The historic city of Keswick was built during the Victorian era. On the top of one of its towering hills was a castle. It was built appropriately for the era with large flags hanging from its walls.
Delicate pieces of art were displayed in the hall and lit up by the iridescent chandelier which hung from the ceiling.
And on the couch in the hall, was a man yawning and occasionally looking at the clock on the wall.
It was a pretty normal scene disregarding the fact that his clothes were blood red.
Suddenly, the doors of the hall were flung open from the outside as people piled into the room.
The man in the front was an old one. He was wearing a suit with a pocket watch on his chest.
Next to him was a young blonde man who looked rather nervous.
The old man’s eyes couldn't help but twitch when he saw the sack on the rub. Blood was seeping out of it.
He regained his composure quickly as he walked to the front with a smile on his face. “How rare for you to visit us, Your Majesty Pluto. You haven’t visited us Rothschild’s in years.”
The person lying on the couch was Yang Chen.
Yang Chen scratched his ears with a smug smile. “Why does it feel like I am not welcomed here?”
“You must be joking, Your Majesty. The Rothschild family welcome you at all times,” the elder said with a gentle voice.
Yang Chen had no interest in talking to a family who was only interested in doing business. He pointed to the sack and said, “Have a look at this, it’s a gift from me.”
The elder took a deep breath and beckoned the bodyguards to open the sack.
They came forward and opened the sack while holding their breath…
A pungent smell came out of the sack which almost made them puke!
The sack was filled with werewolves’ heads!
Their facial expressions were filled with terror as if they were face to face with death itself!
Yang Chen stood up and threw his shirt onto the ground. He placed his hands on his waist and continued, “It took me half a day to kill all of the core members of the Klyuchevsky family. They’re all here in this sack.”
The old man trembled as he asked, “Your Majesty Pluto, why did you do this?”
“Didn’t you plan to marry Jane off to the Klyuchevsky family?” Yang Chen snickered. “Now that the family’s destroyed, I assume that the marriage will have to be annulled?
The old man’s legs turned wobbly so the blonde man supported him and looked at Yang Chen with an exasperated gaze.
“Your Majesty Pluto, I recall the agreement for beings of your stature not to intervene in international matters. Aren’t you afraid of the consequences?” The man tried and failed to speak in a composed voice. 
“And it still holds true. I’m not interested in international matters. But this involves the people around me.” Yang Chen continued, “Jane is the sole conductor of her own life. I will turn a blind eye to the things you do for money. But I will not sit and tolerate it when it breaches my personal affairs.

Yang Chen then added, “Consequences? If anyone has a problem with it, they can take it up with me! I’ll kill all those who stand in my way! Words have no effect on me. The strong will take what they want and the weak will have to follow. Oh ya…the werewolves from the Klyuchevsky family were able to keep me occupied for half a day. I wonder how long a mere human could last?”

The elder couldn’t help but step back with his head lowered.
Yang Chen glanced over and told Edward who was standing beside quietly, “Edward, you should persuade your family members to reconsider their actions. You might be my friend but your family ain’t.”
Edward smiled bitterly. “I thought the days of you doing this are behind you. Clearly I was wrong. The Russian government had already initiated their defenses because of you. They are afraid that you will go berserk and kill their leader.”
Yang Chen was unbothered by it. “Let them be. I’m going to take a shower. In the meantime, prepare an aeroplane for me. I’m going home.”

