Lin Ruoxi was unaffected by Yang Chen’s anger.

She wiped her tears and stood up with a forced smile. “You have every right to be angry at me. I know it sounds dumb but I feel a lot better now that you know.”

Yang Chen’s heart dropped when he saw a huge relief on her face.
“Don’t overthink it. I told you yesterday that you have given me a new life. How could you still think that you were unworthy?”
Lin Ruoxi laughed. “Maybe… maybe it's because I still lack self-esteem. I’m leaving for work. I’m sorry that I upset you once again.”
Having said that, Lin Ruoxi turned around and walked to her car as though nothing had happened.
Yang Chen looked at her in a daze.
Sorry? Yang Chen couldn’t remember the last time she had uttered that word to him. In fact, he couldn’t remember a time when she uttered it at all.
Even though she was smiling, he felt worse now than when she was angry at him. Yang Chen’s chest felt stuffy as though there was something caught between his throat but he couldn’t let it out!
He stood still for a long moment before walking towards a nearby villa.
He walked up to the door of the villa and rang the doorbell.
An Xin showed up on the intercom shortly with a sleepy face.
An Xin had already moved in to this villa after the clone showed up at her mansion. She wanted to be closer to Yang Chen so that she could spend more time with him, but was unable to move as she had no solid reason to.
In a way, the incident gave her a perfect excuse to move in.
“Hubby, why are you here so early in the morning?” An Xin asked gently. “I thought you were overseas?”
Yang Chen let out a strained smile. “I just came back, open the door.”
An Xin smiled sweetly and ran out to open the door.
She was still wearing her white sleeping gown. Her wavy hair wrapped around her face which made her look sweet and innocent.
Yang Chen was able to catch a whiff of her scent as she neared him. It was a refreshing milky scent as though she was a baby who just got out of the shower.
He looked at An Xin’s sparkling eyes in a daze before extending his hand to caress her cheek.
An Xin could tell that something wasn’t right and wondered what it was.
“You lazy pig. How could you be a chairman and still be sleeping this late into the day?” Yang Chen giggled and rubbed the side of her eye softly.
An Xin realized just then! Damn it! I didn’t wash my face!
Yang Chen said to her jokingly, “My darling An Xin. This is the first time I’ve seen boogers in your eyes.”
“Ah?!” An Xin wanted to cry from her silliness!
She lowered her head and rubbed her eyes. “Don’t look! You’re so mean!”
Yang Chen wasn’t in the best frame of mind when he arrived. But seeing her act so silly made him smile a little. “I didn’t know that girls could look so beautiful even with eye boogers. My little vixen, did you train for this?”
“Ew! You’re so disgusting!” An Xin chided, secretly happy with his comment.
Even after cleaning it An Xin still wasn’t satisfied. “Hubby, have a seat. There’s food in the fridge. I’m going to wash my face first.”
Yang Chen caught her by her waist when she was about to run upstairs.
An Xin was pulled into his arms before she could run away, her chest pressed again his thin shirt. Her sleeping gown was thin enough for him to feel the tenderness of her chest.
“Don’t go,” Yang Chen whispered while hugging her.
An Xin nodded. She was pained to see him so down.
She wrapped her arms around his neck and took the initiative to kiss him.
Yang Chen started to breathe deeply. His resolve was completely broken right there and then!
He growled and pushed her against the wall with one hand and placed the other one behind her head. He then reached down into her gown and began to grope her chest.
An Xin could barely breathe under the feeling of his touch. Her brain could no longer think rationally so she just let go of everything and allowed Yang Chen to take control of her.
Yang Chen lifted her and placed her onto the sofa after an intense makeout session.
Her loose sleeping gown made things easier for him. All he needed to do was lift it up and her curvy body was already presented to him before his eyes. Her pink panties were already moist and he could smell her sweet fragrance.
Yang Chen tore it down hastily and took off his own clothes. His eyes turned red as he gazed upon An Xin who was still trying to catch her breath.
He gripped her legs and wrapped it around his waist. Her soft flesh pressed up against him which only served to heighten his passion.
Yang Chen growled and leaned forward as though he was going to devour her completely!
The whole room was filled with moans. Yang Chen was so aggressive that An Xin had climaxed way earlier than she would normally have!
And soon, they lost themselves within the steamy lovemaking session...
It lasted for an hour until An Xin heard Yang Chen exhale in content. Her whole body felt like it was on fire as she sank down the sofa.
Normally, she would have been out cold. But her constant training had strengthened her substantially.
Yang Chen pulled her up onto his chest and caressed her silky back.

He felt bad for draining her without so much as a warning.
“Darling, I’m sorry for doing this to you at this hour. Did I hurt you?” Yang Chen apologized.
Her heart was still pounding as she replied breathlessly, “My mind was blank for the most part. I’m just tired. Hubby, are you upset?”
“I don’t know, I can’t explain it. I just wanted to find someone and vent to release my stress. But I couldn’t hold back when I saw you.” Yang Chen smiled bitterly.
An Xin pressed her cheeks against his chest and grinned. “Actually… I’m happy that you came to me. At least it means that I have a place in your heart, right?”
Yang Chen pinched her cheeks. “What are you saying? You’re always in my heart. But, why aren’t you asking me what happened?”
“You wouldn’t be happy if I asked… so I don’t want to know. Everything is fine as long as you are with me,” An Xin muttered.
Yang Chen sighed. Lin Ruoxi wasn’t the only one he had to worry about. The others were relying on him too.