“Men are unpredictable!”
Yang Chen yelled and went behind Guo Xuehua to pinch Zhenxiu’s nose which made her jump up to bite him in return.

Guo Xuehua rolled her eyes at her childish son.
Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma looked at each other, eyes filled with relief.
“Sir, don’t tease her anymore. Why don’t we go out for dinner today to celebrate?” Wang Ma suggested.
“Sounds great,” Guo Xuehua agreed. “We can invite Cai Yan, Tang Wan, and her daughter Tang Tang. Oh ya, Yang Chen please invite Rose, Qianni, An Xin and Mingyu too, the more the merrier.”
Guo Xuehua then realized the error in her words. Lin Ruoxi was still listening in!
She was too caught up in the moment that she had forgotten about her daughter-in-law.
Guo Xuehua asked Lin Ruoxi sheepishly, “What do you think Ruoxi? Or should we celebrate on our own?”
Lin Ruoxi gave a faint smile. “You're right Mom, let’s invite everyone else. I’m okay with it.”
Guo Xuehua was happy to hear this but at the same time it was weird for her to be so easygoing.
Yang Chen knew what was going on. Lin Ruoxi had completely given up!
If it was in the past, Yang Chen would’ve been happy because he wouldn’t need to quarrel with his wife about other women.
But now, Lin Ruoxi had lost her confidence because of all the incidents that happened which made her change her attitude.
It only made him feel worse!
Since it was decided, Guo Xuehua called the ladies herself. No one dared to reject her invitation, even An Xin delayed her work for this.
But when she was calling Liu Mingyu, Zhenxiu reminded them not to let Liu Minghao join.
When it was all settled, Yang Chen drove them up to the restaurant they booked. It was a recreational place owned by Lin Ruoxi.
The restaurant was built on a man-made lake and was flanked with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Looking through it, they were able to enjoy the night sky and its reflections on the lake.
The atmosphere started to heat up when the ladies arrived one by one.
Tang Tang was talking to Zhenxiu non-stop from the moment she arrived. They were the same age after all so they had the most in common. The ladies felt as though there was a generation gap between them for being in their thirties.
It didn’t feel awkward since they met recently during the cloning incident.
The whole atmosphere was peaceful as everyone chatted away.
Yang Chen was surprised by the fact that other than his mother, Tang Wan was the most popular one among the ladies.
It might have been due to Tang Wan’s age and experience. Because of that she gained admiration from the ladies easily.
Plus, since An Xin, Liu Mingyu and Mo Qianni were all in the corporate world, they were very interested to get guidance from her.
When it came to business, Tang Wan wasn’t actually all that much better, compared to Lin Ruoxi. Comparably, their methods were completely different. Tang Wan preferred to do things steadily whereas Lin Ruoxi liked to take risks and jump into opportunities.
On the other hand, Cai Yan had a lot to talk about with Rose since they were more interested in training. But when Rose told her about the time under the thundershower and how she figured out her own path, Cai Yan kept pestering her which made Rose feel annoyed. She even talked about the underworld just to distract her.
From the surface, it looked like they were being friendly with each other, but Yang Chen knew better. Their smiles had hidden intentions.
Lin Ruoxi didn’t join them since she wasn’t good at conversations. Instead, she helped to order the dishes and sat next to Guo Xuehua when she was done with it.
Lin Ruoxi kept quiet the whole time, only speaking when she needed to. Others weren’t bothered since they were familiar with her personality.
Yang Chen watched over her but he didn’t say anything.
Dinner concluded at around 10 o’clock and everyone left to their own respective houses.
Yang Chen drove home and before they stepped into the house he called out for Lin Ruoxi.
“Ruoxi, don’t go in yet. Let’s go for a walk.”
Lin Ruoxi was about to follow Guo Xuehua into the house but she stopped midway in hesitation.
Zhenxiu was already inside and she giggled. “Go, Sister Ruoxi. It’s rare for him to do something so romantic like walking under the moonlight together.”
Guo Xuehua seemed to have realized what was going on and she patted her back. “Go, remember to take the key with you, I’m locking the door.”
Lin Ruoxi nodded and walked towards Yang Chen.
Yang Chen held her hand and walked towards the garden near the villa.
The moon and stars were shining over them as they walked on a pebble-covered path.
Yang Chen kept quiet for a long time, his eyes filled with deep thoughts.
Lin Ruoxi felt a mixture of emotions in her heart when Yang Chen didn’t let go of her hand and grasped it tightly.
“Don’t you have something to say…” Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but ask.
Yang Chen breathed out and smiled. “Zhenxiu really appreciates you huh.”
Lin Ruoxi gave a tight smile. “Hasn’t she always been obedient?”
“There are plenty of people who appreciate you too.”
“Your subordinates, your workers, the owners of the companies that you bought over… and many more,” Yang Chen said slowly.

Lin Ruoxi looked at him in confusion.
Yang Chen turned around, “Madam Lin Ruoxi, my dear wife… your net worth might not be as much as mine, but you’re stronger than me. You not only earn yourself but help others follow in your path.”
Lin Ruoxi let out a faint smile. “You don’t have to console me, I’m fine. Plus, I did everything I could to save the company my grandmother left to me. I wouldn’t consider that great.”
“History can show us your true value and how great you are, not measured by the money you earn, but if you’re a selfish sly businesswoman or a great one. I believe history will choose the latter.” Yang Chen winked at her.
“You don’t have to say all this just to make me happy, I’m not a kid, I know what I’m doing,” Lin Ruoxi said softly.
Yang Chen turned around to face her and said with a stern voice, “You say that you’re always worried about me and in pain for me. You tell me you know what you’re doing. So then why do you make me worry in turn? I’ve been thinking about it all morning. Even when I was out with An Xin, all I could think about was you. I was worried if you had lunch, worried if you were too tired, worried if you would cry alone in your office. Was that what you meant by knowing what you were doing? You don’t want me to stress you out and I don’t want that either. But you’re starting to make me feel anxious. I’m your family and your husband. Honesty is a must if we are going to make this work. If you really think of me as your husband, then tell me what’s wrong! What is stressing you out about this? Tell me you need me!”