The sun was already shining brightly in Zhonghai although it was still early in the morning.
Lin Ruoxi was wearing a gray dress as she stood in front of the villa, her hair moving along the breeze.
It wasn’t hard to tell that she didn’t have enough sleep by looking at her bloodshot eyes.
Yang Chen never sent her any messages ever since he told her that he was going overseas to settle some business yesterday afternoon.
Lin Ruoxi was worried, especially since Yang Chen didn’t seem angry about the incident regarding Jane.
Around this time, a white Cadillac stopped at the road in front of her.
A woman dressed in black got down from the car, followed by a gentleman.
They were Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu.
Yang Jieyu was surprised to see her as he walked over and hugged her. “Ruoxi, were you waiting for me?”
Lin Ruoxi was feeling a bit shy as she smiled awkwardly and nodded. She skipped her training and opted for waiting for the couple when she heard that they were on their way.
“You’re so thoughtful greeting us at the door. Ruoxi, your husband is so thoughtless. How could he let you come out alone?” Yang Jieyu chided.
Lin Ruoxi’s eyes dimmed, “He… he’s not back yet.”
Yang Jieyu laughed as though she expected this answer. “He’ll be back soon. Let’s go in first. We can talk later when he’s back.”
Lin Ruoxi was curious to know how she was sure that Yang Chen would be back soon, but she didn’t ask and brought the couple into the house.
Guo Xuehua was happy when she found out her sister and her sister’s husband would be visiting. Although they both lived in Zhonghai, it wasn’t often that they were free to meet. She wondered what was the urgent matter that made them visit early in the morning. 

It was merry in the house as they sat down to eat the leftover rice dumplings from the Dragon Boat Festival and congee for breakfast while waiting for Yang Chen to return. 
“Jieyu, you said that Yang Chen was coming back soon. How did you know that?” Guo Xuehua asked.
Yang Jieyu smiled. “Dad told us. He wanted to ask Secretary Fang to tell you but he seemed to be afraid of Yang Chen so he sent us over.”
Guo Xuehua prompted on, wanting to know more about what happened to her son. “Stop being so cryptic and tell us. Did Yang Chen cause trouble again?”
Yuan Hewei chuckled. “Sister-in-law, if it was bad news we wouldn’t be eating breakfast so casually. It’s good news, Yang Chen helped a lot. Today, he has saved the lives of millions.”
“Technically he was the bridge. If it wasn’t for Yang Chen, Miss Jane wouldn’t have helped out,” Yang Jieyu said.
Lin Ruoxi was quiet the whole time and she only voiced out when she heard Jane’s name, “Aunt, can you tell us what did Jane do?”
Yang Jieyu’s heart melted when she heard Lin Ruoxi call her aunt because it was rare for Lin Ruoxi to address her like that!
“There’s nothing to hide since we’re all family. The government and the military were trying to suppress this but Zhonghai and the Su Province were being targeted by missiles containing a special genetic toxin. But now with the help of Miss Jane, we no longer have to worry about it. The Central Committee is grateful for her help and they wish to invite her to Beijing through Yang Chen. They plan to express their gratitude to her and also discuss future projects,” Yang Jieyu explained.
Lin Ruoxi was surprised to hear this whereas Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma were scared to have found out.
Yang Jieyu shared the story with them since she was already talking about it.
Yang Chen had Jane provide the formula for the antidote to Tribute to Maria to the MSS before he left China. The hard part of synthesizing the antidote was already taken care of. Now all they had to do was reproduce it.
The Tribute to Maria might seem strong but it had one flawed weakness. It required three days to take effect which meant that the government would need two days to mass-produce the antidote.
All this meant that the Giant Whale Society had lost their trump card.
“Oh yeah,” Yang Jieyu added on. “Ruoxi, did you know about this? The guy you met, Maksim, his family had been reported to be conducting inhumane experiments. The government had confiscated all of their businesses. After all, they were the ones to threaten the government using this weapon. Luckily Yang Chen realized in time and had Jane prepare the antidote.”
Lin Ruoxi was baffled at first but she understood everything that happened immediately.
Maksim was obsessed with Jane because of the evil scheme and not because he really wanted to marry her.
How could I ask Yang Chen to let Jane go and have Maksim take her away for my own good! If Yang Chen hadn’t realized sooner, it would’ve been disastrous! Lin Ruoxi thought.
Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but blame herself. Why was I so selfish in my thinking? When did I become so shallow and selfish?
As she finished her thought, the roar or a cars engine was heard outside the gate. Guo Xuehua exclaimed excitedly, “It’s Yang Chen’s car. He’s back!”