send this gift to them on behalf of Jane.”