He looked over and saw a lady wearing a light pink skirt standing in front of a bakery. Below her slender calves were a plain pair of sneakers. Although she wasn’t dressed to the nines, she was still attracting the gazes of passersby.
Yang Chen sucked in a breath. Maybe it was because he had an intimate experience with her that her perfect figure had caught his attention with just one glance.
Yang Chen realized who it was when he took a closer look at her face!
Xiao Zhiqing? Why is she here?!
Yang Chen never dreamt that he would ever run into her again after their last meeting.
His head started to pound when he saw her there in Zhonghai.
She was different from the other women in his life. Her existence itself screamed trouble. If she wasn’t one, she wouldn’t have held on to the Nine Yin Meridian and went on a crime streak across the States.
Yang Chen didn’t ask anything because he didn’t want to be involved, which was why he took her but never kept her. After all, they were both trying to trick each other and in the end, she lost. Also, Yang Chen didn’t want to have a lover who was as unpredictable as her.
He helped to save her life and that was kind enough of him. He didn’t owe her anymore.
But her sudden reappearance really gave him a headache.
What if she came to find me? What would happen then? I have enough problems as it is. With her to deal with, I will die, he thought.
An Xin stood in front of him and asked, “Hubby, why are you in a daze?”
Yang Chen was startled and tried to hide the truth. “Nothing, I’m just waiting for my turn.”
“But it’s already your turn.” An Xin squinted her eyes. Yang Chen just realized it was already his turn and others were looking at him with impatient eyes. Xiao Zhiqing disappeared out of nowhere too!
Cold sweat formed on Yang Chen’s forehead and he hurriedly bought two of the most expensive tickets.
An Xin caught on and teased him. “Hubby, I knew it. You were looking at the beauty with the attractive legs, weren’t you? Do you like her?”
Yang Chen denied it. “How can that be? I’m not like that. It doesn’t matter to me if she’s pretty.”
Yang Chen felt embarrassed after saying that so he faked a cough and feigned innocence.
An Xin rolled her eyes cutely. Although she loved him a lot, it was times like these where she couldn’t help but roll her eyes.
Yang Chen was relieved. It looked like Xiao Zhiqing didn’t see him. Perhaps it was all just a coincidence and he was making it up in her head.
After they were done with the movie, Yang Chen brought her to eat her favourite food.
Although she had a small appetite, she could defeat Yang Chen when it came to eating ice cream.
They went to an ice cream shop called Berthlon which was opened by a Frenchman. An Xin was eating a colorful fruit-flavoured ice cream when she asked Yang Chen, “Hubby, guess who owns this ice cream shop?”
Yang Chen tried to stifle his laughter when he saw her ice cream moustache. “Could it be you?”
An Xin was shocked. “How did you know that? I just opened this! I own a majority of the shares but my friend runs the operation.”
Yang Chen was actually just guessing but played along. “You really love eating this so much? But I never knew or heard of you thinking of owning an ice cream shop.”
“Hehe,” An Xin said excitedly. “I had my first taste of this ice cream back in my days as a stewardess. I craved it so much but I couldn’t get it in Zhonghai so I approached their company about a new business venture here in Zhonghai. How is it? It tastes better than any ice cream you’ve ever tried, doesn’t it?”
Yang Chen nodded along. He wasn’t all that interested in desserts after all.
An Xin’s eyes were shining. “Hubby, did you know that I didn’t dare to eat ice cream because I was afraid I couldn’t control myself? But now that you told me that I can maintain my figure by training, I’m not afraid anymore! I also know that you will treat me if I fall sick, won’t you?”
Yang Chen’s eyebrows twitched when he heard this, but he went along with her and shook his head. “If it makes you happy.”
An Xin was so excited that she got out of her seat to kiss Yang Chen.
“Hey! You crazy vixen, there’s ice cream on your lips!” Yang Chen rubbed his cheeks in exasperation.
An Xin giggled. “My breath smells like ice cream now, do you want to make out? It’s sweet…”
She licked the cream on her lips and winked, trying to seduce him.
Yang Chen was aroused by her so he grabbed her into his lap and kissed her.
Happy times always pass so quickly.
He had to say, he felt happiest whenever he spent time with An Xin. She was the happiest and the most carefree out of all his ladies.
Once An Xin had her cravings satisfied, they decided to depart from the place
She still had to take care of the piling files since she skipped work. Yang Chen rushed back home too after dropping her off at her house.
He wanted to talk to Lin Ruoxi and besides, Zhenxiu’s results were out. He had to know if it was good or bad since he was the one who made her continue her studies.
Yang Chen prepared himself for the worst. If she failed, he’d have to buy a place for her at a good university. Money talks, after all.
Yang Chen could already hear the chatter the moment he stepped into the living room.
Guo Xuehua waved at him when she saw him. “Son come over! We have good news!”
Yang Chen breathed out in relief. It looked like Zhenxiu did well in her exams.
Lin Ruoxi was already home and was sitting on a single-seater couch. She averted her gaze away from Yang Chen and her smile dimmed when she saw him.
“You got accepted?” Yang Chen asked with a grin.
Zhenxiu’s face was flushed with excitement. She nodded in response to Yang Chen’s question.
Yang Chen pinched her cheeks out of habit. “Why are you crying? You got accepted. Wouldn’t you have fainted then if you got rejected?”
Zhenxiu wiped her cheeks in embarrassment and pouted. “I don’t know why …”
“Don’t say that,” Guo Xuehua chided. “Do you know which university she got into?”
Guo Xuehua announced it before Yang Chen could even guess. “Zhonghai University! She got accepted with the same marks as Tang Tang! Top ten in the whole of Zhonghai!”
Yang Chen was surprised to hear that.
He wasn’t surprised when Tang Tang got accepted since she was already smart like her mom Tang Wan. It was more impressive to know that Zhenxiu got in with her hard work.

But it was understandable since she worked really hard for it.
He thought, No doubt from the Korean lineage, looks like genes do matter huh.
Zhenxiu lifted her head and said to Lin Ruoxi earnestly, “Sister Ruoxi, can I work at Yu Lei International after I graduate? I’ll study very hard for it!”
Lin Ruoxi was startled too. But she smiled quickly in response. “Of course you can. You can apply to work at the headquarters with a degree from Zhonghai University. I can’t wait to have you.”
“I’ll work hard to repay you. I owe a lot to you…” Zhenxiu was filled with confidence. She had changed into a new person now that she proved her capability through the college entrance exam.
Lin Ruoxi sighed. “Silly girl, this again? I’m not the only one who helped you. Plus, did you think I ask you to stay because I wanted you to repay me?”
“That’s right.” Yang Chen was filled with jealousy. “I wonder who saved the delinquent from a cliff.”
Zhenxiu puffed her cheeks. “It was Sister Cai Yan, definitely not Brother Yang.”
“Ouch… you ungrateful child,” Yang Chen chided and pretended to twist her ears.
Zhenxiu hid behind Guo Xuehua while complaining. “Aunt Guo, look at Brother Yang! He’s bullying me again! He’s so mean to me! Hey, you just said a few days ago that you wouldn’t call me a kid anymore!”