It took Yang Chen several hours to return to Zhonghai.
He thought it was going to be a normal morning beginning with breakfast but he did not expect to see guests so early in the morning.
“Why are you here?” Yang Chen asked.
Guo Xuehua frowned and chided him. “You should greet them as your aunt and uncle.”
Yang Chen pursed his lips. “Force of habit.”
Guo Xuehua wanted to pinch his ears but chose not to when she remembered his past.
Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu didn’t mind. In fact, they wouldn’t have come if he wasn’t a relative.
They heard from the Yang clan that Yang Chen had wiped out the Klyuchevsky family in less than a day!
They couldn’t help but shiver when they saw Yang Chen walk in like it was an ordinary day.
Nonetheless, it was reassuring to know that he was part of their family.
Yang Chen saw Lin Ruoxi looking at him with a weird gaze so he walked over and asked cautiously, “Dear, what’s wrong? Why are you staring like that? Hehe, happy to see me, aren’t you?”
Lin Ruoxi couldn’t see any form of resentment in his eyes.
Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but loathe herself for the choices that she made. She lowered her head and said with a hollow voice, “It’s nothing, I didn’t sleep well.”
Yang Chen knew there was something wrong but chose to focus his attention instead on Yang Jieyu. “You still haven’t told me the reason for your surprise visit.”
Yang Jieyu smiled. “Your grandfather asked us to come over. We wanted to praise you for what you did and talk about Miss Jane…”
Yang Jieyu repeated what she told the others earlier and then looked at Yang Chen in expectance.
Yang Chen sat down and opened up a rice dumpling. He took a bite before speaking. “What a great plan. They lost their maniac Yan Buwen and now they want Jane to take his place. Even the UK military failed to convince Jane to produce weapons. What makes you think China will fare any better? I bet they are trying to use my relationship with her to make her stay right?”
“We are only here to relay the message. But no country would give up on Jane,” Yang Jieyu said.
Yang Chen shook his head. “Tell the old man and others that Jane will stay for reasons only she approves of. She won’t be going to Beijing to help the military.”
Yang Jieyu tried to persuade him. “Are you sure there’s no other way? Are you really not going to change your mind?”
“Don’t make me repeat myself,” Yang Chen said.
Yuan Hewei stopped his wife before she could say anything more. “That’s enough. We did not come here to convince him. We are only here to relay a message.”
Yang Jieyu sighed and smiled at him. “Alright, I’ll convey your message to them in Beijing. But Yang Chen, didn’t you say you want to visit Beijing, why haven’t you gone?”
Lin Ruoxi looked up, curious to know what he would say.
Yang Chen swallowed the rice dumpling and said in a nonchalant manner, “I like to settle my issues all in one go. Once everything is complete, I’ll visit.”
Yang Jieyu and Yuan Hewei had nothing left to say. Although he looked and acted friendly, it was always best to stay on his good side.
Finally, Yang Jieyu said to him, “Yang Chen, Yuan Ye is throwing a party for Tang Tang to celebrate her acceptance into Zhonghai University. It would be great if you and your family could attend. Plus Zhenxiu has also gotten her results right? What university did she get into?”
Guo Xuehua exclaimed in shock. “The results are out?”
Yuan Hewei replied, “It’s already July so of course the results are already out. You can check it through your phone, didn't you know that?”
Guo Xuehua felt awkward despite having two sons. Both her sons did not attend college, so she did not know what was standard protocol regarding that.
Lin Ruoxi was excited too. “Let’s check back with Zhenxiu when she returns.”

They continued to chat and Yang Jieyu kept telling Yang Chen to attend the party. She assured him that only close friends would be there.
Yang Chen accepted her invitation after being overwhelmed by her requests.
After the couple left, Lin Ruoxi helped Wang Ma clean the table quietly.
She was about to leave for work but was stopped by Yang Chen. He caught her hand and asked gently, “Ruoxi, is everything alright? Did I do anything that upset you? Why haven’t you looked at me ever since I returned?”
Lin Ruoxi bit her lip and turned around. “No, it’s not your fault. It’s mine.”
Yang Chen got even more confused. “Did anyone bully you? Damn it, I only left for a day. I’ll kill the person who bullied you.”
Lin Ruoxi looked up at him. “All you talk about is killing. Is it really that fun?”
Yang Chen’s face fell and he said awkwardly, “It—it’s just an example… An example…”
“Example?” Lin Ruoxi looked at him with a complex gaze. “Do you really think I can’t tell? Aunt and Uncle were afraid of you. Even your own family live in fear of your presence. Did you go out and kill again?”
Yang Chen was startled. He didn’t expect Lin Ruoxi to find out. But he had forgotten that she was a businesswoman. Reading facial cues was her forte.
“I’m sorry…” Yang Chen sighed. “I didn’t know that it would upset you so much.”
“You’re apologizing again.” Lin Ruoxi gave a pained smile. “What do you even apologize for? You did nothing wrong to me!”
Yang Chen was puzzled to see Lin Ruoxi get all agitated again.
Lin Ruoxi cupped her face helplessly and started to sob while squatting on the floor.
Yang Chen didn’t know what to do as he squatted down and tried to touch her shoulder. But he was afraid it would upset her even more.
“Don’t call me that!” Lin Ruoxi’s eyes were red with tears. “I don’t deserve to be your wife. We’re from two different worlds.”
Yang Chen’s mind went blank!
“For you, killing and breathing are the same thing. Money and power come to those who are willing to kill. Even if you killed a thousand people, you wouldn’t bat an eye. But if I saw one dead person, I would get nightmares for weeks.”
“Your enemies aren’t even human. To them, I’m not your wife. I’m just a hostage waiting to be captured. I can’t help you at all and I know nothing. Other than fighting with you about women, I have nothing left to offer. My dignity, my pride, and my beliefs are just a piece of fragile paper in front of you. Yet I value you so much, don’t you think I’m a foolish woman? Huh! Am I?!”
Yang Chen looked at her numbly. It wasn’t his first time witnessing her meltdown. But it was her first time that she showed her insecurities.
Tears splattered on the floor.
“Sometimes I wonder… if your lovers are happier than I am, your own wife? They don’t have to feel unworthy to be by your side, worry about other women or wonder if you are coming home. If I was your lover, I wouldn’t be in so much pain.”
“Ruoxi, don’t do this…” Yang Chen squeezed the words out of his throat.
Lin Ruoxi shook her head. “Yang Chen, you made the right choice. Jane should stay beside you. Only she has the intelligence to help you and is worthy to be your woman. She’s pretty and she comes from a royal family. She’s smart and can be there for you to rely on. She loves you so much that she would sacrifice herself to marry a monster. She wouldn’t have nightmares just because you killed someone or be threatened by your lovers. Because no one else can be on her level…”
“Lin Ruoxi!” Yang Chen’s eyes widened in anger. “What are you talking about?!”