Lin Ruoxi’s eyes turned red and her lips curled into a strained smile.
“What’s wrong with you? Everything is fine, isn’t it? I won’t quarrel you and I wouldn’t be bothered by your other lovers. We can live together peacefully. Isn’t that what you want?”
Yang Chen shook his head firmly.
“While I do hope that you can all get along, I will not wish for it at the cost of your happiness! I want you to get along with them, not forcefully, but sincerely!”
“I… I’m not.” Lin Ruoxi bit her lip and lowered her head.
Yang Chen cupped her face and forced her to look into his eyes.
“Lin Ruoxi, ask yourself this. Why do you work so hard? Why did you choose to take over Yu Lei? Answer me!”
“Why…” Lin Ruoxi mumbled to herself.
Yang Chen took a deep breath and said, “To me, you're a flower that will never wilt. Even if you’re thrown into a mud you’ll still live! Your petals are vibrant and full of life. A true flower is more precious than a fake one no matter how small or how frail it looks. You work so hard to support thousands of people and their families. You’re constantly putting yourself at risk because of this. Some don't understand and they hate you for it. You could have quit your job and rely on a man to take care of you. Why do you still take up such a stressful position? Answer me!”
Lin Ruoxi looked at him in a daze, her eyes brimmed with tears.
“I…” Her voice was trembling.
“Let me answer it for you,” Yang Chen said gently. “It’s because you're Lin Ruoxi. You have to prove that you are alive. You’d rather live your life of passion than give up and live one out of luxury. You’re such a dumb woman yet I'm still so attracted to you! Do you know that?!”
Lin Ruoxi shed her tears and Yang Chen could feel the cold water droplets landing on his palms.
He wiped it off for her and smiled. “Do you remember the time when you asked me to save my mom?”
Lin Ruoxi nodded slowly, not knowing what to say.
“I was in so much pain at that time. I felt like I was drowning and there was nothing around me to stop that. If you weren't there to save me and pull me out of the sea, I would’ve lost my mom. It might be true that I don’t need your money or status… But, you gave me the courage to face my fears. You reach out to the deepest parts of my heart. That’s why you’re so precious to me.”
Lin Ruoxi looked into Yang Chen’s eyes. “Is that all true?”
“Do you know how waders migrate?” Yang Chen smiled.
Lin Ruoxi shook her head, unable to understand what Yang Chen was trying to say.
“Waders migrate as a couple. When one gets tired, they will rest in the wings of its partner. For a husband and his wife, it’s normal to face difficulties because of us being from separate worlds like two parallel lines intersecting with each other.”
Yang Chen pushed his forehead against hers and rubbed her nose with his.
Lin Ruoxi flushed when she could feel his hot breath on her face.
“Then… can I still throw tantrums at you? Can I ignore you and the other vixens?” Lin Ruoxi whispered.
Yang Chen looked at her weirdly but he nodded eventually. “I don’t particularly fancy that idea but… you can do as you like. And even if you ignore me, I will still stick my hot face onto your cold butt.”
“That’s disgusting.” Lin Ruoxi pouted.
“Hey, are you saying my face is disgusting or your butt is? Oh wait, of course, my face disgusting, your butt is the best,” Yang Chen said with a serious face.
Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but chuckle at his words. “When did you become so shameless?”
“So have you snapped out of it?” Yang Chen was delighted.
“What do you mean kinda, just tell me yes or no,” Yang Chen asked, exasperated.
Lin Ruoxi blinked and cocked her head. “That depends on my mood…”
Yang Chen was stupefied. “That’s a yes then.”
Lin Ruoxi kept quiet.
Yang Chen saw it was getting late so he told her, “Why don’t we go back now? You should rest early.”
Lin Ruoxi didn’t move, She grumbled and said, “You wanted to go for a walk but we only walked a little bit.”
“But we’re fine now aren’t we?” Yang Chen giggled. “Do you want to have supper then?”
She shook her head. “That’s fattening.”
“Then what do you want to do?” Yang Chen felt troubled.
Lin Ruoxi lowered her head and muttered, “Why can’t you accompany me for a walk when you can accompany An Xin for a whole day?”
Yang Chen winced, not knowing that she was upset about it but from the looks of it, she must have felt better than before.
“Then why don’t I give you a piggyback up the hill and watch the stars?” Yang Chen suggested.
Lin Ruoxi’s eyes brightened. She was a closet romantic after all.
But it was still awkward for her to get on Yang Chen’s back. “Why do I need you to carry me? I can just walk myself.”
Yang Chen felt bittersweet that she was still shy about it so he said to her, “My fair lady, why don’t you give me the honor of carrying you…”

Lin Ruoxi giggled. “Alright, I’ll let you carry me.”
Yang Chen let out a breath, seeing that he managed to cheer her up and continued to walk up the hill while carrying her.
The wind caressed them as they walked. The atmosphere felt sweet and they whispered, not daring to disturb the serenity.
It wasn’t difficult for Yang Chen to carry Lin Ruoxi up the hill, but it was hard not to be aroused by her plump chest rubbing against his back.
Lin Ruoxi pretended not to know anything but if Yang Chen had turned around, he would’ve seen her blushing face.
She couldn’t help but moan a little when her chest kept rubbing against his back.
Yang Chen could tell she was trying to hold back, only then he realized she was much more sensitive than he thought. “You can moan if you feel good. There’s no one here anyway and there’s nothing wrong for your hubby to listen.”
“Who said I wanted to moan?” Lin Ruoxi defended herself.
Yang Chen sighed. “Wait a while more. The present I have prepared for you will be ready around the end of August. After that, I’ll bring you to a good place to have our wedding ceremony. I’ll definitely make up for all the intimate times that we missed. It’s hard for me to hold back too.”
Lin Ruoxi’s eyes were watery. She was feeling expectant yet confused. “I thought you would lose control once I agreed to sleep with you? So why are you holding back?”
Yang Chen grinned. “Why, impatient much?”
“No… I’m not.” Lin Ruoxi turned red. She only dared to ask this because he wasn’t facing her. She stuttered, “I was just curious.”
Yang Chen contemplated for a while before saying, “Maybe… maybe because I care about you too much… so I get cautious when it involves you. I don’t want to have any regrets when the time does come.”
Lin Ruoxi smiled softly when she heard his simple explanation.